Thursday, July 18, 2019
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We dive into the core of the dating industry – apps and sites from big to small, established to up-and-coming. Champions Nontraditional Relationships & Sex

There are many misconceptions about the polyamorous lifestyle. Some people equate polyamory with cheating or orgies, and they view swingers as sex addicts who are disloyal to their spouses. In reality, maintaining an open relationship requires individuals to be unfailingly honest, trusting, and receptive. ...

Best Senior Dating Sites of 2019
The Affair Site: Find Fun Outside of Your Relationship
Luxy is a Millionaire Dating App With High Standards Empowers HIV-Positive Singles to Keep Dating
Special Bridge is Dedicated to Singles With Disabilities
Muslim Marriage Solution Saw 100K Downloads in Its First Year
Dating Over 50s™ Gives Singles Opportunities to Find Love
SeekingCougar Tempts Over 5 Million Singles Brings Transparency to Casual Dating

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