Online dating was introduced the same year that TLC’s “Waterfalls” took over the Top 100 and “Toy Story” was released as the first computer-animated movie ever made. Needless to say, a lot has changed since then, both in the world of online dating and outside of it.

up and coming dating apps 2024

As the digital landscape transforms nearly every day, dating apps have to keep up with the changing needs of their users. Lucky for online daters, the dating app market has proved to be full of innovation, both from veterans and newcomers alike. While the most popular sites and apps are always good outlets to explore, it’s a good idea for singles to keep an eye out for emerging dating platforms.

These up-and-coming dating apps offer users exciting features and reimagined approaches to digital romance. Online dating can become tiring when you don’t get the results you want, and sometimes all it takes is finding the right dating app for you and your needs. Check out these apps to revitalize your experience and get the most out of online dating.


JOJO is a dating app with the goal of creating a truly inclusive dating experience for everyone, from young adults to seniors. JOJO welcomes love in all forms, whether it’s between friends or romantic partners, and encourages users to find connections with people who share their beliefs, interests, and orientations. JOJO makes personalized matches for users based on personality compatibility rather than superficial features.

jojo dating app

It’s easy to get caught up in the surface-level judgments that can come with online dating. JOJO recenters the emotional connection people search for when they form any kind of relationship and fosters an online dating environment for everyone. It’s rare to see a dating app for all ages that centers on inclusivity and LGBTQ+ users. 

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Monogamish is a judgment-free platform where users can explore their identities, sexualities, and desires. Monogamish is more than just a dating app, though. The platform is focused on building strong in-person communities made from meaningful matches. Monogamish connects people for friendship and romance and welcomes users who are in non-monogamous and polyamorous relationships.

monogamish dating app

The dating app gets its name from a term used to describe relationships lying across the spectrum of non-monogamy. Every individual and non-monogamous relationship is different, and Monogamish gives users room to express themselves, their relationship goals, and relationship desires.

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Lex is the LGBTQ+ dating app reimagining the ways social media and online dating can strengthen queer communities. While a lot of users use Lex to date, the app is designed to connect groups of queer individuals for meet-ups in their local areas. The app includes a social networking feed where users can upload photos and updates, plus list event postings, and share local groups.

lex dating app

Unfortunately, the modern age of digital communication can lead some people, especially singles, to feel lonely or isolated. While romantic connection is important, high-quality relationships of any kind are what make life wonderful. Lex knows this and takes a community-oriented approach to facilitating connections in the app. On Lex, queer users can find a platform where they’ll feel safe, supported, and surrounded by a welcoming community.

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Score is an exclusive dating platform with a high standard for entry: a good to excellent credit score. Score is taking a unique approach to matching compatible singles by making a dating app just for daters with a credit score of 675 or above. While Score’s approach may be unconventional, it’s part of the app creator Neon Money Club’s larger mission to support financial literacy and insert finance into conversations it’s usually excluded from.

score dating app

Money might be an uncomfortable topic, but it’s centrally important for romantic relationships and can cause challenges if not dealt with in an informed and proactive way. Score puts money in the discussion from the start, encouraging users to create relationships with strong foundations in communication and honesty.

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Archer is a dating app made by gay men for gay men. Every profile on the app is selfie-verified, meaning Archer’s user base is made up of singles ready to make authentic connections. Many dating apps have built-in verification features, yet few of them require selfie verification to match and message, which poses security concerns. On Archer, gay men can securely forge friendships and romance with gay singles in their area.

archer dating app

Users can add important personal details about their dating goals, lifestyle, and background on their Archer profile. The app’s interface is straightforward and allows singles to browse through profiles rather than swipe, and Archer will recommend some prompts in the messages to help get the conversation started. 

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Dating would be a lot easier if you had a personal assistant to help you up. Elate integrates an AI-powered dating assistant called Dara into its dating app features, creating a platform that’s designed to pair singles up for committed partnerships. Elate combined assistive AI tech with the familiar dating app platform design to create an online dating experience that’s simpler and more efficient than ever.

elate dating app

Elate calls itself the “anti-ghosting dating app” and builds its features with good dating etiquette in mind. Ghosting is an annoying new habit of many modern daters, and while it can be a pretty common occurrence, there’s no good excuse for poor dating manners. Elate attracts serious and committed users and is steadily building its base in London. 

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#Open is a place for non-monogamous people and their partners. #Open is a dating platform for singles and couples interested in exploring ethical non-monogamy. The app gives non-monogamous people the flexibility and customization they need from a dating app. Unfortunately, many mainstream dating apps disallow shared or couple profiles, and non-monogamous people may encounter judgment on these platforms.

#open dating app

Users don’t have to worry about explaining what ENM stands for or what “compersion” means, as #Open is a site made to facilitate non-monogamous setups. #Open allows users to create a solo or couple profile, and couples can link accounts to begin swiping in unison. The app is also focused on building strong communities and offers users a place to network for in-person events.

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Now that online dating is nearing its 30th birthday, newcomers to the market need to be creative to get recognized. thursday is one of the most unique dating apps out there, and the app perfectly balances the dynamic between digital communications and real-life connections. thursday comes alive once a week in 60 cities across the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia, and users can find in-person events and the profiles of singles in their area using the app.

thursday dating app

thursday creates a dating app experience that isn’t a time suck. If you’re the kind of dater who can’t seem to get out of the dating app messages and into real-life dates, thursday is the perfect app for you. The app opens on Thursdays to spread the word about upcoming events and opportunities for local connections.

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Everyday, Once sends each user their perfect daily match. The dating app is built around the idea of digital intimacy and welcomes users with diverse backgrounds and relationship goals. Whether you’re looking for a friend with benefits, a third to add to your partnership, or a lifelong partner to form a family with, Once is the dating app for you. 

once dating app

Once connects users with shared dating goals and helps users manage the time they spend on their phones by providing one match a day. Once profiles are extensively personalizable and users can add different keywords to describe their personalities and romantic desires. The app matches users by keywords to create matches based on important characteristics instead of artificial traits.

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RAW is a dating app that’s making online dating more authentic and intentional. RAW combines the swiping features online daters know and love with a photo-sharing network inspired by BeReal. RAW sends out a daily notification at a random time, which prompts users to take a selfie and back-facing photograph. Once they take their pic, they’ll be able to swipe, match, and chat for the day.

raw dating app

One of the most difficult parts of online dating is setting up a profile. It’s hard to create a profile that truly expresses who you are, and it’s hard to measure chemistry or compatibility based on a profile alone. By prompting a photo at a random time daily, RAW encourages users to simply show up as they are to the online dating journey.

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Newcomers Revitalize The Dating App Scene

Most dating experts agree that a successful approach to online dating includes using more than one app or site. It’s always a good idea to diversify your online dating techniques, especially if you’ve been feeling like you’re stuck in a rut. Many of these apps offer robust experiences with a free membership, making it easy to give these apps a try.

Downloading a dating app and creating a profile may feel trivial, but it depends on how you look at it. Daters should remember that every time they open a new dating app, they could be stepping into the place where they find their next supportive community, best friend, or romantic partner.