The Scoop: With its emphasis on political connection, the Lefty app streamlines the dating process by narrowing down the pool to liberal singles. This saves users time — and potentially heartbreak — while dating. And because Lefty is a politically focused dating app, politics – a daunting topic to discuss with someone new – also tends to come up more naturally on dates since both parties are likely to be on the same page.

Politics can wreak havoc not only on family Thanksgiving dinners, but on your dating life as well. Modern singles are more likely than ever to consider political differences a dealbreaker in the dating scene. In fact, a recent poll by American Perspectives Survey revealed that only 9% of singles considered political alignment “not important” when choosing a partner. 

The dating divide is particularly stark for heterosexual couples, according to the Pew Research Center. In the Pew study of registered voters, men lean conservative, while women lean liberal at similar rates. This has caused turbulence on the dating scene, as politics are becoming increasingly personal following the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe vs. Wade in 2022, and the uptick in incel and red pill communities that feel attacked by modern feminism. 

Alex Felipelli, CEO of liberal dating app, Lefty, understands this landscape all too well, which is how the concept of the app was born. “If you’re talking about looking for a long term relationship,  it’s something that is kind of a must for most people–to be with someone that is aligned,” Felipelli explained. “And so Lefty is a great place.”

Appeal to Progressive Voters

Felipelli is familiar with the statistics that can make dating difficult from a political perspective. Whether it’s Lefty’s blog with articles ranging from tips for spotting conservative viewpoints on a first date to dating advice for trans singles, Lefty has many resources to help single progressives find love. One look at Lefty’s homepage says it all: “Research shows that most people prefer to match with like-minded people. And Lefty was created to make it easier for these meetings to happen.”

The importance of such pairings for politically involved singles is hard to overstate. While it’s common to grit your teeth and gut through conversations with politically misaligned coworkers and family members, that’s not always possible (or healthy) in a relationship. 

“If you’re looking for a long-term relationship, [political alignment is] something that is very important for most people,” said Felipelli. “It’s hard to imagine having one with someone completely opposite from you.”

lefty dating app
Lefty connects like-minded single progressives.

Not only that, but for working singles – especially Gen-Zers and millennials who are increasingly juggling multiple jobs and side hustles – finding the time and energy to date is an endeavor of its own. Lefty can be a timesaver for liberal singles who value political alignment. 

“If you’re looking for something that might become serious in the future, you might as well look in the right pool because otherwise, you might just get frustrated because maybe you like the person for everything else,” Felipelli said. “But then [politics] might be a big dealbreaker if it’s something core to your beliefs and your way of seeing the world.”

It’s not uncommon for singles to bring up politics early on in the dating process. There’s nothing worse than falling for someone before discovering a glaring red flag or insurmountable incompatibility months or years down the road. Politics can certainly fall under both camps, and it’s easier to cut and run early, instead of after there’s an emotional investment in a person or relationship.

Politics can come up early on Lefty, but they aren’t the only topic of conversation for singles on the app. “Usually, when people start [talking], they use something about politics as an ice breaker, and then they start talking and then it becomes just a regular conversation. I would say the majority is like that – you [want to] know that you’re talking to someone who agrees with your core values, right?” 

Features That Bolster Connection

Like many dating apps, Lefty displays important dating values – like education levels, whether users want children, and personal interests – on user profiles. 

Experienced dating app users will also be familiar with how Lefty works. After setting up a profile, you “like” (or “superlike”) people who interest you, and if they “like” you back, congratulations, you have a match and can connect further via Lefty’s chat feature! 

Other familiar features include the ability to hide, exclude, report, and block profiles, filter potential matches by age and distance, and the options of free versus subscription-based experiences. But unlike most dating apps, Lefty can help singles ease into difficult conversations about politics because political views are heavily implied by virtue of using the app. This built-in feature offers users an important perk: ease of mind.

lefty dating app
Find a match, start the conversation, and meet your crush on Lefty.

“When you are on a dating app for progressives, first of all, it’s implied that everyone’s progressive,” Felipelli explained. “But then, it’s a little more acceptable, in my opinion, to talk about it, right? Because you joined the app. So you’re not going to meet people who don’t want to talk about that.”

Felipelli also notes that even singles who aren’t overtly left-leaning can still find like-minded connections on Lefty. “We have people that are moderate,” Felipelli explained. “They just don’t want to date a conservative – they want to have progressive conversations and people aligned with their values.”

Regardless of where users fall politically, if they subscribe to left-leaning core values, it’s safe to say that there’s someone on Lefty who can line up with those viewpoints. “[Moderates] can meet people who share their core values that are not necessarily extreme, like women rights, racial equality, everything that is supported, let’s say, by the progressives,” Felipelli noted.

Once singles establish that foundation, deeper connections are often possible. So in this vein, Lefty offers perks to both progressives and moderates, even though it’s advertised as a liberal dating app. Another important benefit of the app is, as the dating scene can be downright dangerous for women regardless of political affiliation, Lefty also acts as a safer(or safer) space for liberal women.

Perks for Women

For women in the online dating scene, apps pose more dangers than being ghosted or suffering a broken heart. Women generally are more likely to be victims of harassment, stalking, and other dangerous behaviors while using dating apps. It’s no wonder men represent 60% of users on dating apps and women are more wary of using dating apps.

Felipelli said this is a perk for Lefty and its users. “ Because there are more women that are progressive, [the app] is more even, because men are still more willing to use it, [even though] there are less progressive men overall. So at the end, we have a more balanced app.”

In addition, although Felipelli acknowledges that much more goes into a connection than politics alone, Lefty can mitigate a lot of risks for liberal women that come with online dating. 

“It becomes really more like a safe space for women…when you’re already in a place where people are progressive,” he said of Lefty. “Of course, I’m not saying that everybody on the app is gonna be the perfect match. But at least you’re already filtering the people who are anti feminist, for example, and all these incels and red pills and things that are very strong today.”

lefty makes online dating safer
Lefty helps make online dating safer for progressive women.

As is true with people of all genders, progressive men aren’t perfect – we all have our baggage, after all. But for progressive women, Lefty increases the odds that potential matches align with them when it comes to topics women consider important.

“On Lefty, you’re safe in that sense,” Felipelli explained. “It’s not a guarantee, and nothing is a guarantee, but at least you’re in a safer environment, and where people are progressive, they tend to agree with women rights and reproductive rights, and all the things that most women over there support.” 

Considering that abortion was the number one dating dealbreaker in a study by American Perspectives Survey, these issues are no small consideration for single progressive women. And while it’s true that nothing is guaranteed, who doesn’t want to tilt the odds in their favor, especially on dating apps? Lefty can help female users where it matters most: when safety and respect are on the line.

As we all brace for what will be a divisive election come November, at least progressive singles can find a dating scene in Lefty where their views are accepted and shared. While the app can’t save you from fiery Thanksgiving dinner debates, Lefty can help ensure that partnerships are aligned in matters of the heart and on the ballot. In this political climate, the potential to find someone who will have your back when those dinner discussions get heated is worth a download.