The Scoop: Lunch Actually is a matchmaking and dating coaching service based in Singapore. Founded by Violet Lim and her husband in 2004, the agency offers a variety of dating services for successful and busy professionals in five countries across Asia.  Lunch Actually offers personalized matchmaking and coaching services to help singles at every stage of the dating journey.

Love comes to those who wait… but what if you’re ready now? The troupe of love arriving to us when we least expect it – or even maybe least want it – is a popular one, but not always the best piece of advice to dish out when someone is seriously looking for a partner.

After all, serious commitment to a romantic partner requires a person to be at a place in their life where they feel secure in themselves and are ready to share their life with another person.

The way I see it, love comes to those who are ready.

Lunch Actually is one of Asia’s premier matchmaking services, and the company has been matching successful and ambitious professionals in Singapore and beyond since 2004. The agency offers a variety of dating and relationship services sure to suit any professional single’s needs.

Violet Lim is the co-founder and CEO of Lunch Actually. She talked to us about the matchmaking agency and how singles in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, and Taiwan can find true connections through the service.

“I would say for someone thinking about matchmaking, the first question to ask is, ‘Are you ready?’” Violet said. “For the service to work, you have to be ready for commitment, and not just with words– with action.”

Pioneering Dating Companies in Asia

Before Violet was pioneering Asia’s largest dating company, she was working at a bank in Singapore as a Management Associate. She said that while she was working there, she was surprised to find that many of her coworkers were single.

Violet said she realized that it can be difficult for many busy professionals to find a spouse once they’ve graduated from college. Career-oriented singles often work long hours and it may be difficult for them to find the time or energy to date.

violet lim, founder of lunch actually
Violet Lim and her husband, Jamie, founded Lunch Actually in 2004.

Violet said she was introduced to the idea of lunch dating while traveling. Going to lunch seemed like the dating sweet spot. Lunch dates are typically not too long but long enough to get to know someone. Plus – who doesn’t have time for lunch?

Violet said she saw the potential in setting up people on simple lunch dates, and with that, she and her husband (then fiance), Jamie, founded Lunch Actually in April 2004.

Nearly 20 years later, Lunch Actually has grown into one of the biggest matchmaking services in Asia. It’s expanded to offer a total of 10 dating products in five countries across Asia. 

The firm has arranged over 160,000 dates and set up over 4,500 successful marriages and couples. Lunch Actually is committed to being an effective matchmaking and dating service that keeps up with the times.

Lunch Actually Singles Are Intelligent and Sincere

Lunch Actually may have an app component, but Violet made it clear that Lunch Actually is far more than just a dating app. “Our app is a companion to our service,” Violet explained. “Our users can use it to chat with their potential matches and their matchmaking team.”

Since singles come to Lunch Actually with a variety of needs, the service offers both personalized matchmaking and coaching programs. The Lunch Actually team helps each prospective client discern which course of action is best for them.

Singles interested in Lunch Actually’s matchmaking service can schedule a complimentary consultation with a dating consultant. During this meeting, the dating pro will hash out the prospective client’s profile, preferences, and dating goals.

“From my experience, a lot of times, the kind of person someone thinks they’re looking for and the person they ultimately end up with is usually a bit different,” Violet said. “And that’s where the input of the matchmaker comes in.”

lunch actually matchmaking
Lunch Actually clients receive one-on-one attention from professional matchmakers.

Unlike dating apps, which solely rely on the input of the user to suggest profiles and make connections, Lunch Actually’s experts use their professional experience to make the smartest matches. Matchmakers learn about their clients’ backgrounds, relationship histories, careers, and preferences to find out what kind of person they’re looking for.

Lunch Actually’s matchmakers harness the power of online dating to make matches. Violet told us the internet changed dating, and it also changed matchmaking. Her team of matchmakers then accesses their database of screened members to look for potential matches.

After each date, clients provide Lunch Actually with their date feedback. The date feedback sessions are essential as they enhance the search for the next compatible match. “Matchmaking is helping singles to see their blindspots,” Violet said. “We provide support for them in every step of their dating process.” 

Love Stories in Singapore

Lunch Actually also offers a variety of dating coaching programs for singles who may not be ready for or interested in matchmaking. The team at Lunch Actually helps prospective coaching clients decide which program is best for them.

The Elite Dating Program is a one-on-one program designed for singles. The program uses scientific dating strategies to navigate the modern dating world. Coaches help singles learn how to create chemistry, converse comfortably, and attract the kind of partner they dream of.

Once a successful match has been made, couples can move on to Lunch Actually’s Relationship Coaching Program, where they’ll learn healthy communication styles and get tips for communicating about long-term commitment, finances, and more.

lunch actually logo
Lunch Actually provides a variety of dating services to singles across Asia.

Lunch Actually also offers Image Coaching and Communication Coaching, which helps singles cultivate an attractive profile and learn the best ways to establish chemistry and comfort on a date.

Violet said that combining coaching and matchmaking is important because it gives clients a strong system of support. Sometimes singles have been out of the dating world for a second, so having a professional guide makes keeping a good mindset a little easier.

Lunch Actually makes it easier than ever for working professionals who are ready for love to make genuine connections. “You know, I think if people keep in mind that love is a commitment and not a feeling, it will help them make better decisions when it comes to finding a partner,” Violet said.