Sandra Myers is a go-to luxury matchmaker who co-founded Select Date Society with her partner Amber Lee in hopes of upgrading the modern dating experience.

As a high-end matchmaker, Select Date Society aims to be the Ritz Carlton of dating services and assist clients who pay for club memberships that start at $25,000. Why would someone invest so much cash in a matchmaking service? Because the road to love can be bumpy, and experts know how to smooth the way and make it a lot easier (and faster) to navigate.

We talked to Sandra about the many reasons that bring clients to her door and the benefits of hiring an experienced professional like herself.

“Experience really does matter so much,” she said. “You’ve been there and done that, and your clients get the advantage of using that knowledge.”

1. Saving Singles From the Pitfalls of Swiping

Online dating may be one of the most popular ways to meet new people, but it’s hardly the most efficient method of finding a long-term love. In fact, sometimes it can be downright unsafe. While many swiping apps excel at facilitating casual dating and late-night chats, they often leave more serious daters wanting more.

More is exactly what the matchmakers at Select Date Society can provide. The matchmakers approve all dates, do a credibility check, and put a lot of thought into ensuring clients have a positive and safe experience that leads to success.

“It’s all in the vetting process,” Sandra said. “Instead of you going on 10 dates to meet one great one, we go on the 10 dates for you, and you get the great one.”

2. All Date Prospects Come Already Vetted

Matchmakers vet their clients in a way that goes beyond the typical dating site or app. It could be a phone interview or an in-person meeting where the focus is getting to know you. The inquiry forms and prescreening talks involve a lot of questions about who you are and what you want. 

Sandra told us Select Date Society goes the extra mile when it comes to vetting and carries out public data checks for all clients and candidates to make sure their clients stay safe and can trust one another. No Tinder Swindler to be found in these elite ranks!

“We vet clients at a very high level, so they know they’re starting off on the right foot,” Sandra said.

3. Skip Texting & Go Straight to First Dates 

Maybe some singles enjoy the texting phase of a new romance, but it’s not exactly the most efficient way to get to know someone new. Texters can waste each other’s time by crafting an idealized version of themselves with carefully thought-out words that may or may not be true. Once they finally meet in person, the mirage of the text conversation fades, and reality sets in. 

Photo of a person texting
Texting online with a match can create false expectations.

Matchmakers can essentially eliminate catfishing and text-only relationships by skipping ahead to the first date. Sandra told us that one good reason to hire a matchmaker is that the professionals have already looked for red flags and screened date prospects for compatibility. So all that’s left is to figure out if the chemistry is right.

Clients go into matchmaker introductions with more verified information, so they’re better equipped to take a new person at face value.

4. Serious Singles Are More Likely to Join the Network

One important benefit of joining a matchmaking network is that you have access to a different class of singles than you’d find elsewhere. Matchmakers are in the business of mingling with high-caliber daters who have a lot going for them in their personal and professional lives.

Matchmaking clients tend to be people who are serious about settling down with the right person. They have made a commitment to go through this process and learn from the matchmaker’s expertise. That means less ghosting and more personal growth.

“When working with a matchmaker, we encourage you to think about what’s going on in the rearview mirror and using that to change moving forward,” Sandra said. “We’re good at understanding what didn’t work and how to correct for that.”

Instead of making the same mistakes time and time again, singles can take a matchmaker’s advice and learn how to become better at navigating first dates, second dates, and relationships in general.

5. Date Feedback Can Help With Self-Improvement Goals

Sometimes singles can overthink a situation or misjudge their dates, and it can cause more heartache than is strictly necessary. 

Sandra told us the story of a woman who called after a second date saying she hadn’t heard from her match in a few days and thought he was no longer interested. The team had the pleasure of telling her that he’d said he wanted to pause his membership because he actually was very much interested in pursuing her exclusively.

“We keep people from ruining a relationship by giving them good information, so they’re in the know,” Sandra said. “We want our clients to be in the know instead of in their head.”

7. Professionals Offer Support & Have Tons of Success Stories

Finally, hiring a matchmaker works. You can look online and find tons of success stories, good reviews, and testimonials to back the work of respectable matchmakers like Sandra and Amber, who have been in this business for decades.

“Our lives have truly changed by their advice” — Danielle and Rich, SDS clients

Hiring a matchmaker is an investment in the future. It’s a strategic decision to stop wasting time on dead-end dates and start benefiting from the expertise that has helped so many others.

“Our lives have truly changed by their advice and support,” said Danielle and Rich, who met through Select Date Society and are now happily married. “We can’t say enough about this group of women. Their commitment to encouraging this incredible love has forever changed our lives, and we are forever grateful!”

Final Thoughts from Select Date Society Matchmakers

Sandra gave us a lot of good reasons to hire a matchmaker, but she also pointed out that not all matchmakers are the same. Some offer targeted matching for marriage-minded singles, while others offer more casual introductions in a large dating pool. 

It’s important for singles to know what they’re signing up for when they sign that contract or enroll in that dating service. Certainly not all matchmakers and dating coaches are equal in the value they bring to the table. A high-end matchmaker like Select Date Society will work closely with clients to identify compatible matches, no swiping required.

Select Date Society logo
Select Date Society is backed by a team with over 50 years of combined experience.

Select Date Society distinguishes itself as a quality service for single professionals who know what they want and are ready to go after it. SDS services offer the chance to get serious about finding love and make meaningful connections without too much stress and strain.

“At the end of the day, you want to hire a matchmaker that you feel good about,” Sandra said. “I always tell anybody that asks me how to hire a matchmaker to look them up, read their reviews, check out their Facebook and LinkedIn, and really see what people are saying about them. You want to make sure this is an experienced person who can help you.”