The Scoop: Lauren Sanders is the relationship coach and matchmaker behind The Love Crush Agency. After years of experience with the nation’s largest matchmaking database, Lauren decided to open her own matchmaking practice that would provide accessible and high-quality matchmaking services for all singles. Lauren talked to us about The Love Crush Agency, her journey to matchmaking, and her advice for singles who are getting fed up with online dating. 

There’s plenty to be said about the challenges of dating. While few other experiences will teach you as much about yourself as dating and forming relationships, the process can also have its low points. From rejection and ghosting to big feelings and bigger conversations, dating isn’t always the easiest journey.

It’s very important to have people supporting you throughout your dating journey, whether it’s the encouragement of friends and family or the guidance of a professional. If you’re at a point where you’re done playing dating games and ready for the real deal, matchmaking could be the new approach you’ve been waiting for.

Lauren Sanders is a dating expert, relationship coach, matchmaker, and the founder of The Love Crush Agency. Lauren founded The Love Crush Agency to help professional and accomplished singles find their special person. Lauren talked to us about her matchmaking approach and her coaching services, and she gave some advice for singles who are growing tired of online dating.

“The clients I see with the best success rates are the ones who are open,” Lauren said.

Lauren’s Love Radar

Before opening her own practice, Lauren was interviewing clients for one of the largest U.S. matchmaking agencies. She’s seen thousands of profiles, met with countless singles, and developed a trained eye for great matches. Lauren decided to found her own practice to offer inclusive and equitable matchmaking services that all kinds of singles can feel comfortable pursuing.

Lauren said many singles don’t feel comfortable with matchmaking. This could be because they’re not familiar with the practice or because they don’t feel secure opening up in the way matchmakers require.

Lauren Sanders

“This is a safe avenue to find love,” Lauren said. “We’re trustworthy, we’re real, and our services can really make an impact.”

As a coach and dating expert, Lauren does more than pair up compatible singles. Matchmaking, just like dating, is a journey, and it’s essential for matchmakers and clients to have open and honest communication throughout the process. Lauren coaches her clients with the emotional side of things, so they can truly lean into each new connection.

“I hope people learn more about themselves and what they truly want in a partner,” Lauren said, “whether it’s through matchmaking or coaching. I want to instill in my clients that they shouldn’t focus on the material aspects of a person or relationship. I teach my clients to look at their hearts and seek that emotional connection.”

Matchmaking for Singles Ready for the Real Thing

Lauren told us open-minded singles often have the most success in matchmaking, and it helps when clients have a clear idea of who they’re looking for. “When I see an individual that is really focused on finding their life mate for the right reasons, those are the clients I prefer to work with the most,” she said.

Lauren said these clients definitely have preferences and boundaries, but they aren’t overly concerned with the superficial aspects of finding a date. She said these clients are also confident and secure in themselves and have done the self-work that healthy relationships need to flourish.

The Love Crush Agency offers matchmaking for men and women, and it’s free to join Lauren’s database. Singles looking for a hands-on matchmaking experience with Lauren would begin by filling out a dating profile and then moving on to an initial interview. Lauren only takes on clients she’s fully committed to guiding through every step of the matchmaking journey.

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“I work with everybody,” Lauren told us. “I don’t really have a specific age group, but I do relate to Millennials the most. I think it’s because we know what it’s like not to have social media or technology, but we’re also very comfortable with the technology.”

Millennials make up a significant and unique portion of the dating pool and, like any other population, have a specific set of needs and concerns when it comes to dating. Lauren said many of her millennial clients yearn for meaningful interactions from dating, which can be difficult to accomplish while dating online.

Online dating works for so many singles, but it’s not for everyone. Lauren said that many of her clients come to her tired of online dating. “I know we live in a time where social media is taking over, with dating apps and sites, and it’s easy for people to lose hope,” she told us. “If you want your life partner, you gotta keep at it.”

The Love Crush Agency Takes a Personalized Approach

If you aren’t quite ready for matchmaking but feel drawn to Lauren’s guidance, she has plenty of other materials to help people navigate romance. From books to Youtube videos to WikiHow articles, Lauren has wisdom and advice for nearly every stage and every kind of commitment-focused dater.

Dating for the Soul is Lauren’s digital magazine. The site is dedicated to providing relationship advice, dating tips, and love inspiration from professional matchmakers and dating coaches. Dating for the Soul is an invaluable resource for daters, and article topics include “15 Secret Ways to Say I Love You in a Text” and “10 Unmistakable Signs She is Developing Feelings for You.”

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Lauren is also a published author of several books. “You Deserve the World,” a self-help guide that helps readers realize what they deserve from a dating experience, is her most popular book. Lauren reassures readers that they will find everything they’ve been looking for in a partner through patience, hope, and perseverance. 

Dating can be a tiring journey, but it’s one worth pursuing. Regardless of its outcomes, it’s sure to teach you something valuable about yourself. “If you need to take a break from dating, that’s fine, and it’s understandable,” Lauren said. “We all need breaks, and we all get burnt out. But don’t give up. There is going to be an ebb and flow, but don’t give up.”