While many singles benefit from online dating, some may wonder how many of those relationships lead to marriage. While marriage isn’t the end goal for all relationships, a strong partnership (with or without the official paperwork) may be. When you see the data, you may feel more comfortable signing up for online dating sites if lasting love is your priority. 

Here are some important online dating stats surrounding marriage and everlasting partnerships that can help motivate you to create a dating profile — or at least give you an idea of who you might find out there. 

1. About 52% of Never Married Adults Have Used Dating Apps

According to Pew Research, a majority of never-married adults have given online dating a shot at finding love. Most of these adults are on the younger side, with 59% of this group being under the age of 50. This stat has more or less stayed the same over the last few years. 

It makes sense that many adults choose to give online dating a shot because it’s such an easy way to make connections. Unlike meeting someone in person, online dating can provide an opportunity to think about how you present yourself and think carefully about what to say next in a conversation, which can help build confidence in the connection.

Married adults dating platform statistics graphic
Source: Pew Research Center

While online dating sites exist for married couples to find new partners or polygamous relationships, the majority of people who sign up are singles looking for love. That means that when you search, there’s a good chance you’ll never have to ask: “Are you seeing someone?”

2.  Interracial Dating Has Spiked to 30% Among Online Daters

Thankfully, interracial dating doesn’t have the stigma it did decades ago. More individuals understand that love and attraction come in plenty of different forms. Online dating has made those connections much easier, expanding the dating pool in ways that traditional dating couldn’t. 

Another Pew Research study shows that 30% “of those who say they met their partner online report that their partner is a different race or ethnicity, compared with 19% of those who met their partner offline.” Dating apps can make it easier to meet people outside of your circle, which is a significant benefit. 

Interracial dating statistic graphic
Source: Pew Research Center analysis of a Stanford University survey

If you live in a smaller town or want to expand your dating pool, a dating site can be a great way to meet more diverse singles with the same goal of love and marriage. 

3. Marital Satisfaction Rates Are Highest Among 30-Somethings Who Met Online

This statistic is insightful because all marriages aren’t happy marriages. While it’s great to have a partner, it’s also important that the two of you don’t build resentment toward each other as your relationship progresses. Happiness should always be a top priority in any relationship, but especially with your spouse. 

According to a study from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), respondents were asked questions about how they met their partners and how satisfied they currently were in their relationships. The scale ranged from “extremely unhappy” to “perfect”. The study showed that those in their 30s who met their spouse using an online dating site seemed happiest. Other factors, such as income, employment status, and education, were included. But, in general, it shows that online dating can lead to satisfying marriages. 

Happiness in marriage graphic
Source: A Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences study

In many cases, our 30s can give us a better idea of what we want from life. Based on past romantic experiences, daters may have established deal-breakers that they won’t compromise on at this point, making it easier to weed out incompatible matches. 

4. Sadly, 12% of Marriages Between Online Daters End Early

Online dating isn’t necessarily the golden ticket to happiness. Sometimes, people are so eager to establish a relationship that they miss some red flags or move too fast. A study from 2021 revealed that 12% of couples who met online and got married ended up divorcing within three years. That number may not seem that high, but the study showed that only 2% of those who met through friends and family divorced in the same time frame. 

This study had 2,000 participants, all of whom were older than 30 and married at least once in their lives. “Our findings in NO way undermine or diminish the vital role of online dating,” said Harry Benson, the Research Director of the Marriage Foundation, the company that helped commission the study. “But it does highlight the greater risks and difficulties of getting to know a relative stranger where reliable sources of background information and subsequent social support are less readily available.”

Married couples met online and divorced graphic
Source: The Relative Strangers: The Importance of Social Capital for Marriage study

A good way to avoid being part of this statistic is not to let your partner’s profile do all the talking. While a profile is a great way to sense whether or not you’ll be a good match, real conversations about important topics help ensure you are compatible when it comes to big issues. Finding someone you can easily talk to, without having it lead to a fight, is an asset when seeking a future spouse. 

5. About 2 out of 3 Same-Sex Couples Meet Online

Online dating has proven to be quite successful for same-sex couples, with two out of three finding each other online. Studies show that since 2000, meeting online has been the most popular method for same-sex couples, based on research conducted between 2009 and 2015. 

Plenty of dating sites cater to the LGBTQ community, helping singles meet and connect in a safe space. And many of those couples end up making long-term commitments. As Pew Research states, “When it comes to finding a committed relationship, 24% of lesbian, gay and bisexual adults who are partnered — that is, married, living with a partner or in a committed romantic relationship — say they met their significant other through online dating.” In this statistic, men are more likely than women to find long-term success. 

How many same sex couples meet online graphic
Source: The Disintermediating Your Friends: How Online Dating in the United States Displaces Other Ways of Meeting study

That means if your preference is a same-sex relationship, online dating gives you a good chance to find a long-term connection.

6. Nearly 40% of Bumble Users Are Recently Out of a Long-Term Relationship

While most dating sites have plenty of success stories, Bumble is really having a moment when it comes to long-term compatibility and friendships. Bumble polled more than 10,000 users about the romantic connections they’ve made on the dating app. Over 70% reported feeling positive about the future of their dating life. Many also use Bumble to connect with locals in their area non-romantically, making it a great choice overall for networking. 

Bumble users graphic
Source: Bumble

Around 39% of users started a Bumble account after ending a marriage or long-term relationship, with many break-ups happening due to the events surrounding the pandemic in 2020. For 36% of users, it’s their first time exploring dating sites. That means Bumble is trusted as one of the better platforms for people with long-term dating experience who understand the work of maintaining a relationship. 

The survey also indicates that 38% of men using the site have become more open with communicating feelings with their friends. That shows Bumble users value emotional maturity and understand its importance in building strong relationships. 

7. Over One-Third of Gen Z Singles Aren’t Looking for a Relationship

Gen Z daters have made it clear that they’re happy being single, and if you’ve been unlucky with dating for a spell, maybe their technique is worth checking out — at least for a few months. Often, people can’t be truly happy in a relationship without knowing themselves well first, and breaks in dating can help you identify what you want. Maybe you thought you had a type, but when you take a step back, you realize that you’re always going down the wrong road. 

Gen Z singles relationship status graphic
Source: The Harris Poll

The Harris Poll took a deeper look at this phenomenon when it surveyed more than 2,000 people — 700 were single, and 1,262 participants were in a relationship. Of 181 participants who fell into the Gen Z group, 35% reported not looking for love. 

8. And 80% of Americans Say Marriage Isn’t Necessary for Happiness or Fulfillment

In total, eight out of 10 Americans in the poll stated that “you don’t need to get married to have a happy and fulfilling life,” suggesting a refreshing change in perspective among singles today.

While sharing a life with someone is nice, it’s important to know there’s nothing wrong with being single, especially if you’re happy by yourself. Remember, happiness shouldn’t be completely tied to who you’re with — immersing yourself in a hobby, reading literature, traveling, and pet ownership are just a few ways to add happiness to your life without depending on someone else. 

Marriage not necessary for a fulfilling life graphic
Source: The Harris Poll

These additions to your life will also keep you occupied, help contribute to your overall personality, and give you great conversation topics to discuss if you choose to date.

Dating Apps Have a Proven Track Record & Continue to Grow

While you may see some unsettling statistics regarding dating and marriage, many people choose online dating to meet their significant other. Even if you sign up purely based on curiosity, you won’t be alone. Online dating once carried a stigma when it was introduced decades ago, but now people have embraced it as a way to connect. 

Online dating proved especially helpful during the pandemic when most conversations moved online.
Knowing how to chat with others online is a skill that improves with practice, and it can help single people branch out in their personal lives. It’s also becoming normal to take dating breaks and find happiness within yourself first. A strong sense of who you are and what you want will improve your dating game. And when you feel it’s time to get back into online dating, don’t be afraid to put your true self out there and see what happens.