Online dating has existed since the ‘90s, but it became firmly mainstream in the 2010s. That means generations of daters have used it, and plenty of people can say they met their spouse online —10 years ago. 

In the second decade of dating apps, developers are paying attention to user feedback and the changing needs of digital daters. New dating apps give singles the chance to try out a new interface, engage with a new dating pool, and experiment with distinct approaches to matching, swiping, and chatting.

innovative queer dating apps

With so many app options now available to online daters, it’s important to find platforms that feel comfortable and exciting. The apps’ features and user base should reflect the sort of experience and singles you’re looking for.

These new innovative apps are keeping the scene fresh for LGBTQ+ daters. From community-focused platforms to a dating app designed for bisexual singles, these apps are offering new connections and services for queer online daters.


Hornet is a global digital LGBTQ+ community of over 40 million users. Hornet users can browse the feed, watch short videos, and filter through other users. The feed includes posts from other users, which users can connect with and add to their network. Users can upload text, photos, and videos to the feed.


Hornet prides itself on nurturing a diverse and active LGBTQ+ digital community. The platform was founded in 2011 and has a robust user base across Europe, Asia, and North America. It’s the perfect option for singles looking for a global queer community.

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Feeld is a safe and inclusive digital space where users can express and explore gender, sexuality, and desire. People who are looking to explore something new, whether it be polyamory, non-monogamy, homo- and heteroflexibility, or kink, can find a comfortable spot on Feeld.


Feeld users can express themselves honestly and be open about their dating desires. The app values open-mindedness and encourages users to explore the various avenues of connection the platform offers. Feeld welcomes any digital dater who wants to connect more authentically with themselves and the people around them.

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HeeSay combines all the best parts of online dating and livestreaming for a unique gay dating app experience. The app has over 54 million global users, plus extensive dating and community features that keep the platform dynamic and fun. Users can livestream, create private photo albums, and even host private streams.


HeeSay users can interact with users nearby or across the world, and the platform encourages users to be unapologetically themselves. The app’s communication features, including real-time location-based chats, private video chatting, and even secret messaging features, set it apart. 

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Growlr is a social network where the Bear community is embraced and celebrated. Growlr welcomes Bears and Bear Chasers to connect, chat, date, and make friends. The app welcomes any person who feels at home with the label Bear and prides itself on being a warm and welcoming community.


Growlr users can personalize their profiles, browse profiles from nearby and faraway, and start a chat with someone who catches their eye. The app offers livestreaming, which is a great way for users to find each other and content they relate to. Growlr also has an Events section, where users can stay up to date on upcoming IRL meetups.

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Zoe is one of the best-ranked dating apps for queer womxn. The app welcomes lesbian, bisexual, and queer womxn worldwide for a serious dating experience grounded by the familiar swiping and chatting mechanics. The app has over 7 million users and high ratings due to its user-friendly interface.


Zoe takes privacy seriously. The app features photo verification, verification requests, and private mode, which means a profile will only be visible to current matches. Zoe is free to download and offers premium options for singles looking for extended features.

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Taimi is an LGBTQ+ dating app with over 18 million users across 138 countries. The app centers the experiences of queer daters and was designed to create a flexible dating experience that caters to the unique needs of LGBTQ+ singles. Taimi embraces diversity, inclusivity, and breaking down boundaries that prevent authentic connections.


Taimi offers extensive safety and privacy features and highly customizable profiles. Users can add their gender identity, sexuality, and pronouns to their bios and filter through profiles using the app’s proprietary algorithm. 

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Fluid is a dating app for everyone. The platform welcomes curious singles of any sexual orientation to match, chat, date, and make new connections. Fluid was designed with the understanding that sexuality and attraction are complicated and very frequently fluid. Users are encouraged to express themselves and their desires sincerely.


Fluid is a top choice for singles who want to meet people they otherwise wouldn’t have or who feel like their dating experience has stagnated. It’s also a great place for singles who are curious about what a dating experience looks like when you remove labels from the equation.

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HER is the sapphic dating app the online dating scene has desperately needed. HER was created by and for queer folks with a special focus on connecting womxn who love womxn. The app’s creators wanted to create a dating platform users can enjoy and where they can form new connections.


The app has over 13 million active members across 114 countries and a 4.5-star rating on the App Store. HER focuses exclusively on the dating and romantic needs of queer women, non-binary, and trans people, offering a distinct experience for singles who are accustomed to mainstream heteronormative apps.

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Bindr is a safe, free, and easy-to-use dating app for all LGBTQ+ daters. While the app welcomes queer daters of diverse identities and steers clear of over-labeling, it was designed to be a safe place for bisexual and lesbian women to connect and find dates. 


Bindr is poly dating and couple dating positive, and its features support individuals and couples pursuing non-monogamy. The app’s swiftly growing user base enjoys highly personalized profiles and flexible browsing and chatting features.

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Jack’d has over 15 million members worldwide and is the premier social app for LGBTQ+ people of color. The app has members in 2,000 cities and 180 countries, so there is always a connection to be found. The app works hard to prevent fake and spammy accounts and offers 24/7 customer support.


Users can share stories, create personalized profiles, and connect with others. Jack’d profiles include comprehensive pronoun and gender identity options. Users can also put sex preferences and safer sex practices preferences on their profiles to make expectations clear from the get-go.

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New Online Avenues Keeps LGBTQ+ Dating Exciting

Online dating burnout is real and can negatively impact your dating game in a serious way if you don’t know how to deal with it. Taking a break, focusing on hobbies, and spending time with friends is a great way to mitigate some of that burnout.

Once you’re ready to step back in, try out a new dating app. You’ll be exposed to a whole new dating pool, plus have the opportunity to engage with new features you may have never seen before. Who knows– a new app may be all you need to transform your dating experience.