The Scoop: Nelly Sudri is a matchmaker, dating coach, and expert in the field of “high-value dating.” Nelly rose to fame in 2020 through her viral and relatable dating-focused TikToks, which have garnered millions of views. Nelly talked to us about her journey to becoming a matchmaker and relationship expert. She gave us the inside scoop on how she understands and approaches the idea of high-value singles. She comes from a diverse background in business, communications, and conflict resolution and offers singles a one-of-a-kind approach to dating.

In January 2020, I was telling everyone I knew that I was proud not to have TikTok. All it took was a burgeoning global pandemic and three weeks of being cooped up in my parents’ house to make the fateful decision to download the app and create an account. 

This is the case for many people – TikTok’s user base exploded in the first few months of 2020, solidifying its centrality in the cultural media landscape for years to come.

Out of this explosion, internet users enjoyed a whole new wave of digital stardom. TikTok’s algorithm made it possible for relatively unknown creators to be pushed into the For You Pages of billions – yes, billions – of users. 

Nelly Sudri was one of the voices to come out of this wave, and four years, a Master’s degree, and a flourishing matchmaking career later, she’s still helping singles achieve their dating goals. Nelly’s TikToks focused on the elements of dating that are often hard to understand, like why a man may lose interest after hooking up or move on suddenly after a long-term relationship.

Nelly’s no-nonsense approach, paired with experienced insight, makes her the go-to source for single men and women looking for the real thing. When she’s not mentoring or matchmaking, Nelly is an advisor to several dating apps, which means she has an insider’s view of the state of modern dating.

“A lot of the women that come to me are looking for a high-caliber partner,” Nelly said. “That’s my focus. I think about the dating marketplace and the people who are in the most demand. I think of it similarly to the employment marketplace. I help clients understand this and use it to their advantage.”

From Viral TikToks to Professional Matchmaking

“I’m the number one dating coach for high-value women and men,” Nelly said. “I’ve been in this industry for the past four years, and I kind of fell into it organically and on accident. There was a work-from-home mandate in 2020, and I discovered TikTok. I randomly started posting dating advice videos, and that’s how I fell into my passion for helping people navigate love.”

Nelly earned a B.S. in Communications in 2017 and eventually her Master’s degree in Conflict Resolution & Negotiation in 2022. Nelly is trained in mediation and uses the skills she learned during her formal education every day in her matchmaking and dating coaching practice.

“I ended up quitting my job because TikTok became a second job,” Nelly told us. “I decided to enroll at Columbia University for my Master’s. I did Conflict Resolution, Mediation, and Negotiation because I thought it was applicable to the coaching space. I was only 25 at the time, and people always wanted to know my credentials.”

nelly sudri
Nelly Sudri is a dating coach, matchmaker, and online dating pro.

Nelly’s expertise began spreading by word of mouth, and as her client base grew, her online dating courses began to gain traction. “I launched an online dating course for women, which has now helped thousands of women,” she said. “Around that time, I started organically taking on clients, and then I was cast in a TV show that had me working with other matchmakers.”

After being introduced to matchmaking, Nelly knew it was for her. She moved to Los Angeles and began building her database of singles. “Since then, I’ve really grown my business. It’s been a really rewarding career path for me, and I have clients around the world for both coaching and matchmaking.”

Nelly said that while there are a lot of options for coaches and matchmakers in the space, her unique background makes her stand out from the crowd. “I also work with dating apps,” she said. “I help them with their internal processes and recruitment. So I have that background, plus I’m a coach and matchmaker. It’s so helpful to have someone who can do both.”

Digging Into the High-Value Model

A significant aspect of Nelly’s coaching and matchmaking approach is the idea of a dating marketplace. “High-value is my focus,” Nelly said. “When it comes to men, for example, studies show that women are most attracted to men and desire them the most if they are socioeconomically high status, live in an affluent zip code, if they’re all the things that make men attractive to women.”

Nelly said that men and women have different ideas of what makes a single of the opposite sex “high value.” She said, “It’s different for men and women, because the drivers are different. I’ve gone through tens of thousands of dating app profiles, and I’m looking at the things that attract other users.”

nelly sudri knows about dating
Nelly does recruitment for several dating apps.

Dating apps are often fast-paced platforms that rely on quick judgments. Nelly has explored these platforms at great length and identified the things that make singles attractive to the kind of people they’re looking for in romance. Nelly said to find success in online dating, singles should learn to work with the algorithm, not against it.

“When you think about the women who are most desirable in the dating marketplace, and I’ve seen a lot of the women out there, they all seem to have the same traits that are attractive to high-value men,” Nelly said. “You’re not going to see a lot of women who don’t fit this high-value definition dating millionaires or other high-status men.”

Nelly’s courses, coaching, and matchmaking approach center around this high-value perspective. Nelly said she helps singles who are interested in finding real success in dating and teaches them what they want to know to find online dating success. 

Nelly Has Wisdom for Singles Ready for Commitment

Nelly has online dating courses for women. She offers Manifesting Mr. Right, which was designed for independent and intelligent women looking for high-value men. The online course guides single women through a 12-step manifestation system that helps them find men who are ready to commit. 

nelly sudri online course
Nelly offers an online course for women.

Nelly’s matchmaking service is called the High-Value Club. The Club welcomes successful, high-income, and attractive singles, and Nelly told us that she works hard to keep her user base exclusive and high-quality. “I take people through a dating assessment before they start with me to get to know them,” she said. “It’s things like location, mobility, family planning, religion, politics, appearances – everything.”

Nelly goes over current situations and future aspirations with her prospective clients and figures out what would make their perfect partner. She told us that if she could give any advice to single people, it would be to really consider what they’re looking for in a romantic relationship.

“Think about lifestyle compatibility,” Nelly said. “Let that be your driver. Ask yourself what’s really important to you, and what your deal breakers are. Ask yourself these questions, write down the answers, and make a concerted effort to be thoughtful about who you’re going out with.”