Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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From dating coaches to matchmakers to CEOs, we profile the dating industry's most relevant influencers.

Fisher Gilmore Matchmaking Connects Singles Nationwide

Many successful corporate professionals use head-hunters — someone who finds ideal candidates for job openings — to fill voids they find within their companies. But many of those same professionals also find voids in their own lives when they head home. They could use a "heart hunter," or someone to connect them...

Editors’ Choice Award: Orly the Matchmaker Aims to Change Lives
SuccessMatch: Matchmaking Services for Executives
Divine Intervention Offers First-Class Services for Professionals
Nancy Pina: Prioritize Faith When Nurturing Relationships
Dr. Margaret Paul Inspires Healing & Growth
Gutsy Geek™ Gives Singles Cheat Codes for Romance
Dating Doctor David Coleman is Now a Wedding Officiant
Model Quality Introductions Has Orchestrated 100K+ Dates
H4M Matchmaking Facilitates LGBTQ Relationships

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