With all the voices and opinions out there, it can be difficult to know who to trust when it comes to dating advice. Men who seek to woo women, especially, can find it hard to nail down advice that is both relevant and helpful to their dating journey. Should you listen to the “alpha male” podcasters who espouse radical dating rules for men, or should you follow the ways of older dating “experts” whose advice may be a little out of touch in the modern dating landscape?

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A simple Google search will yield an overwhelming number of results when it comes to men’s dating blogs. What works for one doesn’t work for everyone, however, so it’s important to be discerning when you follow dating advice from other men. After all, it’s rare to find men who actually listen to and understand women’s perspectives about dating and relationships. 

If you’re seeking enlightenment before your next Tinder swipe session, look no further. Read on for our top 10 best men’s dating blogs. 

Doc Love

Sometimes the most tried-and-true advice is exactly what you need, and Doc Love provided just that. Tom Hodges, aka Doc Love, spent most of his life providing sage wisdom on dating women to countless men on his legendary radio show. He coached single men on how to find their “Ms. Right” from 1965 all the way to his death in 2020.

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Although he may be gone physically, Doc’s advice lives on through his archival website. Run by Jeff Stevens, the site and the Dating Women Podcast offer plenty of great tips and stories that Doc Love shared throughout his career as a men’s dating expert. Jeff has compiled the podcast, endless articles, and even a YouTube channel chock-full of timeless tidbits that Doc learned while interviewing over a thousand women on their perspectives and preferences when dating men.

More About Doc Love

  • A true icon in the dating world since 1965
  • The “Doc Love Club” membership offers access to all of Doc’s work
  • Creator of the highly-acclaimed “Dating Dictionary”

Best for: Traditional, long-standing advice for dating women

Introverted Alpha

A lot of the advice for men out there tells you to be dominant and confident if you want to be a man of high value for women. The “alpha” types who promote this opinion, however, fail to acknowledge that everyone has a different personality type. Not everyone socializes or connects with potential partners by being super outgoing. This is where Introverted Alpha comes in. 

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The Introverted Alpha blog is packed with practical, relatable advice for introverted men who seek to find a female partner. You can scroll through each post and learn tips for how to ask a woman out, how to make the best dating app profiles, and even flirting advice specifically catered toward introverts. 

Introverted Alpha was founded by Sarah Parmer, a woman on a mission to uplift and empower brilliant, successful men who are just a bit shy or reserved when it comes to dating. After she had begun to work at another dating coaching company in 2014, Sarah came up with the idea for IA and launched her business. Since then, the blog and men’s dating coaching service has grown to a team of eight that offers both individual coaching, self-paced courses, and ebooks guides.

More About Introverted Alpha

  • Woman-founded
  • Both free and paid resources
  • Helpful blog posts about building confidence and attracting women

Best for: Shy or inexperienced men who date women

The Adult Man

Growing up and learning how to be a functioning adult can be difficult. Many people have trouble juggling new responsibilities like working full time, paying bills, taking care of the household, and potentially raising a family. For men, the pressures of society and expectations from traditional gender roles can make these charges even more stressful. 

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If you’re a man who dates women, you may feel like there are a lot of expectations you have to meet in your love life, as well. Most women want a man who is properly groomed, well-dressed, successful, and has a great personality. Dating apps have made meeting potential partners somewhat harder, too, with the wide array of profiles women have access to at the swipe of a finger. The Adult Man and its dating advice blog for men can help you navigate all of these challenges. 

Dating coach and writer Joshua Sigafus posts a ton of approachable, encouraging advice for men who date women. The Adult Man was founded in 2016 as a resource for men entering into adulthood and trying to succeed in the balancing act of being a grown-up — especially as it pertains to dating. From the top red flags to look out for to ways to spice up a dry texting conversation with a woman, you can find advice on anything you need to have a fulfilling and happy love life. 

More About The Adult Man

  • Founded by Dean Stephens in 2016
  • Offers advice on men’s fashion, grooming, dating, health, and self-development
  • Its YouTube channel presents video reviews and guides on men’s style

Best for: Men who want well-rounded lifestyle and dating advice

The Modern Man

It’s rare to talk about dating coaches and experts without hearing mention of The Modern Man. Founded by renowned dating coach Dan Bacon, The Modern Man is all about achieving your personal goals with dating — whether they involve short-term fun or a lasting romance with the woman of your dreams.

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If you’re new to Dan’s work, his blog is a great place to get started. Using his decades of experience as both a skilled dater and now a confident man in a highly successful marriage, he shares articles for single men looking to up their dating game and get the exact results they want out of their connections with women. The blog has tips from texting skills, maintaining healthy relationships, and even ways to get your ex back. 

Dan’s no-judgment approach to dating coaching for men has resulted in countless success stories, including his own. When he was still single and seeking, he created “The Flow,” his tried-and-true system for starting conversations with women and ensuring that they lead to whatever results you want. This ebook guide, as well as several others on topics like gaining attraction through texting or getting your ex back, are available for purchase on The Modern Man website.

More About The Modern Man

  • Founded in 2005
  • Dan has made dozens of appearances on national TV and print outlets
  • Has held dating seminars for men for nearly 20 years

Best for: Men who know exactly what they want out of dating women

Evolutionary Men

The patriarchy is still alive and well, despite all the social progress that has been made in Western society. That’s why some men tend to fall into the trap of toxic masculinity; behaviors like infidelity and casual misogyny can cause issues for single men trying to date women. Resources like Evolutionary Men seek to counteract this narrative — for the benefit of men and women alike. 

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Jason Lange, a men’s embodiment coach and the founder of Evolutionary Men, has found himself the leader of a loving family alongside his wife, Violet. He was able to achieve this fulfilling relationship through his spiritual practices and plenty of inner work. Jason now shares his wisdom through his blog, where you can find advice on dating and relationships, sex, and masculinity. 

Evolutionary Men takes a unique approach to coaching single men. Rather than push tired narratives of dominance or impressing women with money, status, etc, Evolutionary Men encourages men to look inward, complete the necessary shadow work, and tap into their spiritual selves to become the best and most powerful men they can be. Its Pillars of Presence coaching program is a great way to completely transform your dating life and step into the best version of yourself as an enlightened, embodied man. 

More About Evolutionary Men

  • Resources co-created by Jason Lange and Melanie Curtin
  • Spiritually focused blog and coaching resources
  • One-on-one and group sessions available

Best for: Spiritual men who are looking to improve themselves and their dating life in a vulnerable, deep way


If you’re looking for one single website where you can learn how to host a poker night, which style of shoes are currently the trendiest, and a few fun date night ideas, AskMen is the answer to your prayers. The website covers everything you can possibly need to “become a better man,” and their sex and dating blogs are no exception. 

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Everyone has different needs and goals for their dating life, so AskMen represents all kinds of perspectives in its dating advice for guys. If you’re looking for a quick local hookup, its blog shares picks for the best hookup sites and apps for men. Trying to plan a romantic vacation for you and your boo? The website has tips for that, too. 

If you already have a partner or are pretty active in the casual sex market, AskMen has lots of sex and sexual health advice for you, as well. No matter if you’re a man dating a man or if you’re looking to get lucky with the ladies, AskMen has helpful sex and dating tips for you.

More About AskMen

  • A leading men’s lifestyle site for over 20 years
  • Advice written from perspectives of both men and women
  • Offers content on sex/dating, current events, men’s style, and health

Best for: Any advice topic a man could be looking for

The Dating Boss

There is an endless amount of dating coaches and experts out there who identify as men. While it’s easy to relate to and understand dating advice from these experts if you also identify as a man, you may be missing out on some key perspectives if you date women. Kamilla, aka The Dating Boss, is a woman who knows exactly what men need to hear — and she tells it like it is.

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If you’re a man who dates women, why not get your dating advice directly from the source itself? After all, women know what they’re looking for, and can tell you how you can become just that. The Dating Boss blog is regularly updated with relevant, realistic dating advice for straight men. Topics like building sexual tension with a woman and how to get more “rizz” are all available on the Boss’ blog. 

More About The Dating Boss

  • Over 300,000 social media followers
  • Woman-led dating coaching and advice
  • Her popular, free email newsletter sends tips several days each week

Best for: A woman’s advice for how to attract and keep women in your life

The Wing Girl Method

If you’ve ever gone out with a group of your bros and tried to pick up women at a bar, how successful were you? Chances are, you went home alone that night… and most nights like that. Had you gone out with at least one wing-woman, however, you may have had different luck. After all, who better to help you win over women than a woman herself?

the wing girl headshot

Marni Kinrys is the founder of The Wing Girl Method — a no-frills approach to men’s dating coaching. Marni has taken her years of experience as a men’s dating coach (and her lived experience as a woman) to help men find the partner of their dreams. Say goodbye to striking out at the bar or getting ghosted yet again on a dating app– Marni is here to help. 

The Wing Girl Method blog has hundreds of posts that can answer any question you might have about dating women. Want to learn about women’s biggest turn-ons or how to approach a woman if she’s with a group of friends? The Wing Girl has you covered. 

More About The Wing Girl Method

  • Over a decade of experience
  • Blog posts on all things sex, dating, confidence, and relationships.
  • Individual coaching and self-guided programs available

Best for: Honest, direct dating advice from a woman

Dude Hack

Steve Morley is the voice behind Dude Hack, single men’s one-stop-shop for the most topical and updated advice for online dating. Steve has been online dating for the past 10 years and helps men discover how they can find success through online dating. When he first started dating online, Steve had to take some time to adjust to the landscape, which has unspoken rules and etiquette of its own.

Dude Hack offers readers a dating app quiz, where they can answer questions about their dating experience and style and get matched with the best app for them. Steve recommends apps and resources depending on a single man’s vibe or what they’re looking for from dating. He’s even written a free e-book about how to get the most out of Tinder, called “Tinder Hacked.”

More About Dude Hack

  • Advice for men wanting to online date
  • Attitute that anyone can find success online dating
  • Free downloadable guides for app advice

Best for: Men trying to figure out the best dating app option

Girls Chase

Some people say a first impression is made within five seconds of meeting someone new. Others think it takes more time to really get to know how you feel about someone. In the dating world, this varies widely as well. What if, though, you could make a woman know for sure that you’re the one on your very first date? Girls Chase offers you the chance to do just that.

girls chase logo

The articles on Girls Chase are plentiful, and they cover any aspect you can possibly think of when it comes to dating, sex, and attraction. The articles are masterfully written by a full team of experts and are broken down into dozens of helpful categories ranging from persuasion, confidence, long-distance relationships, and online dating tips. 

Girls Chase also offers a variety of programs and courses to help men improve their dating game. The one-date system, how to text a girl, and college dating options are all packed with practical, powerful advice that you can apply to your unique situation.   

More About Girls Chase

  • Hundreds of articles on every dating topic
  • Founded in 2008
  • The Diagnostic Quiz helps to identify areas you need help in most.

Best for: Starting from the basics and building up to become an irresistible man

Dating Blogs Help Men Find Their Romantic Stride

When it comes to online advice– especially advice about dating, love, and relationships– it’s good to seek input from a variety of sources. Each of these bloggers has a different approach to finding love and keeping it, but there’s no one sure path that will work for every person.

Daters who want to step up their game and learn more about what will make them successful in dating should diversify their resources. It’s helpful to read a lot of different dating perspectives, and then take the advice that resonates most strongly. No one person has all the answers to dating, but each of these bloggers can contribute something helpful to a dater’s toolbox.