The Scoop: Are you tired of dating apps that just aren’t giving you the results you want? Iris Dating is an online dating platform bringing online dating to the next level with artificial intelligence that enables highly accurate and timely matches. Iris focuses on one type of human attraction – true attraction – to create a virtual dating experience that considers the essential role chemistry and initial attraction play in dating. Iris’ AI continually learns about each user to make matches that are truly compatible with them.

I was hanging out with some friends when one of them asked for some advice on his dating app profile. He handed his phone to me with his profile up, and as I looked through it, I realized it didn’t represent my friend accurately. His pictures didn’t capture his personality, and everything that made him him seemed lost. He’s charismatic and genuine, and it’s hard to express those things in a surface-level profile.

He also reported being unhappy with many of the matches he was getting on apps. He said he knew there had to be people on the apps he was compatible with, he just didn’t know how to find them. 

Online dating is incredibly convenient and a wonderful tool for meeting new people and making connections. But what if it were a little more accurate? What if its algorithms were smarter – capable of making highly personalized matches all on their own? 

Iris Dating is making that a reality. Iris is a revolutionary online dating platform that uses artificial intelligence to help users find their perfect match. Iris applies AI to understand who users are attracted to and then makes matches based on that knowledge.

Igor Khalatian is the founder of Iris Dating. He told us about the dating app and how single people can use the app to find great romantic matches. “There are many misinterpretations and misunderstandings of what AI will look like in dating,” Igor said. “People fear suddenly they’ll be speaking to a virtual character, but that’s just not at all what Iris is doing.”

Online Dating, Made Smarter

Igor has a background in computer science and has been exploring artificial intelligence for years of his professional career. “I have a PhD in computer science, and AI has been the interest of my research for the past decade,” he said. “AI is super fashionable now, and everybody is jumping on it.”

Artificial intelligence is an umbrella term, and Igor pointed to all the different sorts of devices and services that rely on AI. “AI is just like electricity,” he said. “It can power all different kinds of devices, whether a car or a vacuum cleaner. When speaking about AI, you have to go a little deeper to understand what it’s really doing.”

As Igor and the development team were developing the AI for Iris, they had to break down different aspects of human attraction to teach the AI to make matches. That’s no easy task. “Attraction comes in three different types,” Igor explained. “The first is lust, then there’s attachment, and the third is true attraction.”

Iris focuses on the intricacies of human attraction to make AI-powered matches.

Igor said lust is all about sexual attraction and the release of hormones like testosterone and estrogen. Attachment is linked to the release of oxytocin and vasopressin, sometimes called cuddle hormones, and Igor said this type of attraction is often present in friendships and other platonic relationships. 

“Then there’s true attraction,” Igor said. “That heart-racing feeling that floods us with dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. It’s that smitten-at-first-sight feeling.” Distinguishing one kind of attraction from another in an evidence-based way – and then harnessing this knowledge within a dating app – is unprecedented.

Artificial intelligence can help singles find true attraction.

“For the first time in history, artificial intelligence uncovers the mystery of true attraction,” Igor said. “And that’s a big deal. We now understand why our eyes instantly pick one special face from hundreds of others.”

AI Uncovers The Mystery of Human Attraction

Iris welcomes users of all backgrounds, identities, and sexual orientations. The platform and the AI that enables it are designed to be safe, secure, and inclusive for all kinds of daters. Iris is available on Google Play and the App Store.

In-person dating relies on subtle – or not-so-subtle – indicators of that true attraction Igor talks about. Many online dating platforms neglect this crucial element of establishing not only initial chemistry but also long-lasting compatibility. Iris is integrating the basics of human attraction into online dating.

“When you register on Iris, we ask you to complete an AI training process we call Iris training,” Igor said. “We show you a series of photographs that are primarily people’s faces. We ask you if you like it or don’t like it, and the process can take anywhere from five to 15 minutes.” Despite the length of the process, Igor said 94% of users not only completed the process but also enjoyed it.

Iris continues to learn about its users and their attraction preferences.

This training allows Iris’ AI to learn about the preferences of each user. As the initial training progresses, the AI will show photographs of faces that are increasingly in line with the user’s preferences. “As you progress, the AI learns. So in the first phase, let’s say women find 3% of the faces attractive. By phase three of the training, they find 55% of the faces attractive.”

Iris learns, and daters reap the benefits of its knowledge. The initial training enables it to make its first matches. As users use Iris, the AI will continue to become more familiar with their standards for true attraction and make better matches. Iris never stops learning about what creates true attraction for its users, setting it apart from platforms that prioritize quantity over quality.

Iris Makes Better Matches

Iris is using AI to emulate the sort of dating experience that can only be found face-to-face. Online dating has completely transformed the way many people approach dating. While there are many effective approaches to dating online and off, the chemistry and true attraction that Iris centers itself around remain crucial in any approach.

“Think about what happens in real life,” Igor said. “Like you’re sitting in a waiting room, and 10 people enter the room. If you tell me you’ve dedicated an equal amount of attention to all 10 of them, I’ll just say you’re lying. If one person catches your eye, you’re more focused on and curious about that person than the other nine.”

Dating app Iris is reimagining the relationship between AI and romance.

Iris is using AI to make online dating more human. The app is recentering the element of true attraction, which we seek most intensely when dating face-to-face. “I follow nature,” Igor said. “True attraction is simply human nature, and nature works. Iris follows it.”

It’s easy to get burnt out while online dating, especially when users have frequent bad experiences. Some dating app users feel that dating apps can be impersonal and find it difficult to make meaningful connections. Iris addresses this problem within the online dating sphere by applying AI in advanced and specific ways.

Iris is already a popular platform with thousands of positive reviews. Beyond providing an advanced approach to online dating, Igor said Iris is also transforming what we understand about what attracts us to specific people and why.

“We created Iris for the people who are seeking that special chemistry that’s often lost in online dating,” Igor said. “Join us today and experience the magic of true attraction.”