Not all advice is created equal. Depending on who you go to, the advice you’ll get about dating and relationships will vary. Unfortunately, a great friend can unwittingly give horrible advice, and too many mixed advice signals can get confusing and exhausting while dating.


Dating coaches give singles a place to get tried-and-true advice about dating and relationships that’s backed by their years of experience in the field. These women’s dating coaches have made careers in helping women achieve their dating goals. 

Dating coaches help dating women find a source of trustworthy advice on everything from helping women decide what they’re looking for in a partner to guiding them in reflection on recent dates.

Kate Mansfield

Kate Mansfield helps women fix their love lives and find the kind of partner they’ve been looking for. Kate helps her clients using years of personal experience, professional training, spiritual work, and intensive mindset techniques. According to Kate, the combination of these experiences has enabled her to crack the code of love and show women how to get the results they want.

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Kate can help any kind of dating woman, whether they’re looking to make connections online or off. Her “Dating Diet” approach helps clients let go of their harmful beliefs, habits, and choices in dating and replace them with inspired, conscious, and high-value decisions. Kate is known for being no-nonsense, so she’s perfect for women who are ready to see transformed dating results. 

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Samantha Burns

Samantha Burns is the Millennial Love Expert, and she’s helped countless women rebuild their confidence after breakups. Samantha is a relationship counselor and dating coach who helps women in every stage of their relationships, whether they’re healing from a breakup, re-entering dating, or working to improve their current relationship.

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Samantha holds a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. While completing her Master’s degree, Samantha wrote her thesis on gender differences in infidelity and counseling couples through an affair. She helps her clients overcome any kind of relationship obstacles they’re encountering and learn how to lead relationships with healthy connection, intimacy, and affection.

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Nicole Haley

Nicole Haley removes the confusion in dating and helps her clients create something authentic. She has 20 years of counseling and coaching experience, plus her own personal experience that guides her as she helps other women. Nicole helps her clients embrace their feminine side and find confidence, happiness, and lasting love.

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Nicole has plenty of offerings for women at any stage of the dating journey. Nicole uses one-on-one coaching to get to the heart of the issues her clients are experiencing. Nicole also has online resources, including the Love Quiz, that helps women discover their unique Love Personality. Blog posts cover all the topics daters desire, from affirmations to self-acceptance to how to avoid power imbalances in relationships.

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Michelle Wax

Michelle Wax is a private and luxury dating coach for go-getter women. Michelle helps women who are ready to change their mindset and create the lifestyle they desire. “Be the rarity” is Michelle’s guiding mantra, and through coaching, Michelle shows her clients how they can fully claim their deepest desires and foster incredible relationships full of love. To Michelle, the “rare woman” is kind and empathetic, yet knows when to walk away.

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Michelle began coaching after going on a 50-state road trip. During this adventure, she interviewed over 500 people about what made them happy. She documented her journey and then compiled all her travels and interviews into a documentary called “American Happiness.” Michelle is fascinated by why we do the things we do and harnesses that fascination to help women make tangible changes in their lives. 

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Martha Bodyfelt

Martha Bodyfelt offers dating coaching for women who are done playing games. Martha’s work focuses on helping women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s find dating and relationship success. Martha started her coaching program when she realized there was no guidebook for mature dating women and that many women in this age demographic aren’t attracted to dating apps.

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Martha’s philosophy is that women dating in their 40s and beyond should be empowered while dating. After all, they’ve done their time with the game playing and have earned wisdom through years of life and love experience. Martha harnesses her client’s curiosity to help them find a partner who will enrich their lives.

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Carrie Prince

Carrie Prince is the voice behind You Can Date Better, a dating coaching program for women that recognizes one size does not fit all when it comes to dating. Carrie offers coaching, consulting, and resources for single women trying to navigate the current online dating world. She knows that not all women are looking for the same things, and it can be tiring to try so hard at dating and not reap satisfying results.

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As a certified dating coach, Carrie is deeply immersed in all things dating and has her finger on the pulse of changes in the landscape. She has a background in matchmaking and business management, so she has a wealth of real-world experience in dating and beyond. Carrie meets her clients wherever they are and develops a personalized approach. No matter what kind of coaching help a singlen woman needs, Carrie can point them in the right direction.

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Keshia Rice

Keshia Rice teaches her clients secret strategies to exude feminine energy and attract faith-based relationships. Keshia’s average client is a woman who has achieved success in many areas of her life but is struggling to find a man who prioritizes both his faith and their relationship. Keshia helps Christian women increase their confidence, embrace their feminine charm, and heal from past relationships.

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Keshia’s coaching philosophy is to form her clients into highly sought-after partners. She shows her clients how to embrace their feminine side and express their truest selves. Without surrendering their ambitions or personal beliefs, Keshia’s clients learn how to break bad patterns, make space for love in their lives, and then create that love. 

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Megan Weks

Megan Weks is a Certified Dating and Relationship Coach, author, and speaker who created the Manfunnel Method. Megan was tired of playing the same old dating games and dealing with heartbreak after heartbreak, so she took action and decided to date differently. Within a year, she was married to the love of her life. Megan teaches her clients the same techniques she used to find her high-quality guy.

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Megan modeled her method based on the sales concept of a personal “funnel.” The funnel refers to the process customers go through before they decide to buy something. Megan has created her own funnel, but for dating. She teaches her clients to fill their funnels with men and date them all. Using a process of elimination, women would end up with their The One. The Manfunnel Method introduces women to a whole new vocabulary to help them understand why love isn’t working out for them.

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Cristina Gonzalez

Cristina Gonzalez became a Certified Life Coach in 2020 after having her own transformative experience with a life coach. Cristina always had a plan for her life: she wanted to go to school, land a great job, get married, and start a family. She went to school and started a wonderful career but didn’t get married or start a family as swiftly as she had planned. Cristina spent many years wondering and worrying about why she was single but decided to take action when she turned 30.

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Cristina helps curvy women forget about the struggles of dating and learn to feel sexy, bold, and confident on first dates. She helps her clients focus on themselves and work through the mental blocks that may be holding them back from being their truest selves. Cristina shows her clients how to build the life they want and find the love they deserve.

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Molly Godfrey

Molly Godfrey is a dating and relationship coach who works with high-achieving women in their 30s. Many of her clients feel like they’ve done everything to find a high-quality man yet have not had the results they’ve hoped for. Molly helps successful, career-oriented women rediscover the fun in dating while addressing issues like a fear of intimacy and low self-esteem.

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Molly guides her clients using her own experiences in dating. Just like many of her clients, Molly was a successful and ambitious high-achiever who completely devoted herself to her career. She loved working hard and was proud of her work ethic. Despite all of her career success, Molly couldn’t seem to find success with men. After seeking the guidance of a life coach, she learned she could be ambitious and cared for, and it changed everything for her.

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Dating Coaches Help Women Enjoy Dating

Beyond great advice and expert guidance, dating coaches also give single women the opportunity to reflect on their past experiences in love and relationships. Many experts agree that superficial factors like looks, fashion, or hobbies are rarely what hinder women as they look for love.

It’s all about mindset. Past heartbreak or limiting beliefs are often the biggest obstacles to dating for single women. These coaches help women shift their mindset and open themselves to the potential of an authentic, healthy, and balanced companionship. Anyone can give you advice, but it’s best to trust an expert when it comes to transforming the way you see yourself, your past experiences, and the possibilities out there waiting for you.