The Scoop: Dating apps provide a window to romance, but they can’t reveal a prospective partner’s heart without help. That’s why savvy daters choose BeenVerified to check everyday information about people they’re considering spending time with. Surprisingly affordable and easy to use, Been Verified draws on secure public data to reveal contact info and personal records that mesh with online profiles. Confirming no inconsistencies or undesirable patterns in a prospect’s life gives daters peace of mind that their matches are genuine.

You can be anyone you want to be online, and that’s a problem. It’s a problem if you’re operating a business, interacting with merchants as a consumer, or even doing something as mundane as exchanging recipes on social media.

It’s an even worse problem when you’re trying to date through an online app. Dating puts your heart, integrity, and safety on the line in ways few personal situations can.

You need to know whether the people you’re pursuing are who they say they are. You should also protect your data from compromise while out and about in the dating world.

The more you control what other people know about you online, the better you’ll be at confirming whether prospective romantic partners are legitimate or are looking to scam or harm you.

People search tool
BeenVerified accesses billions of data points to form a more complete view of a person.

BeenVerified accomplishes those goals for daters looking for a seamless tool to manage online interactions. It’s a simple-to-use yet comprehensive platform that can relieve the stress of meeting people online and bringing them into your offline life.

Spokesperson Kerry Sherin told us BeenVerified checks all the boxes for daters looking for an affordable data search tool.

“What makes us unique from other property or people searches is the diversity of searches you can run,” Sherin said. “Our collection of public data points is relevant and super helpful when it comes to figuring out who you may or may not be talking to.”

The platform sources data from commercial providers and public sources to create a comprehensive database with proprietary tools to produce accurate results.

“The goal is to educate yourself about what is concerning and what isn’t,” Sherin said. “You want to be comfortable when meeting someone in person.”

Phone Searches Reveal Personal Traits and Red Flags

BeenVerified bills itself as offering seven ways to discover the people behind the profiles. The platform puts daters in the driver’s seat by quickly searching background reports, contact information, phone numbers, criminal records, and email and physical addresses. When you include the ability to search businesses, the site provides eight products for the price of a subscription.

More than 1.5 million subscribers confirm that BeenVerified offers the best bang for the buck. Signup is easy. A special seven-day trial membership for only $1 helps users familiarize themselves with the site’s features and see the benefits.

Sherin said the most straightforward way for daters to take advantage of BeenVerified’s effectiveness is through the reverse phone lookup feature.

“A phone number is likely the first piece of information you’ll receive from a prospective date,” Sherin said. “A quick phone lookup can tell you a lot of different things.”

Reverse phone lookup tool
The reverse phone lookup tool works with cellphones, landlines, and even unlisted numbers.

One is whether the person is the subject of frequent searches. A high volume of nuisance callers on your prospective date’s phone record may raise a red flag and prompt further investigation.

Phone search works with cellphones, landlines, and unlisted numbers and can reveal a person’s name, address, residence history, age, email address, and social media profiles. Checking those against dating details and information from chats or conversations can increase or decrease confidence in a person’s authenticity. It’s good to know either way.

Looking at a person’s background is a no-brainer for evaluating the human being you’re thinking of dating. If there’s criminal activity on your date’s record, a phone lookup will reveal it.

“That could encompass anything, including DUIs and minor offenses,” Sherin said. “The data’s going to say what the data’s going to say.”

Tools Filter Name and Data Lookups for Precise Results

Everyone has a unique phone number — or several, perhaps. But there are many people named John Smith. Daters may wonder whether a people search on BeenVerified is worth the trouble. It is.

People search features
People search helps users choose who to interact with online and in real life.

BeenVerified’s people search matches names with current and past addresses, contact information, employment history, social media accounts, and other details.

The key for daters is that a name search can confirm whether the prospective date uses an alias. That’s common in dating, and desiring anonymity is to be respected, but catching a person in a lie isn’t.

“If you’re chatting with someone who calls himself John Smith, that might be a huge red flag before you even put their name in the system, Sherin said.

Fortunately, BeenVerified amplifies simple name searches by applying filters that can match names with data, such as location. Armed with associational knowledge, people search can reveal photos, family members, past associates, criminal history, financial status, professional qualifications, and online personas.

Reverse phone lookup features
Reverse phone lookup can uncover inconsistencies in social media profiles.

Phone lookup and people search work together to provide blanket protection to daters interested in transforming introductory conversations into relationships.

The platform provides other ways to get at the data, including email lookup and address lookup. Username search offers a different dimension by allowing users to look for consistency in a person’s social media profiles.

Trying the various tools a few times during a special seven-day trial membership for only $1 is all it takes to become conversant and put BeenVerified to work.

“You’re navigating the logical flow of digging through someone’s background,” Sherin said. “You learn whether they live where they say they live and whether their social media pictures look like the pictures on the dating app.”

Control Your Interactions for Security and Privacy

You’ll learn about yourself in the process. Sherin said a value-added benefit of using BeenVerified is that it heightens the user’s appreciation of sound personal data management.

Address lookup features
Address lookup provides the address’s current property owner’s name and contact information.

In a world where artificial intelligence and automation technologies make scams and exploitations more common than ever, it pays to understand how you present yourself online. From that perspective, BeenVerified becomes a tool for personal data responsibility.

“Working in the space has been enlightening,” Sherin said. “I definitely see both sides and think there are ways to really own your online presence.”

It starts with governing how you put yourself out there. Sherin recommends limiting what you post online. BeenVerified contains opt-out tools to remove personal data.

Romance and other family and relationship scams have multiplied as artificial intelligence has exploded. Criminals download personal videos from social media accounts, synthesize voices through AI, and emulate family members needing money.

Email lookup features
Connect names with digital IDs.

On a more superficial level, photos with auto-geotagging can reveal location data that criminals can exploit. Sherin recommends that daters follow a few safety measures in addition to running phone and name lookups on BeenVerified.

Always video chat with prospective dates before meeting them in person. Never give money or personal information to anyone you haven’t met, even if they offer a heartbreaking story or claim to be in love with you. Don’t send explicit or compromising pictures to people you meet online.

Always meet first dates in busy public areas. Inform trusted friends or family members about your in-person dates and share your location to have a real-time safety buddy.

People aren’t usually out to get you, but sometimes it can seem that way. BeenVerified is there to confirm suspicions and clear the way for the fun and romance of a healthy dating life.

“Don’t let love bombing get in your head,” Sherin said. “It’s always good to make sure you’re safe before meeting a new person.”