No matter how handsome or successful or funny you are, you’re probably going to hit a few obstacles dating. There are plenty of challenges that come with navigating the constantly changing world of dating, from setting up an online dating profile to deciding what to wear on a first date.


Everyone has some things to learn while dating. Dating coaches are an excellent resource to answer those questions, provide guidance to singles, and lead daters to happy and healthy relationships. Coaches ultimately do more than help men land dates– they help them grow as individuals and learn more about themselves.

The dating coaches on this list all have years of experience in helping men achieve their dating goals. They help them reflect on their past relationships and habits to create more effective patterns in the future.

Emyli Lovz

Emyli Lovz is the co-founder and head coach of emlovz, a dating coaching service that helps men do the work to find the right partner from the start. During college, Emyli went on 101 dates with 52 different men. At the end of this experiment, which would eventually become the foundation for her MegaDating method, Emyli met her future fiancé and emlovz co-founder, Thomas.

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Emyli and her team help men change how they think about dating using a method called MegaDating. MegaDating is when a single person dates several people at once, and Emyli says this method builds confidence and diffuses the energy that dating requires. Dating coaching with Emyli helps daters foster happy, healthy, and loving relationships while conquering loneliness.

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Apollonia Ponti

Apollonia Ponti offers advice and professional guidance for men who are ready to introduce the right woman into their lives. Apollonia is a certified coach, speaker, and relationship expert specializing in helping single men receive sustainable results in dating. She wants her clients to feel more connected to the people in their lives than they ever have before.

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Apollonia attends to every aspect of a client that may influence their dating experience, including self-love, confidence, seduction, and personal development. Apollonia identifies as a Love Coach and goes deeper than surface-level dating issues. She helps her clients dig into every part of themselves and discover what kind of love they want to welcome into their lives.

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Pratik Jain

Pratik Jain has a background in finance, and he uses his understanding of masculine-feminine dynamics to help his clients learn about the dynamics at play in dating and relationships. He’s based in India and serves men across major cities, including Delhi and his home city of Mumbai. Over the past five years, Pratik has coached hundreds of men across India from various age groups and demographic backgrounds. 

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Pratik offers consulting and coaching services. His consulting services focus on providing clients with solutions to their dating problems, while his coaching services help men reinvent themselves and discover the kind of relationship they’ve been looking for. Pratik helps his clients decide which service suits them best, and every client receives a personalized approach.

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Melanie Hersch

Melanie Hersch helps men who are struggling in dating and looking to have breakthroughs in their love lives. Melanie is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a diverse background in several different fields, including matchmaking at eharmony, touring the country as a musician, and delivering mental health services for teenagers. Melanie believes finding love doesn’t have to be hard.

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Melanie encourages her clients to pursue personal growth while following their hearts. Melanie helps single guys tackle their insecurities, understand women, and navigate tricky dating situations, like dating as a parent or dating after divorce. Melanie helps her clients step into a place of authentic confidence and self-awareness while dating. 

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Erika Ettin

Erika Ettin is the founder of A Little Nudge, a dating coaching program designed specifically for online dating. Erika has a diverse educational background in economics and business management, with degrees from Cornell and Georgetown. Erika started online dating in 2001, and went along for a wild ride as online dating went from the fringes to the mainstream. 

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Erika went on countless dates with people she met online and learned a ton about herself, and shares that wisdom every day with clients. Erika has been helping people achieve dating success through A Little Nudge since 2011. She offers coaching for online dating plus hands-on help with the nitty-gritty aspects of dating apps and sites.

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Arica Angelo

Arica Angelo is a dating coach and relationship expert who helps men learn the tools they need to find authentic love. Arica knows that all people searching for love want to be seen, valued, and appreciated in their relationships. Sometimes, that kind of love can be hard to find. By learning practical techniques to bring to all kinds of relationships, Arica’s clients unleash the hero inside of them.

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Arica offers a variety of coaching programs. The Tactical Coaching program is a virtual one-hour coaching session with Arica in which she helps clients improve their dating and relationship skills with proven techniques. The Mastery Coaching program is a 12-month intensive program that includes weekly virtual coaching and in-person visits with Arica. Arica has an offering for every kind of single guy.

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Frances Kelleher

Frances Kelleher is a multi-award-winning coach based in Ireland. Frances is Ireland’s only Mars Venus Gender Intelligence Coach and has helped countless people transform their romantic lives. She inspires and empowers her clients to be their best selves and unlock their potential. By helping her clients become their most authentic selves, they become more successful daters. 

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Frances offers confidence coaching and personal coaching. During confidence coaching, Frances helps her clients understand what confidence is and how to achieve it. Under Frances’ guidance, clients attend to their self-esteem, limiting beliefs, and emotional intelligence. Frances takes a goal-oriented approach through hands-on personal coaching to help her clients achieve their desired outcomes.

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Jo Barnett

Jo Barnett is a relationship coach who helps men step into the best version of themselves. Jo helps her clients get to the root of whatever relationship problems they’re having by creating a space that’s honest and assertive yet safe. Jo understands that relationships are complex, and she helps her clients discover new possibilities in their dating lives and open up their romantic horizons.  

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Jo is based in London and offers dating coaching for men across the United Kingdom. She offers a variety of coaching programs, including online dating guidance, confidence-building courses, and coaching for singles who have recently experienced a divorce or breakup. Jo helps men reflect on their pasts and decide what they want to look different in their futures.

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Chris Manak

Chris Manak is the voice behind Manic Workshops, a professional dating and lifestyle coach. Chris used to be in a lot of his clients’ shoes – he was a guy in his early 20s who just couldn’t seem to find success with women. He said he could barely talk to them, let alone date them. After a rough breakup and years of personal development, Chris developed a set of skills that equipped him to be a successful and authentic dater.

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Chris helps clients learn those same tools through coaching. He starts all of his coaching clients with a 90-minute consultation, during which Chris will decide what kind of services a single guy would benefit from most. The advice Chris provides during coaching sessions is based on over a decade of in-field experience observing thousands of interactions between men and women.

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Krystyna Trushyna

Krystyna Trushyna helps men learn the tools, tips, and techniques they need to successfully navigate international online dating. Krystyna is an intercultural online dating coach and the founder of popular Ukrainian dating blogs. She’s an expert in all things Russian/Ukrainian-Western dating and has a wide range of professional and academic interests, including sociolinguistics, gender studies, and intercultural relationships.

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Foreign dating presents a distinct set of high and low points. Krystyna gives her clients the one-on-one assistance many of them need to understand the nuances of international online dating. She helps her clients learn how to be wary of online romance scams and practice internet safety, all while being open, honest, and transparent as they form new relationships.

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Dating Coaches Help Men Make Better Connections

A great dating coach does more than fix up your online dating profile or give you tips on how to look confident. Great coaches take their clients on journeys of self-discovery and improvement and guide them through the hard work they need to do to achieve their personal goals. 

These coaches all have the perfect mix of real-world and professional experience. They help clients using both their experience as dating singles and experts in the field of love and relationships. No matter where you are in your dating journey, one of these coaches can give you the boost you need.