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Free Online Dating

Singles on a budget seek out free dating sites and apps so they can save their cash while still meeting potential matches and high-quality dates, and many low-cost options appeal to them and offer the best of both worlds.

The online dating world has many cheap options to help grease the wheels and make love more easy to come by. Some dating sites are 100% free from start to finish, while others have in-app purchases to upgrade the online dating experience.

At the end of the day, you don’t always have to shell out cash on a subscription plan to get the most bang for your buck on a dating site or app. A free dating service can make you a perfect match without charging a penny.

Here are some articles about our favorite free-for-all online dating services for single men and women.

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The online dating experience can be absolutely free if you choose cheap websites or apps. You may need to pay attention to the fine print to make sure you know what you’re signing up for, and it’s also a good idea to read some reviews from online daters and dating experts.

That’s where we come in. We’ve tested out hundreds of dating sites and apps, so we can tell you without hesitation how much they cost and what dating service they provide for free. Most adult dating platforms offer, at least, free signups so you can always create an account or profile and give it a test run.

If you still have some lingering questions about free online dating, then go ahead and read our FAQs list to learn all you need to know and more.

How Can I Meet Local Men and Women for Free?

It is absolutely free to meet local singles on top dating apps and sites, but it does cost you some time and energy. The typical 20-something spends about 10 hours a week swiping on a free app, and it can start to feel more like an obligation than something you really enjoy as the months go on.

If you’re feeling burnt out by online dating sites, you can always go into the real world to meet people at free community events and public spaces. Some bars don’t have a cover charge, so you only have to splurge on a drink to mingle there.

Photo of a couple at a bar

Picking up dates at a bar or club is a time-honored dating tradition.

Singles could also attend an outdoor concert, food truck rally, town hall meeting, book club, and other social meetups to introduce yourself to single men and/or women.

The best way to meet singles in your area is to get out there as often as possible. The more you chat up potential matches online and offline, the more comfortable you’ll become with the dating process, and that confidence is naturally attractive.

Of course, the downside of mingling in person is you have to put on real clothes and go out in public, so if you’d rather stay in your sweatpants and keep social distancing, then a free dating site or app is the better way to go.

How Do I Date When on a Budget?

Dating can get pretty expensive if you’re not careful, so it’s good that you’re thinking about setting a budget ahead of time. The average American spends about $168 a month on dating expenses, but we think you could spend considerably less than that and still have a pleasant dating experience.

An easy way to cut costs is by choosing a completely free dating app to meet singles — Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, Facebook Dating, and Plenty of Fish are all good options that offer free access and where you don’t need to pay to match with or message anyone.

Once you meet someone special, you can suggest free dating activities like going for a hike or meeting at a dog park to make sure your first date has a $0 price tag. As you get to know someone and become more comfortable together, you can start having date-nights at home to save money. You can also discuss splitting date costs or looking for budget-friendly activities to make sure you and your date have the same expectations going forward.

Some dating costs are unavoidable, but sometimes you can substitute a dinner date for a coffee date and save some money. Free date ideas are great for budget-conscious singles, and they can be just as fun as pricey movies or fancy meals.

Which Popular Dating Sites are Completely Free?

There are plenty of no payment dating sites where singles can mingle forever and never pay a dime. Free online dating services are totally worthwhile because they put a world of flirtatious options at your fingertips and give you the search and matching tools you need to make a selection — without charging an arm and a leg.

Some dating sites offer free chatting for all single women — Ashley Madison currently has this policy, for example — so it’s perpetually ladies night online.

Photo of a computer

Free online dating sites make it easy to find a potential date.

We’ve taken the time to list the top free dating sites, so you don’t have to wonder which ones are legit and totally free. If you’re hoping to find a potential partner without opening your wallet, then you’ll want to start with a basic membership on a dating app or chat room that includes free messaging.

Highly effective dating sites like Match and eharmony have been in the online dating industry for decades and know how to deliver highly attractive date options for a low price.

Which Dating Apps are Totally Free?

Dating apps that are free to use can come in handy for college students, working-class singles, and basically anyone who likes saving money — which is pretty much everyone. The only trick is figuring out which mobile dating apps are really, truly, and actually free.

OkCupid is an online dating site and app that doesn’t charge anything for messaging a potential match. Facebook Dating likewise is an online dating app with no fees associated with its services (yet).

Which Free Dating Sites are Best for Serious Relationships?

If you’re looking for a serious relationship, then a run-of-the-mill swipe-happy dating app may not satisfy you. Singles tend to be flaky and superficial in the casual dating scene, and it can be difficult to get a new person to sit still long enough to notice you’re the real deal. Luckily, certain dating sites for love have begun to fill the gaps and provide a space for more mature and serious daters.

One of the best dating apps for relationships right now is Hinge, an app that’s designed to be deleted. It offers a fun twist on swiping by requiring online daters to like or comment on something specific about a dating profile if they want to make a match. You can also link your Instagram account to Hinge to give potential matches a full look at who you are.

Photo of a happy couple

If you want a serious relationship, you need a serious dating site with matchmaking tools.

The Hinge app also asks for post-date feedback from couples who have exchanged contact information, and about 72% of couples say they liked their date and would go out again. That’s pretty promising for single men and women looking for a long term relationship.

We’d also recommend eharmony, Match, Facebook Dating, Coffee Meets Bagel, and OkCupid if you want to skip the fake profiles and find the perfect match. Many of these dating apps have added video chat and voice messaging as well to make it easier to avoid fake profiles.

Which Free Dating Sites are Best for Hookups?

The best hookup sites don’t charge for membership, searches, and profile likes, and they have tons of casual dating options on display. Apps like Tinder have created billions of potential matches for Valentine’s Day and beyond.

Singles with kinks don’t have to hide or play coy on sex dating sites, and couples or groups can join the fun too if they’re feeling adventurous and wild. Hookup sites don’t have many rules about what you can and cannot post. The only real restriction is you have to be over 18 years old, and you can’t harass anyone who says ‘no.’ You won’t have to anyway because plenty of other local singles are willing to say yes to anything.

Joining a casual dating site without signing up, giving your name, or connecting to Facebook can be a great way to start flirting and entice someone to a romp in the sheets.

What are You Able to Do on Free Dating Sites and Apps?

Online dating services come with a lot of free features to tempt singles seeking love and romance. You’ll be able to create a dating profile and upload pictures for free, and you’ll probably be able to conduct a local search for free. Most free dating apps also include some liking, winking, or flirting tools so you can reach out to people you’re interested in without a paid subscription or in-app purchases.

The catch is that not all dating sites and apps provide free and unlimited messaging to everyone. Free members sometimes are limited to sending or receiving a certain number of messages, or they can only message subscribers or mutual matches.

Photo of paying online

It could be worth paying for messaging on a premium dating site.

Sometimes online dating’s premium model can keep singles from truly enjoying their dating experience and meeting the perfect match, but savvy online daters can work around the rules.

You can usually go into a FAQs page or payment policy to find out what’s included and not included in free dating apps or free sites.

Which Dating Sites and Apps Can You Message for Free?

The best free chat lines are now on dating sites around the world. Most of the trustworthy dating sites out there have private inboxes where users can exchange messages and create authentic relationships. Some online dating apps also offer direct access via iPhone or Android device, which means you can take your potential matches with you wherever you go. offers free limited messaging between members and their Top Picks, and it has also been known to have free trial periods for its most active and attractive users.

Apps like Tinder and Bumble offer a more straightforward free chatting system where online daters can message anyone who likes their dating profile. On average, Tinder users send over 4.2 million GIFs to one another each week, and we’d imagine they send even more messages!

Are Free Online Dating Sites and Apps Safe?

Yes, free dating sites and dating apps are safe as long as you take reasonable precautions and keep your wits about you.

The biggest safety tip for online daters to keep in mind is that you should never do something that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe. Trust your instincts, and don’t let anyone pressure you into lowering your standards or rushing into a relationship before you’ve established trust.

Couple meeting for the first time

It can take time to really get to know any potential match you met online.

Online daters have to strike a good balance between being too skeptical and too trusting. You don’t want to go giving your credit card information to every Nigerian prince you come upon, but you don’t have to hide your last name, Facebook account, or phone number from someone you’ve been chatting with for a while.

Most people you’ll meet on a dating service will be decent and regular people, and you can get to know them from the safety of your computer or smartphone. Just remember you should always keep an eye out for red flags and warning signs — such as dating profiles with one blurry photo or chats that escalate too quickly. It’s important to vet a date and ask plenty of questions (think of it like a personality test) before you agree to meet in person. Remember to always meet in a public place and don’t accept a ride.

Do Free Dating Sites and Apps Work?

Online dating apps definitely can work and introduce you to many fun singles who meet or even exceed your expectations. Whether you’re looking for casual sex or a serious relationship and marriage, you can find no end to the options in the online dating experience.

OkCupid is a free dating service where messaging is completely free. It creates over 91 million potential matches a year.

According to a recent survey, 40% of straight couples and 65% of same-sex couples originally met through online dating services. It’s become increasingly common to look for dates online, and the stigma is practically nonexistent.

Why Do Some Dating Sites and Apps Charge You to Message?

I guess the simple answer to this question would be: to make money. But online dating sites have other reasons to charge users for messaging.

For one thing, it ensures that everyone has skin in the game and actually wants to meet people online. Premium subscribers have paid for the privilege of getting to know people on dating websites, and that means they’re more likely to take the online dating process seriously.

Photo of a couple

Singles can change their lives by meeting the right person on a dating website.

Another reason dating sites or apps may charge for chatting is that it’s safer. The payment process can help platforms verify identities and keep scammers, spammers, and fake profiles at bay. In-app purchases can offer greater security to users, and some think it’s worth the peace of mind.

You could think of a paid subscription plan as an investment, a cover charge, or a safeguard, but it all boils down to the same thing — and that’s trust. You can trust paid dating sites a little bit more than free online dating apps because members have to open their wallets before opening their hearts.

How Many People Have Found Dates and Relationships on Free Dating Sites?

They say you can’t get something for nothing, but that’s not the case on 100% free dating sites. These affordable platforms provide a wealth of date options for zero money — all it costs is your time, attention, and a little bit of personal information. A free dating experience is well within your reach once you have the proper tools and resources at hand, and millions of people have found success without paying for a premium membership.

Tinder alone has been responsible for creating over 70 billion matches since 2012, and eharmony boasts bringing over 2 million couples together in the U.S. Given that online dating websites are the most popular way to meet a romantic partner, it’s safe to say that you know at least one couple that met through free sites or free apps.

According to data collected by the Pew Research Center, nearly one-third of American adults have used online dating to meet people, with millennials and Gen Z leading the way as the most frequent users and ardent fans of free dating sites and apps.

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