Single parents face a unique set of challenges in raising their children on their own. Most single parents have full-time careers that they have to juggle while keeping up with the affairs of their kids and household. Being a parent is a full-time job itself, so single parents have a lot on their plates.

Because so many single parents lead lives marked by the daily hustle and bustle, dating as a single parent can be particularly difficult. Finding time to go on a date is an obstacle enough, but then there’s finding a babysitter, securing a dinner reservation, and going through the process of physically preparing for a date.

Dating as a single parent can be exhausting, but it doesn’t have to be. These single parent blogs share wisdom for daters with kids so they can enjoy playing the field instead of dreading it. By putting aside time to go on dates and meet new people, single parents can enjoy much-needed time to focus on themselves and enjoy all that life has to offer.

The Rediscovery of Me

The Rediscovery of Me is a blog that features several contributing authors. The site covers time management, careers, parenting, and self-growth topics. The Rediscovery of Me also covers relationships and dating through blog posts and podcast episodes. Holly Hartley founded the website to give adults a space where they can pursue continuous personal growth.

the rediscovery of me logo

Every month, adults use The Rediscovery of Me to increase their self-awareness and improve their relationships with other people. Holly started the website because she said she felt that adults should also be on a journey of continuous education and growth. The site shares lifestyle tips and habits that single parents can use to improve their well-being. 

Blog posts are relatable and come from a place of understanding. Contributing expert Suzanne Battersby gives single parents tips on re-entering the dating field and making the most of an intimidating experience. She reminds single parents to remember their worth and only date people who recognize that worth, too.

More About The Rediscovery of Me

  • Several contributing experts write blog posts
  • Founded by Holly Hartley
  • Focus on self-growth and improvement

Single Mother Survival Guide

When Julia Hasche became a single mother to her two-month-old baby, she said she felt she had no idea what she was doing. That’s why she created Single Mother Survival Guide, a blog to support single mothers through their journeys. Julia said she hopes Single Mother Survival Guide will inspire and motivate single mothers.

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Julia became a single parent in 2013, and despite knowing she wasn’t alone, she said she felt like it. She didn’t know any single parents with little babies, and all the parenting advice available online felt unrelatable to her as a single mother to an infant. Single Mother Survival Guide exists so other single mothers won’t feel as alone as Julia did.

Single Mother Survival Guide features an essential guide for new single moms and free resources to help single parents. The blog offers valuable books, articles, and research papers on separation, divorce, and the impact of those things on kids. It’s a single parenting site with it all, even the research. 

More About Single Mother Survival Guide

  • Founded by Julia Hasche
  • Advice tailored for single moms
  • Free resources about divorce and separation


Motherly offers honest advice and perspectives for single mothers from other single parents. Categories in the site’s single parenting section include Motherly Stories, Celebrity News, Single Parenting, and Divorce. Single parents can find information about blended families, dating while raising a family, and keeping up healthy relationships.

motherly logo

Motherly Stories is a collection of written content by several contributing writers. These articles focus on motherhood and everything that comes with it, including divorce, dating, relationships, and infertility. Motherly Stories are often penned by other single mothers, so readers will feel connected to the author of these blogs.

Motherly is changing the conversation around single motherhood. The site pushes back against characterizations of single motherhood that over-emphasize hardship. Motherly wants single mothers to see the joys of being a parent and to enjoy the dating scene.

More About Motherly

  • Articles from dozens of contributing experts
  • For single mothers, by single mothers
  • Diverse and fun single parenting topics, like celebrity news

Wealthy Single Mommy

Emma Johnson is a Wealthy Single Mommy, and she’s teaching her readers how they can be, too. Emma started her site in 2012 when she realized professional single mothers needed community, inspiration, and information.

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After she launched her site, tens of thousands of women started visiting every month. They were connecting and commenting all within the website, and Emma realized something special was happening. Emma said she started Wealthy Single Mommy after reflecting on single parent statistics in the United States. There are 16 million unmarried women heading families in the United States.

Emma hopes to put an empowering spin on single motherhood. The content on Wealthy Single Mommy speaks to women who want to live their lives to the fullest, including in the romance department. The site has articles that help single mothers date with grace and simplicity. After all, single moms have no time for games.

More About Wealthy Single Mommy

  • Founded by single mother Emma Johnson
  • Focus on content for professional women who are single mothers
  • Guidance for how to build a fulfilling romantic life

Woman’s Divorce

Woman’s Divorce is the site for single mothers who are trying to ease their way back into the dating scene. Dating after a divorce can be intimidating, emotional, and exhausting. Re-entering the dating scene after the end of a long-term, fully committed relationship can be a process full of complicated emotions. Dating after divorce is only more complicated when a single parent also needs to consider their children.

womans divorce logo

Single mothers who are beginning to date again after divorce are often hesitant and nervous. Woman’s Divorce answers all of their burning questions, and offers guidance on how single parent daters should dress and present themselves on first dates. 

The dating scene is different for single parents. Divorce coaches and dating experts contribute to the blogs on Woman’s Divorce and offer guides on balancing motherhood and social life, dealing with the questions kids have when parents go on dates, and when to introduce a partner to the children. 

More About Women’s Divorce

  • Content made for divorced women who are mothers
  • Accessible, approachable tips for dating while parenting
  • A wide array of divorce-related blogs and articles

Made New Mama

Chyna Nicole shares her wisdom as a Christian single mother on her blog, Made New Mama. Made New Mama’s core values are community, faith and spirituality, growth, authenticity, and legacy. The Christian blog is written by and for working single mothers who want community and support.

made new mama headshot

Made New Mama helps single mothers build their relationships with God, their children, and themselves. The content is based on Christian values and is perfect for single mothers who want to strengthen their faith. Chyna writes all of her content from a place of experience. 

She is a single mother and once struggled with her faith. After a long journey through parenthood and a faith transformation, Chyna now walks boldly. She wants to help other single moms who are facing challenges with their faith in their relationship and with other people. Made New Mama gives single moms wholesome and Christian-based advice for dating and relationships.

More About Made New Mama

  • Written by single mom Chyna Nicole
  • Faith-based advice for single parents
  • Honest and relatable tone

Blissfully Single Bean

Blissfully Single Bean is written by Sabine, who also goes by Beans. Beans is a single mother of two boys and says she loves being a parent. She started her parenting blog to reach out to all her fellow single parents with a message of empowerment. She wants single parents to know their lives aren’t compromised because they’re raising their kids on their own.

blissfully single bean headshot

Sabine said she believes single parents can lead exciting lives. They can achieve everything they’ve dreamed of and be whoever they want. Beans’ posts frame single parenthood as an exciting endeavor that she feels privileged to have experienced. 

On Blissfully Single Bean, Bean shares information about home ownership as a single parent, food and cocktail recipes, home decor, and fashion, among other topics. Beans lives in Atlanta, so she also gives reviews of local spots and services. Sabine has a great sense of humor that shines through with each post. 

More About Blissfully Single Bean

  • Written by thriving single mom Sabine
  • Blog posts about every topic
  • Fun, empowered approach to dating as a single parent

Single Mom Nation

Single Mom Nation is a site that gives girlfriend-to-girlfriend advice on self-care, co-parenting, dating and relationships, and style and fashion. There’s really no topic that Single Mom Nation doesn’t cover. Jessica Ashley is the voice behind Single Mom Nation. She’s a CDC-certified divorce coach and has won awards for her relationship and parenting blog writing.

single mom nation logo

Jessica has been a single mom for over a decade and has been through all the early childhood stages with her 13-year-old son and preschool-age daughter. Jessica has a chef boyfriend, whom she said she adores and keeps busy cooking for her. Through Single Mom Nation, Jessica hopes to inspire other single moms to get the most out of life.

Being a single parent isn’t synonymous with hardship and struggle. Jessica reframes single parenthood to be empowering and inspiring. Jessica wants Single Mom Nation to feel like a warm hug. She wants the site to be a big community where women can get friendly advice from fellow single moms, all with generous support and plenty of laughs and cries.

More About Single Mom Nation

  • Founded by single mom Jessica Ashley
  • A big community of supportive single moms
  • Friendly and relatable relationship advice

Learning 2 Bloom

Learning 2 Bloom is a blog written by a Utah single mom who wants to inspire other single parents. The anonymous author began the blog to give single parents easy access to high-quality resources that made life a little easier. She also wanted to foster a caring community of single parents who can motivate and inspire each other in a safe and supportive environment.

learning 2 bloom logo

The blog helps single parents go from surviving to thriving. Blog topics include finding alone time as a single mom, keeping up with friendships while being a parent, and how to build a sturdy support system. Other blog posts give struggling moms tips on asking for help and where to turn when things get too stressful.

Learning 2 Bloom shares tips for making friends and meeting people to date. The site has date ideas for every season and budget, and tips for dating as a single mom. Blogs give advice for balancing hobbies, dating, jobs, and kids, along with understanding the challenges of dating as a single parent.

More About Learning 2 Bloom

  • Written by a Utah-based single mom
  • Blogs about dating specifically for single moms
  • Advice for balancing kids, hobbies, jobs, and romantic relationships

Single Mom Smiling

Single Mom Smiling is written by Kerri Bishop. In 2009, Kerri and her husband had four boys, with a fifth on the way. Kerri was blindsided when her husband told her he had reconnected with a woman online and was leaving Kerri. Within two weeks, he had moved out of their house, leaving Kerri alone with five children.

single mom smiling headshot

Kerri poured herself into her faith, family, and self-improvement despite her family’s unfortunate situation. Single Mom Smiling is Kerri’s way of sharing the wisdom she’s accrued after years of single parenthood. 

Single Mom Smiling offers blogs about a variety of topics. From faith and forgiveness to divorce and detachment, Kerri reflects on nearly everything a single parent could experience. She brings a faith-based and empowered approach to single parent dating, perfect for religious single moms interested in dating again.

More About Single Mom Smiling

  • Founded by single mom Kerri Bishop
  • Christian-based faith, parenting, and relationship reflections
  • Wholesome and honest relationship resources

Blogs Give Single Parents Meaningful Relationship Advice 

Blogs and sites like the ones above can help single parents get the most out of dating. Dating while raising children can be challenging, but it can also be very fulfilling. Single parents often get so wound up providing for their children that they forget to set time aside to care for themselves.

Dating allows single parents to spend time on themselves. They spend time preparing and getting ready for a date, choosing a date spot, and enjoying the date itself. With the advice of these blogs, single parents can get the most love, fun, and romance out of the dating scene.