The best polyamorous dating sites have created a space where open-minded and sex-driven people can come together and have fun. No rules, no definitions, and no need to tiptoe around prudish sensibilities.

Look, not all singles and couples are satisfied by monogamy. That doesn’t make them sex addicts or cheaters. It just makes them a bit more liberated when it comes to sexual acts and relationships. However, finding poly dating opportunities in the real world can be a challenge, so most non-monogamous couples and singles have gone online.

No matter your relationship status, you can find satisfaction for just about any kink in the online dating world. We’ve highlighted some of the most popular poly dating sites and apps to help.

Best Overall Polyamorous Dating Sites

The top dating sites for polyamory have registration options that are flexible enough to suit polyamorous couples, bisexual singles, and sexually active dating groups. It can be difficult to find a single dating service that meets the trifecta, but plenty of sex sites offer enough date options to satisfy the world’s kinkiest and horniest adults.

Category Rating
★★★★★ 4.8/5.0
  • Discreetly arranges one-night stands and extramarital affairs
  • More than 80 million profiles worldwide
  • Travel-friendly features for seeking matches in other cities

Ashley Madison ranks at the top of our list because its very existence is in direct opposition to monogamy. Since 2001, Ashley Madison has distinguished itself as a married dating site where men and women can pursue their romantic options — with or without permission from their spouse.

Everyone on Ashley Madison is looking for a casual affair or romance, not a long-term romantic relationship. The registration setup allows new members to identify as attached or unattached, and they can choose to blur or mask their faces in photos as well.

This judgment-free dating site can help a polyamorous person make bold moves in the local sex scene. According to a survey, about 44% of men and 39% of women on Ashley Madison have already used the dating service to arrange an extramarital affair.

Category Rating
★★★★★ 4.8/5.0
  • A global network of naughty singles over 18
  • Ability to blur nude and explicit content, if desired
  • Advanced search filters and one-on-one messaging

Internet dating at its finest. BeNaughty is a popular sex site where polyamorous singles can flirt all day and all night long. The platform allows free messaging between users with either a profile picture or a paid subscription. And it doesn’t have mutual matching requirements.

Millions of dating profiles are at your fingertips at BeNaughty. It has a huge dating pool for single and poly couples of all backgrounds. The casual hookup site has search filters by age, appearance, and lifestyle to make it easier to identify compatibility and meet someone who is your type..

Whether you’re interested in finding a threesome or wooing multiple partners, BeNaughty can help get things moving in a sexy direction.

Category Rating
★★★★★ 4.7/5.0

Adult Friend Finder is a gift to the polyamorous community. This hookup site has over 104 million dating profiles, and it is open to singles, couples, and dating groups seeking sexual experiences. AFF members with a free account can explore unlimited profiles, blogs, and photos on this poly dating scene.

AFF support polyamorous people looking for no-strings sex. It’s a liberating environment for a poly person or a poly couple to find a hot date. If you’re in an open relationship or open marriage, you can be honest about your situation and come to a mutual understanding with new sexual partners.

Category Rating
★★★★★ 4.5/5.0
  • A casual personals site for singles, couples, and groups
  • Profiles have suggestive photos and strip tease videos
  • Chat live via a two-way webcam or private messaging

FriendFinder-X caters to singles and couples who have a libido that doesn’t quit. The casual sex site has dating profiles galore, and it has erotic features, including naked pictures, smutty blog posts, and strip-tease livestreams. Joining the dating site is free, but only a Gold Member can unlock all this X-rated content.

Over the years, FriendFinder-X has gotten the reputation as a dating site for cheaters because of its focus on privacy and user anonymity. A single person does not have to disclose any personal information beyond their gender and email address, and photos are optional and do not require a person’s face to be visible.

Category Rating
★★★★★ 4.5/5.0
  • A massive user base of over 70 million dating profiles
  • Send a free private message or Flirtcast to get something going
  • Exchange nude pics or adult videos with a Flirt member you trust has a domain name that says it all. The hookup site is 100% devoted to helping a single person flirt anonymously, seamlessly, and instantly. The site allows users to send a FlirtCast message to all their potential matches, which can really speed things up if you’re hoping to court multiple partners.

All female users can send unlimited messages for free on Male users have a cap on their free messaging capabilities, but they can upgrade for a premium membership for less than a dollar a day. Thanks to its open-ended messaging, is a great place to sext a stranger when you’re feeling frisky.

Category Rating
★★★★ 4.4/5.0
  • The dating app of choice for millions of sexually active singles
  • Accelerating the dating process through swiping
  • Has led to over 75 billion mutual matches

Tinder went viral in 2012 as the world’s first dating app to introduce swipe-based matching. To date, the app has been downloaded more than 400 million times and created over 55 billion matches.

A polyamorous couple will have to be careful about how they use Tinder — because it’s technically geared more toward singles than couples. The key to success is being honest with potential matches. Make sure to explain in your bio that you’re in an open relationship and post pictures of you and your primary partner if you’re looking for a threesome or triad.

“After a lot of trial and error, we are upfront about it right away,” said a married man about his experience poly dating on Tinder. “We may match with 10 girls. Five will give us a number. We will convince three to meet, and we will connect with one and follow through.

Category Rating
★★★★ 3.9/5.0
  • Free private messaging available to all members
  • Users can state that they're seeking hookups on their profiles
  • Responsible for 50,000 dates per week

OkCupid offers an open-ended dating zone where all matching and messaging is totally free for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a monogamous relationship or a polyamory date, this dating platform can provide tons of compatible options.

Every year, OkCupid inspires more than 91 million matches and 1.5 million first dates. The secret to its success lies in its multifaceted questionnaire and advanced matchmaking algorithm. These tools make it easier for singles to find a perfect match based on their preferences, interests, and lifestyle.

OkCupid gives a poly person the option to identify as non-monogamous in their dating profile. They can also choose from 12 sexual orientation options and 22 gender options, including gender fluid, gender queer, and gender nonconforming.

Category Rating
★★★★ 3.7/5.0

PlentyOfFish is a free dating site that started in Canada in 2003 and has blown up into an international phenomenon. The POF site currently has over 150 million users in 20 countries, and it adds 65,000 new users a day.

All messaging is free on PlentyOfFish. The only limit is a single user can only send 55 unsolicited messages within a 24-hour period. POF does not require chat buddies to form a mutual match, upgrade to a subscription, or jump through any hoops just to say hello.

Singles and couples can use POF as their go-to polyamorous dating app as long as they keep things clean and provide at least one photo of themselves.

Best LGBT Polyamorous Dating Sites

LGBTQ+ singles and couples can meet like-minded folks on a poly dating site. They just have to choose one that prioritizes same-sex matching. We’ve picked out our favorite lesbian dating sites and gay dating sites to make the choice a little clearer and give fluid polyamorous daters a helping hand.

Category Rating
★★★★ 4.4/5.0
  • A massive men-only sex and swinger community
  • Browse profiles and send private messages to your favorites
  • Profiles feature erotic videos and sexually explicit blogs

MenNation promotes a sex-driven dating website where gay, bisexual, queer, and questioning men are footloose and fancy-free. The internet site has free signup options for polyamorous singles, gay couples, and dating groups, and it also welcomes transgender and transsexual men seeking male companionship.

A polyamorous person can join MenNation to meet new love interests and explore sexual conversations without censorship or restraint. The only catch is that only Gold Members have full access to X-rated videos and chat rooms in this sexy men-only network.

Category Rating
★★★★ 4.3/5.0
  • Create a free profile in less than a minute
  • Search filters can identify attractive singles and couples in the area
  • Strip tease videos, revealing photos, and other adult content

LesbianPersonals offers a female-friendly dating environment where sex is always on the table. The lesbian hookup site provides access to tons of dating profiles, photos, and videos, and it’s totally free to create a personal ad as a single, couple, or group.

The sexual frenzy on LesbianPersonals can be intense, so be ready to field some scandalous and raunchy requests after your profile goes live. LesbianPersonals members tend not to beat around the bush when discussing their fantasies and pursuing sexual relationships. Whether you’re a bisexual woman or a poly couple, you can come into your own thanks to this LGBTQ+ dating scene.

Category Rating
★★★★ 3.8/5.0
  • Sexually active men can create free profiles
  • Matching system uses GPS information to find local dates
  • Millions of prospects available in 192 countries

Since its launch in 2009, Grindr has become one of the most popular and successful gay dating apps of all time. The app has been downloaded over 29 million times, and it sees nearly 4 million daily active users. Plus, it was the first gay app to use location-based matchmaking to stimulate romantic connections between local guys.

Grindr can be a wingman for polyamorous singles and couples looking for a quickie. Just make sure to respect the boundaries of guys on the app and be clear about your intentions. Grindr is best suited for gay couples in open relationships, but we’ve heard reports of some straight couples trying their luck here too.

How Do Polyamorous Dating Sites Work?

The best polyamorous dating sites can give singles and couples greater access to local and international date options. And that can lead to a sexual adventure — if you know what you’re doing. Some poly couples make the mistake of pretending to be singles and then doing a bait-and-switch move on their matches. That kind of trickery leads to more blocked and ghosted chats than successful threesomes.

Your best bet when setting up a poly dating profile is to be clear about who you are and what you’re looking for in a sexual partner. If you’re in a polyamorous relationship, you may want to mention the ground rules you follow or expectations you have in the online dating world. If you’re a non-monogamous single, you may want to explain your stance on polyamory or monogamy so there isn’t any confusion going forward.

Once your profile is complete, you can swipe through profiles or conduct custom searches to find viable date options. Typically, it’s free to send a like or maybe even a greeting, but you may need to form a match or subscribe to a monthly plan to send messages online.

Are Polyamorous Dating Sites Safe?

Yes, online dating is perfectly safe as long as users take precautions and vet everyone they meet. The typically polyamorous dating site will have some verification tools, but it cannot conduct a full background check or catch every liar or creep looking to create an online dating account. So just be wary of a new contact and take the time to make sure your online crush is the real deal.

Photo of a date night

Online daters can look out for their safety by arranging a first date in a public location.

If worst comes to worst, you can always report suspicious activity or harassment to the online dating site and block a person from contacting you again.

Polyamorous couples who are trying to online date should note that their dating profile may get reported or blocked by some users who don’t approve of the polyamorous lifestyle. That’s why couples and polyamorous folks typically create two separate accounts and are careful about how they solicit a threesome or polyamory date.

Do Dating Sites Allow You to Join as a Couple?

Most dating sites and apps do not allow couples to create a shared account, or even identify themselves as a dating pair. The online dating world has yet to embrace the polyamorous lifestyle, so couples have to use kinky alternatives like Feeld to get satisfaction for their particular desires and relationship style. This poly dating app allows poly couples and non-monogamous singles to explore their sexuality and be honest about their fantasies and poly relationship goals.

Do Dating Sites Allow You to Search for Polyamory?

Typically, no. You won’t find polyamory search options on mainstream dating sites and apps. You may not even find any on kinky sex sites. However, you can sometimes use a keyword search in the database and look for dating profiles that mention polyamory. If you don’t see a keyword search filter, try going into the settings to see if there are filters based on gender, sexual orientation, or relationship status.

How Do I Pick the Best Dating Site for Polyamorous Couples?

The best part of polyamory dating is not having to choose between two or three or four good options. And it’s the same way in online dating. All the sites listed here are free to join and open to every type of dater, including a polyamorous dater, so you can create multiple accounts and seek multiple partners on your terms. Go with your instincts and choose the most popular casual dating sites that look out for your interests and support your polyamorous lifestyle.

Do Tinder or OkCupid Work for Polyamorous Couples?

Tinder is not openly couple-friendly. But it can facilitate poly dating with its fast-paced swiping tools. The only thing a poly couple has to worry about is being reported to Tinder and getting booted from the dating app. As long as you’re polite and honest, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Screenshots of Tinder

Tinder has more active date options than many other apps or sites.

OkCupid is much more open to poly dating options. The dating site even has a Relationship Type section in the dating profile where users can identify themselves as monogamous, non-monogamous, or open to either.

No matter which dating app you choose, do not try to masquerade as a single person if you’re really a poly couple or multiple people. Post a picture of yourself and post a picture of you with your primary partner, and explain what you’re looking for in your bio. Online daters appreciate the honesty, and it will save you from a lot of heartache and hard feelings if you’re upfront about your non monogamous dating style.

What Does Polyandry Mean? Is it the Same as Polygamy?

Polyandry and polygamy are two sides of the same coin. Polyandry means that a woman takes multiple husbands at the same time. Polygamy means a man takes multiple wives at the same time. All types of polygamy have been outlawed in the U.S., but federal officials do not actively prosecute these cases.

Poly Singles & Couples Can Have a Wild Time Online

If you want to join the exciting world of polyamory dating, then go online to find swinger sites where switching, swapping, and sharing multiple partners isn’t just allowed — it’s encouraged!

Our review of the best polyamorous dating sites has some of the biggest names in the business, and all of them are completely free to join. So you really have nothing to lose by creating an online dating profile and sending flirts to potential love interests. The search for a polyamorous partner has never been easier. Have fun!

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