The Scoop: The Matchmaking Company is a matchmaking firm with 39 offices in the United States. Over the last 20 years, the group has connected thousands of singles with committed partnerships. The Matchmaking Company uses a proven six-step process to connect compatible singles. Each office is equipped with an expert team of Certified Matchmakers and Approved Dating Coaches. No matter what stage of dating a single may find themselves in, The Matchmaking Company has services to make it easier.

Imagine going into an office and taking a seat at the desk of a relationship pro. You tell them everything about yourself, from where you were born to what your high school years were like to your last bad breakup.

Maybe you take a personality quiz and fill out a few questionnaires. You leave the office, and in a couple of weeks, the relationship pro reaches out to tell you they have someone they think you would really enjoy taking on a date.

This is matchmaking, a traditional alternative to the modern dating scene. Matchmaking has been around for a while, but its reputation changed with the advent of online dating. What’s the use of a matchmaker when I have four different apps making matches for me?

While online dating is great, it’s not always for everybody. Singles who want a more hands-on, guided approach to dating will find that matchmaking has so much to offer. It has a personal touch that isn’t all about algorithms and surface-level evaluations.

The Matchmaking Company has over 20 years of experience matching couples for lasting partnerships. The matchmaking firm has 39 offices and over 50 certified matchmakers on its team.

Genevieve Gresset is the VP of Communications and Training, and one of 12 Master Certified Matchmakers in the world. She told us about The Matchmaking Company and how singles can use matchmaking to find a committed relationship.

“There’s a big variety of people who come through our doors. Young, old, all different past relationships,” Genevieve said. “That means our database is really broad.” 

The Matchmaking Company Serves Diverse Clientele

The Matchmaking Company was founded by Master Certified Matchmaker Charlee Brotherton. The firm was created to be more than a matchmaking group that sends people on dates willy-nilly. Its mission is to create long-lasting, authentic, and loving relationships for its clients.

When a single seeks out a matchmaker, the matchmaker uses a database of singles to make a match. It’s super important for singles interested in matchmaking to choose a matchmaking service that can suit their needs. This means the service should have a database that caters to their demographic or the demographic they’re interested in.

the matchmaking company logo
The Matchmaking Company is bringing back traditional dating to the dating scene.

“Our clients are from all levels and all walks of life,” Genevieve said. “We’ve matched executives, CEOs, teachers, doctors. Being in the dating service means we’re working with a huge number of people.”

The great thing about The Matchmaking Company is that its database is so expansive and diverse, singles don’t really need to worry if it will suit their needs.

The Matchmaking Company has multiple offices in the United States, including in California, Florida, New Jersey, and Virginia. Each office is assigned to Certified Matchmakers and Approved Dating Coaches, meaning singles across the country can find the kind of hands-on dating approach they’re looking for.

Many singles seek out matchmaking after becoming tired of online dating. The Matchmaking Company understands that singles who come to the firm are often looking for a personal touch. 

“Everything is in person,” Genevieve told us about the matchmaking process. “It’s a full, in-house, in-person matchmaking service. We offer virtual service, but 99% of our clients visit us in-house. We really encourage it”

Six-Step Matchmaking Process Ensures High-Quality Matches

The Matchmaking Company follows an expertly designed six-step matchmaking process that has been perfected over the last two decades. Finding love is a journey, even in matchmaking. Genevieve walked us through the process.

Every person in The Matchmaking Company’s database is given a background screening. This ensures the safety of every person who uses the service. If a single is accepted into the matchmaking program, they’ll have to complete a background check before receiving any matches.

“The first step is to have an initial conversation with a member of our team to decide if the process is for them,” Genevieve said. During this first face-to-face consultation, the New Client Advisor assembles a comprehensive personal profile based on what the prospective client tells them about their personalities, lives, and past relationships.

the matchmaking company matchmakers
The firm’s matchmakers are all Certified Matchmakers and come from diverse backgrounds.

Genevieve said matchmaking isn’t for everybody, so if The Matchmaking Company feels a client wouldn’t be best served by their matchmaking services, they recommend dating coaching services. If The Matchmaking Company thinks a single is ready for their matchmaking process, they move on to step two.

During step two, the matchmaking team is hard at work hand-selecting matches. Matchmakers use a combination of education, experience, intuition, and the info from personal profiles to make matches. Before any singles are introduced, The Matchmaking Company seeks mutual approval from both. If it’s a “yes” from both people, contact information is swapped and a date is planned.

Step three is the fun part – going on dates. After the first date, singles can give their matchmaker feedback. This is step four. Genevieve said that feedback is an important part of the process, as it helps matchmakers better understand the needs of the client.

After giving feedback, singles decide whether they want to go on another date or have their matchmaker look for a new match. Matchmaking is a journey, and the matchmakers at The Matchmaking Company offer support and guidance every step of the way.

Step six is simply to enjoy dating. Dating can get frustrating, even with the help of a matchmaker. But singles can find relief and comfort in having a helping hand along the way. Meeting new people and forming new connections can be an amazing experience, singles just have to lean in.

Support for Every Stage of Dating

Not all singles are suited for matchmaking. Genevieve said that, if the team feels a prospective client may not be ready for matchmaking, they turn to other resources.

“We’ve got a separate part of the business which runs along the coaching side,” Genevieve said. “All of our coaches are highly trained through the Global Love Institute, so everybody’s a science-based love and dating coach.”

Just like any other service, it’s important that people receive high-quality and reliable dating and relationship advice. The Matchmaking Company ensures that all of their mentors, whether matchmakers or dating coaches, are highly educated and trained. There is no guesswork at The Matchmaking Company.

the matchmaking company values
The Matchmaking Company values authenticity, passion, and professionalism.

Matchmaking takes a lot of stress off singles, but Genevieve reiterated how important it is for singles to continue to show up throughout the matchmaking process. This means that, beyond staying engaged in the dating process, singles must be willing to work on themselves and make self-improvements.

The Matchmaking Company helps its clients develop dating skills and encourages them to take time for self-reflection. The matchmaking process often leads to singles discovering things about themselves as well.

“At the end of the day, it’s important to just be open-minded,” Genevieve said. “You have to come into matchmaking thinking that it’s a journey. It’s a marathon, not a sprint to finding true connection.”