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Men’s & Women’s Dating Hero Background

Men’s & Women’s Dating

Online dating sites can give men and women the chance to put themselves out there and meet someone new, but it’s not always a level playing field for all genders and orientations.

Men and women can have vastly different experiences mingling on the same dating platform. Men tend to outnumber women on most dating sites and apps, so their main problem is standing out in a highly competitive dating environment. Women on the other hand often report receiving too many matches or messages on a dating platform, and they can feel overwhelmed with so many potential matches with too few filters.

Tons of free dating sites for men and women have worked to settle gender issues and change the way singles attract dates. We’ve highlighted the most successful dating sites for men and the safest dating apps for women to help individuals navigate the online dating scene even more adeptly.

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As you can see, single men and single women have a lot of great options in the online dating world, and it doesn’t cost a thing to sign up and create an online dating profile on free dating sites and apps for meeting singles.

You may have some questions as you match and message people online, and our internet dating experts are dedicated to providing tips, advice, and guidance for men and women looking for love on niche dating sites and other dating services. Check out our FAQs list for more information about where to go and what to do to attract like-minded people.

How is Online Dating for Men Different Than Dating for Women? Who Has It Harder?

First of all, online dating is hard for both genders in different ways, and it’s not fair to say either has it harder than the other. It’s harder for men to get responses to their messages, but it’s more difficult for women to avoid dick pics and creepy overtures. The dating scene can be hard on your emotions, your budget, and your patience, and no gender has it easy when it comes to internet dating.

Messaging represents one the biggest gender differences in the online dating experience. About 57% of men in a Pew survey said they don’t receive enough messages on free dating sites and apps, while only 24% of women complained about not receiving enough messages. Conversely, only 30% of men said they received too many messages, while 60% of women said they were sent too many messages. Both older women and younger women can become a target on a free dating site or app.

Photo of a fun couple

Men and women can come together on mainstream dating sites and apps.

The best dating sites for women have filtering tools, safety policies, and Facebook authentication to keep the creeps and fake profiles out.

Another issue is that male online daters are far more likely to send the first like or message to potential dates. According to OkCupid’s internal stats, single women are 3.5 times less likely to send a first message than a man is. This pattern is persistent across multiple online dating sites and apps — with the exception of Bumble, where women are required to message first.

Women also tend to have more safety concerns than men do when it comes to meeting strangers online. About 25% of women say they wait longer than several months to give personal information to their fellow online daters, while only 16% of men say the same.

Thankfully, a respectable dating platform, like Christian Mingle or, can offer a safe online experience.

How Do Men View Online Dating? How Do Women View Online Dating?

Some people think that men are more likely to view online dating as a distraction or a game, while women are more likely to have serious intentions when they create a dating profile. But the truth is that men and women typically want similar things out of a dating platform.

Men and women go online looking for interesting conversations, good chemistry, and promising love interests. Only 1% of women and 4% of men on Bumble said they wanted a hookup app, whereas 85% of all online daters in the survey said they were seeking long term relationships.

When it comes to choosing a date, men tend to be slightly more looks-oriented than women, at least on dating sites or apps. A study found that single men spend 65% more time viewing online dating photos than women do. Men also spend less time on the profile overall. In that way, men and women literally view dating differently on online dating sites and apps.

What are Some Good Online Dating Tips for Men?

Men can sometimes stumble in the online dating scene because they don’t put in enough effort. They type generic answers for their online dating profile, thus failing to stand out from the average easygoing guy who likes sports and movies. Single men face a lot of competition on dating apps like Tinder, so they’ve got to up their profile games to have a successful experience.

You should fill out every section of your dating profile and complete any chemistry quizzes, personality test, or compatibility questions (eharmony asks over 80 personal questions) to let potential matches know you’re serious about meeting women. Don’t know what to say? Some professional services will write a person’s profile and offer tips on what women like to see and hear from their dates.

Photo of a couple

Men can build a loving relationship by being honest, considerate, and proactive.

One of the most important things online daters need to do is learn the art of the first message. This will be your first impression on dating apps, so it’s worth putting some thought into it.

Women on online dating sites want to know you’re not just copy/pasting the same pickup line to everyone, so be sure to say something specific about her dating profile and why you’re messaging. Ask a question about her career, her pets, her travel experiences, or her life. Tell her what you have in common or what you find intriguing about her in particular. And if you pay her a compliment, it should be more about who she is rather than how she looks. Whatever you do — say more than just “hi.”

Another good online dating tip for men is to be proactive about planning dates with potential matches. Singles on dating sites and apps generally have a lot of options and juggle multiple conversations, so if you’re interested in someone you met on Tinder, Elite Singles, Christian Mingle, or, you’d best make sure to snag a spot on her calendar sooner rather than later.

You don’t want to pester her about this, but a good rule of thumb is to plan at least one date a week. This can be as easy as saying, “When are you free next week?” when saying goodbye to your date. You can follow up with the details later. The important thing is letting her know to start making space for a new man in her life.

What are Some Good Online Dating Tips for Women?

Single women have a lot of choices on dating sites and apps, but they need to know how to choose the right single men to keep their potential matches from fizzling out. Especially if they want long term relationships.

Men’s dating profiles are full of clues about who they are and what type of date they’re after. You should look for common interests and attitudes, and be sure to ask for more details about things that interest you. Take what’s said on a dating profile with a grain of salt because online dating men will sometimes lie about their job, salary, education, height, and other qualities to impress women. Plus, researchers uncovered deceptions in 7% of online messages in a study sample.

Photo of a single woman

Single women can and should be choosy in the online dating scene.

Single women must sometimes act as detectives and use their wits to find out the truth and uncover fake profiles. That could mean looking online daters up on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media accounts, or it could be as simple as asking follow-up questions when something doesn’t seem to line up.

Some dating sites for women can make it easier to focus on the most promising single men and filter out the undesirables. For example, Coffee Meets Bagel has a smart matching process that helps compatible partners get to know each other by reading in-depth profiles and making informed decisions about their compatibility.

Elite Singles is another good dating site for single women (particularly older women) seeking long term relationships and love. This niche dating site uses a personality test to pair up professional men and women.

How Do I Meet Local Men and Women?

You can meet local daters by going online and conducting a simple search. The right free dating app or personals site can offer an engaging user experience where you’re surrounded by potential matches. As they say, there’s plenty of fish in the sea.

It’s easy to meet men on dating sites or apps because so many of them are willing to make the first move. As a straight single woman, you can pretty much set up your free dating profile and watch the matches and messages flow in.

Meeting women online may take a little more effort, but it’s definitely doable with the flirtatious tools of a good dating site or popular dating app backing you up. About 23% of surveyed American daters have gone on a date with someone they met online, and 12% have gotten into a relationship because of online dating. So, you can’t say online dating doesn’t work for the average woman.

Do Dating Sites and Apps Work for Men?

Online dating can work for single men who are persistent, self-confident, and authentic. You have access to millions of women’s profiles, advanced search tools, and an in-depth personality test on dating apps and sites. With so many potential matches out there, it’s just a matter of time before one of them pans out.

Photo of a couple on a date

Online dating is an effective and fun way to meet new people in your area.

Apps like Tinder and Coffee Meets Bagel do a great job at facilitating online connections based on mutual interest, and that sets single men up for success. Still, we have seen complaints that online matches don’t always translate to in-person dating. An OkCupid user said that he matched with 53 women online and yet only had four successful first dates.

If you find yourself in a similar boat, you may want to hone your conversation skills or be more selective when liking profiles so it’s easier to find common ground with like-minded people.

Do Dating Sites and Apps Work for Women?

Yes, plenty of women dating sites have led to real long-term relationships and marriages. In fact, I met my boyfriend last year on Hinge. You can meet a lot of men in not a lot of time thanks to dating sites and apps, and that increases your chances of finding a good match.

According to The Knot’s 2019 survey of newlyweds, online dating is now the most popular way for brides to meet compatible partners.

Which Dating Sites and Apps are Best for Men?

The best dating sites for men offer free matchmaking services and real-time chatting. You’ve probably heard of all the big names in the space and wondered which online dating services work best. Well, we can offer some statistics to clear things up a bit.

Tinder has created over 43 billion matches since its launch in 2012, and this free dating app is currently responsible for inspiring 1.5 million dates per week. Some say it’s the best dating app for single men because you have virtually unlimited opportunities to meet online daters.

OkCupid creates over 91 million love connections per year, and it sees over 50,000 first dates per week. The dating site and app also has received more mentions in The New York Times wedding section than any other app.

Christian Mingle boasts being the best dating site for men looking for a Christian marriage. Over 15 million Christians have fallen in love on this free dating platform.

Finally, eharmony uses psychology to identify true compatibility between like-minded people, and it has introduced over 2 million couples in the U.S. It’s a reliable and trustworthy online dating service for men who are ready to settle down with a good woman.

Which Dating Sites and Apps are Best for Women?

The best dating sites for women depends on what you’re looking for. If you want a long term relationship, then can provide a more serious online dating experience. If you just want to fool around and hook up, then Tinder may be more your speed.

Men choose to online date at a higher rate than women, so single women have an inherent advantage in terms of supply and demand on dating apps. However, increased demand doesn’t always equate to increased success because it can be hard to focus on just one conversation or new connection when you’re juggling multiple potential matches one dating websites.

Is Online Dating Safe for Women?

Yes, online dating services are safe as long as you are responsible and exercise good judgment on dating apps. You should always vet your dates online before agreeing to meet in person in a public location. Meeting strangers through dating services can be nerve-wracking at first, but you can put safety measures in place to protect yourself.

Above all, you should go at your own pace and never let anyone pressure you into doing something that makes you feel unsafe or uncomfortable. Any reasonably decent person should respect your boundaries and show patience through the getting-to-know-you process. It’s a big red flag if someone tries to move too fast and without regard for safety. Don’t be afraid to voice your concerns, and don’t hesitate to end contact with online daters if your needs aren’t being met.

Photo of a date night

Online daters must act responsibly and carefully to stay safe on their dates.

Safety is a top priority for single moms and older women on dating services because they’re more likely than men to encounter stalkers, harassment, and threatening messages. Almost half of women reported they’ve received unwanted messages from daters they had rejected, and only 27% of men said they had experienced this issue.

Fortunately, that’s what the block button is for. If you block someone on dating website or apps, that person can no longer reach out to you or view your profile. End of conversation.

Dating sites for men and women can be a game-changer for singles seeking a good match, short-term love, casual romance, or long term relationships, so jump on board the internet dating train!

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