The Scoop: When you think of matchmaking, you probably think of an old-timey system where a wise woman arranged marriages between young people, but modern matchmaking isn’t like that at all. It’s more about empowering singles to meet people rather than telling them what to do or who to like. Selective singles tell their matchmaker what kind of relationship and partner they’re looking for, and the matchmaker does everything possible to find and arrange compatible dates. The matching process is similar to online dating except with more personalized feedback and date recommendations. We spoke with Match VIP CEO Shannon Davidoff to clarify the differences between modern matchmaking and online dating, so singles can get an idea of what to expect from both.

The dating scene is always in flux. New tools, services, and experts arise all the time to help singles find their way to lasting relationships, and it can be overwhelming for a single person who just wants a date but doesn’t know where to start looking.

That’s why we’ve put together an overview of two of the most popular dating services today: online dating and matchmaking. We asked Shannon Davidoff, a lauded matchmaker, to give us her take on the benefits and drawbacks of joining a dating site versus hiring a matchmaker.

Shannon owns two successful matchmaking agencies, Perfect Partners and Match VIP, and has spent years working closely alongside discerning singles in South Africa. As a professional matchmaker, she provides personalized assistance to singles who have achieved success in their careers and now want to focus on improving their love lives.

“We work happily for very long hours and often at personal expense because we do care!” — Shannon Davidoff, professional matchmaker

Match VIP introduces compatible professionals in a streamlined process that’s different from the do-it-yourself tools of online dating. Shannon’s long record of success has given her insight into what makes relationships flourish and the challenges facing modern singles. She gave us he