Online dating is for everyone — you just need to know the best platform to set up your profile. With so many dating sites cropping up, it may feel intimidating to get started. 

Thankfully, for seniors looking to date, two exceptional sites stand out among the rest. The first is SilverSingles, which takes its matching algorithm seriously. It was created with users over 50 in mind and makes it easy to connect with others who are also looking for love in their later years.

The platform receives more than 800,000 visits per month, so you’re bound to find someone worth messaging. 

Another stellar option for seniors is OurTime, a site that’s part of the Match Group. OurTime boasts nearly 9 million monthly logins and has been in the dating game even longer than SilverSingles. Comparing SilverSingles vs. OurTime may be a bit challenging, as they both have plenty of benefits, but it’s still worth taking a look for seniors who need a jump-start in their later years.

OurTime vs. SilverSingles: Overall Reviews

Before jumping into the technical aspects of each site, it’s important to learn about what users say about their experiences. First, let’s discuss SilverSingles. 

SilverSingles attracts more women than men, with men making up 41% of the platform’s users, and women an impressive 59%. As far as matching goes, the platform has more search options than OurTime offers. Users can browse by age, location, education, ethnicity, religion, and even height.

That means it’s easy to filter out singles with red flags or dealbreakers. Since many seniors look to match with others of a common faith (or even lack of religion), having easy search filters at your fingertips helps ensure you’ll at least share beliefs.

Category Rating
★★★★★ 4.5/5.0

The user experience on SilverSingles seems to vary by location, and if you live in a sparse city, you may not find as many locals to connect with. But that is also true with most dating sites — the closer you are to a bustling city, the better your chances of finding people nearby.

As one Redditor who used the site stated, “It seems like it’s a place for people who are new to online dating or intimidated by the process. Recently separated from a long marriage, or retired. That being said, their algorithm is pretty detailed and the matching is better than many sites. I met my current man on SilverSingles, we’re both separated after long marriages and we get along pretty well.”

Category Rating
★★★★★ 4.9/5.0
  • Thousands of success stories from all over the world
  • Find senior dates using advanced search filters and match suggestions
  • The Help Center offers quick tips and guidance

OurTime has closer to an even split when it comes to men (48%) and women (52%). Its main search filter seems to be ZIP code, as the platform wants to ensure matches are as local as possible. It’s likely that you’ll find plenty of singles in your area once you log in and set up your profile.

“What I liked about OurTime is the ability to purchase one month at a time vs. eharmony […]” said one Redditor, who noted they were 61 years old. “Silver Singles was a bust for me. I highly recommend OurTime and have recommended it to several of my single girlfriends. The Redditor also added that OurTime had “Nice customer service who resolved a technical glitch.” 

While both platforms have their charms, it seems like SilverSingles may be a better choice due to its algorithm that offers users a more tailored experience. 

OurTime vs. SilverSingles: Cost Comparison

When signing up for a new site, it’s important to compare costs — especially if you’re new to online dating and don’t know what you should be paying. Most sites offer a free trial or a free membership plan that will help you get started, but limit your interactions on the site.

If you’re serious about looking for a partner, it often makes more sense to buy a membership and use everything it offers to have a more successful experience. Of course, if you’re looking for casual conversation, it might not be as important. 

OurTime offers a free membership for beginners, with one month, six month, and year-long paid membership options. You get a discount for longer sign ups, but it also may be nice to choose the one-month membership in case you meet someone you connect with quickly. From there, you can choose to extend it if you wish.

While pricing may vary, the typical OurTime membership fee breakdown is as follows:

  • 6 months for $11.99 a month
  • 3 months for $17.99 a month
  • 1 month for $23.99 a month

SilverSingles lets you access a decent amount of the site with just a free membership, but a paid membership will help unlock features that makes using its platform a little easier. Free members can take the personality test for better matches, see a list of recommended singles, send smiles and likes to others on the platform, and upload photos.

cost breakdown

A free membership is a great way to see what the SilverSingles community looks like before fully diving in.

Pricing may appear different based on promotions, but here is a typical breakdown of membership fees for SilverSingles:

  • 6 months for $22.95 a month
  • 3 months for $29.95 a month
  • 1 month for $44.95 a month

Premium memberships will let you see who viewed your profile, which can be helpful. A membership also allows you to send unlimited messages to other users and leave comments under other people’s uploaded media, which will get you noticed. Premium members also receive a broader range of match suggestions, meaning that you might find your perfect someone a little sooner than with a free membership.

OurTime vs. Silver Singles: User Base

If a dating site doesn’t have enough active users, it doesn’t matter how many fancy add-ons it includes. Both OurTime and SilverSingles cater to older adults, but which one has the most to offer in terms of community?

OurTime boasts an impressive 8.9 million monthly visitors, which means that you’ll have a better chance to connect with someone. That said, a lot may depend on your location. Living in a more populated area, or an area more suited for senior living, will make a big difference when it comes to who’s online nearby. 

user base breakdown

The same can be said about SilverSingles — while it has a less active user base, averaging 800,000 monthly visitors, it still depends on where you log in. It also seems as if SilverSingles puts more of an emphasis on attracting all types of users.

The platform promotes interracial dating, if that’s something you’re curious about, and genuinely holds the belief that love is love. If you’re looking for someone different, or someone unlike anyone you’ve dated before, you may well find them on SilverSingles before OurTime. 

OurTime vs. SilverSingles: Features

When it comes to site (and app) navigation, both OurTime and SilverSingles acknowledge that this may be the first time their users are signing up for online dating. Both sites also understand that their users may not need many add-ons, so they emphasize connections instead of how flashy the site looks. But features are still an important aspect of deciding which platform to try first.

OurTime walks users through a step-by-step process to help them set up a profile. The profile itself focuses on key individual traits. The site aims to match you with someone who has similar life goals, hobbies, and expectations for later-in-life love. It also offers plenty of great blog posts to help navigate your experiences.

ourtime features

Even if it has been some time since you’ve gone on a date, OurTime has all the tools you need to brush up on the basics. But one of OurTime’s coolest features is Private Mode. 

With Private Mode, users can only allow those who they communicate with to see their profile. Communication comes in the form of a like, super like, or message. This is a great feature for people who might not want to make it family news that they’re jumping back into the dating pool, and will also give users a better sense of control of their dating experience.

Users can change their visibility at any time. While there’s no shame in online dating, it’s nice to know you can keep your experience private, especially if you’re still figuring out the site. 

SilverSingles matches users based on its personality test, which can also be fun to take. While this is a great feature to help weed out anyone deemed incompatible, it’s far from the only benefit the site offers.

silversingles features

The platform safeguards users with its time-tested fraud detection system that works to keep information safe. While data leaks can happen to any site, SilverSingles prioritizes security more than many other dating sites. It also has an excellent customer service team to help out with any issues or questions while setting up your account. 

While both sites have plenty of strong points, OurTime wins this round, as it fosters more of a social connection with its users. 

OurTime vs. SilverSingles: Success Rates

It’s always comforting to hear about others finding love through the same website you use. Success rates are a great way to know whether you’re investing in the right service, especially if you plan to start with a premium membership. Both OurTime and SilverSingles have sterling success rates with the over 50 demographic.

Much of your success on OurTime or SilverSingles will depend on how much time you spend browsing the site and creating your profile. You’ll have even better luck if you expand your location preferences.

If you’re not looking for a physical relationship with someone, especially early on, dating someone a few towns or a state away may be just as rewarding. If you express yourself better through the written word, there’s nothing wrong with starting as pen pals. 

success stories

If you’re curious about dating over the age of 50 or 60, don’t worry — plenty of other singles of all ages also have those fears.

On the topic of dating past 50, one Redditor noted that his luck had only improved as time had gone on, writing, “I can say as a man, it seems a LOT easier to get matches now than in my mid-50s, and I do not have to work nearly as hard as I did to do so.”

Regardless of the dating site, people are bound to have different experiences. While neither has published recent success rates, it’s important to know that these two sites have both worked for thousands of single seniors. You won’t know if it works for you unless you give it an honest try.

FAQs: What is the Most Honest Dating Site for Seniors?

When it comes to senior dating, it’s important to trust where you enter your information. OurTime comes with trust built in because it’s backed by the Match Group network. launched in 1995 when many households didn’t even have a basic internet connection.

OurTime is similar, except focused on older daters. If you give OurTime a shot, you can rest assured you’re in good hands.

Category Rating
★★★★★ 4.9/5.0
  • Match is the world’s longest running dating site
  • The Discover section has search filters by interests, looks, lifestyle, and more
  • Match is available in 50 countries and 15 languages

SilverSingles is also growing in popularity, but it’s important to also pay a little respect to, which touts itself as one of the largest markets for singles over 40. SeniorMatch doesn’t allow profiles from anyone younger than 40. SilverSingles and OurTime both try to set this boundary as well, but younger individuals — especially those seeking an older relationship — can sneak through. 

Category Rating
★★★★ 4.1/5.0

What sets SeniorMatch apart from SilverSingles and OurTime is that it doesn’t exclusively focus on romance. It handles new relationships of all kinds, including friendships. That means that if you’re primarily seeking out a movie buddy, you can locate one that will be on the same page as you. SeniorMatch also boasts that it has created 36,000 success stories and fosters more than 1.6 million conversations per month. 

When seeking an honest dating site, you want to be well-versed on red flags and scams before going in. While most online daters are in it for the right reasons, some people use profiles as a way to target others. 

Trust your senses while you scroll on all types of connection-based sites. If someone seems too good to be true, they likely are. Try not to send private information to someone, including bank account information, login credentials, addresses, or sensitive photographs. Building full trust in someone often takes time, and before things get too serious, it’s important to meet face-to-face to confirm they are authentic. 

Some other red flags — and how to best screen for them — will enter the discussion again in just a bit.

What Age Group Does SilverSingles Serve?

SilverSingles was created for seniors aged 50 and older. The site focuses on matching users with people around the same age. That means, unlike other general dating sites, you won’t see men and women in their early 20s show up in your results. 

“If you’re using SilverSingles dating site, you know what you want, and you don’t want to waste time scrolling through profiles that simply don’t match what you’re looking for,” the site claims. 

When dating over 50, you’re most likely looking for someone who has a compatible life, and what could be a dealbreaker for someone in their 20s may no longer apply. In a way, that makes senior dating easier. 

OurTime has a similar reach — the goal is to bring singles over 50 to its online community, and it uses an algorithm that’s largely influenced by personality traits to accomplish that. The average OurTime user is about 55 years old. 

Is Match a Good Platform for Older Dating?

Since I mentioned Match above, you might be wondering why you shouldn’t just give it a try. After all, it is one of the most popular dating sites of all time.

However, you’re not likely to find what you’re looking for there. Match was created with a younger audience in mind, and its platform wasn’t necessarily designed for seniors. 

Category Rating
★★★★★ 4.9/5.0
  • Match has more over-50 members than any other dating site
  • Automatically filter potential matches by age, background, and keyword
  • Date Check Ins help singles feel comfortable planning a first date

While it’s always okay to venture over to another dating site to see what it has to offer, you probably won’t find compatible singles the way you would on a senior-centered site. 

Your best shot at a Match-like experience would be with OurTime — especially since they’re in the same network and have a lot of similarities. If you’re looking to spend money on online dating, you’ll end up saving a ton focusing on sites that have your best interests at heart. 

Can I Find Older Singles on a Mainstream Dating Platform?

It’s understandable if you’re a bit hesitant to sign up for a site like OurTime or SilverSingles simply because you don’t view yourself as a senior. If you’re still young at heart, or keep a younger friend group, it can be tempting to try something a little less niche and a little more mainstream.

If that’s the case, I have a few recommendations for sites worth checking out. 

The first is eharmony, which was founded in 2000. The site gained notoriety as the first algorithm-based dating platform. That’s right — before eharmony, dating sites required a lot more legwork. Compatibility is still a big part of its game, and the platform aims to make matches that last. Its track record is backed up by plenty of success stories that the site is not hesitant to share. 

Category Rating
★★★★ 4.3/5.0
  • Mature membership base in the U.S., the U.K., Canada, and Australia
  • Free members can browse and favorite profiles
  • Compatibility ratings on intellect, altruism, romance, social values, etc.

Since the site is more mainstream, it means that you’ll have to be more upfront about what you’re looking for. Your pool of singles is bound to be more diverse, which could be a good thing if you’re trying to explore different kinds of relationships. That said, the standard eharmony user is predicted to be between the ages of 18 and 24. 

EliteSingles is another great site worth visiting. The site has an average user age range of 30 to 55, and most have a college education. Education and career are two important factors for singles who log in — in fact, many EliteSingles users have delayed their search for love in favor of pursuing higher opportunities at work. 

Category Rating
★★★★ 4.3/5.0

The platform receives approximately 2 million visits per month, with around 381,000 singles joining every month. It also welcomes all singles, regardless of their sexuality. The site contains an active blog with great tips on dating, with many penned by renowned psychologists. That means it’s a great resource if you’re a bit rusty on the dating scene.

ChristianMingle is also a welcome site for seniors who value the Christian faith. If it’s important that you match with someone who is a Christian, the platform can help speed up the process. 

Category Rating
★★★★ 4.2/5.0

Approximately 84% of users who have actively tried ChristianMingle would recommend it to others. Currently, the site credits itself for 29% of Christian marriages that started online, which is quite impressive. If you follow the Jewish faith, then the equally popular JDate may be a better match for you. 

Is Online Dating Safe for Older Singles?

Online dating can be safer than you may think. While it’s easy to come across horror stories, it’s important to remember all of the success stories that don’t get reported. Becoming knowledgeable on the internet, and knowing when and how to spot a scam, is an important skill for everyone to know, even those outside of the online dating world.

If someone is coming on too strong at first, that could be a sign that it is a scam. While love at first sight does exist, it’s far more common for someone to lovebomb you, or shower you with attention, in hopes that you’ll quickly trust them enough to send them money.

online safety while dating online

Be careful about what you share, and when you do meet someone in person, make sure it’s in a familiar public place. Avoid meeting at someone’s home until you truly feel comfortable in their presence. 

If something feels off, it’s also good to run it by trusted friends and loved ones who have your best interests in mind. If a conversation feels scripted, try looking it up online to see if it’s recognized as being part of a scam — many times, people report scammer scripts and stories to warn others who may be vulnerable.

The best thing is trust your instincts and embrace new experiences. Online dating is still similar to traditional dating, except you have more time to think up a clever comeback or one-liner. 

Verdict: OurTime Wins, But SilverSingles is Worth a Try

While SilverSingles and OurTime are both great sites for seniors who are looking to date online, OurTime has a little bit of an edge. Not only does it incorporate a matching score with other users based on the in-depth personality test that they offer at the beginning of the experience, but the entire experience is perfect for beginners. 

SilverSingles is still a great contender, but OurTime offers a more tailor-made experience for senior daters.

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