With over 8 billion people in the world, who’s to say your soulmate lives in the same city as you? While many singles enjoy staying local and exploring dating opportunities in their areas, some people feel limited by the constraints of local dating. People feel drawn to international dating for many reasons, including a desire to travel, make global connections, and meet interesting people.

Online dating has enabled people to make international romantic connections like never before. And international matchmaking agencies have stepped-up their game and are facilitating global connections with the help of the internet and the foundation of traditional matchmaking.

These international matchmaking agencies help people interested in meeting and connecting with international singles achieve their romance goals. 


Maclynn is a matchmaking agency headquartered in London with offices across the globe, making it a truly international service. Maclynn’s team comprises well-traveled and experienced international matchmakers who have a depth of experience living abroad. Maclynn has a high success rate and even higher standards in international matchmaking.

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Maclynn’s international matchmaking team attends to the details of international dating, from differing dating norms to language barriers. International matchmaking with Maclynn isn’t as simple as making a first introduction and then letting the cards fall where they may. Matchmakers work with their clients every step of the way, offering a personalized and informed service that empowers singles to navigate international dating.

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Elite Connections International

Elite Connections International has been making high-quality international introductions for almost 30 years. Sherri Murphy is the CEO and founder of the matchmaking agency, and she leads the firm with the help of her daughter and Vice President of Elite Connections, Tammi Pickle. The family-owned and operated matchmaking service is dedicated to offering highly personalized matchmaking services to singles who want to expand their horizons.

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Elite Connections takes on male and female clients who are in search of meaningful, long-term relationships. The agency’s clients are all heavily vetted to ensure the Elite Connections database only includes the most high-quality singles. With the help of a dedicated Elite Connections matchmaker, singles can explore international dating pools and discover the excitement of dating across borders.

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Macbeth Matchmaking

Macbeth Matchmaking offers international matchmaking services for busy professionals who don’t have the time to navigate the challenges of international online dating. With Macbeth, singles are given access to a professional matchmaking staff who understands the ins and outs of international introductions. Macbeth’s client network expands throughout several European and Eastern European countries, the United States, and Asian countries.

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Instead of giving clients a long list of prospective introductions, Macbeth’s international matchmaking service focuses on making specific, marriage-minded introductions. The matchmaking agency values confidentiality and privacy, and clients’ information is never shared with other dating or matchmaking agencies. Macbeth Matchmaking provides singles with a hands-on approach to international dating. 

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Lemarc Thomas, The Matchmaking Agency

The Matchmaking Agency is Lemarc Thomas’ internationally recognized global introductions service. CEO and founder Lemarc Thomas has been in the matchmaking industry for 12 years and has built a matchmaking service that understands the uniqueness and complexity of all humans. The Matchmaking Agency offers many avenues for singles interested in global introductions and takes a hands-on and highly personalized approach with its one-on-one matchmaking clients.

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The Matchmaking Agency leads the industry with its conscious matchmaking approach. The matchmaking team gains deep insights into who each of their clients is and what their dream relationships look like. The Agency is headquartered in Stockholm and has a reputation for keeping an extensive, exclusive, and high-quality database of clients.

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ML Introductions

With ML Introductions, finding a soulmate is no longer left to fate. The exclusive matchmaking service for accomplished singles serves Europe and Australia with cross-continents search. ML Introductions has a 95% satisfaction rating across all introduction and counseling services. Founder Marjorie Libourel moved from Brussels to Sydney for love, so she truly knows how magical international romance can be.

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ML Introductions takes on male clients for personalized matchmaking services, scouring their cities, regions, and the globe for their perfect match. Women interested in joining ML Introduction’s database can reach out to join the agency’s Guest network. All profiles in the Guest network are attentively screened and are selected when matchmakers see potential for a great introduction.  

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The MME Agency

The MME Agency is an international and exclusive matchmaking industry with services catered to single professionals and the elite. The MME takes a bespoke and confidential approach and keeps a private network of diverse and established bachelors and bachelorettes. All of the agency’s clients are done with the rat race of dating and ready to find a partner for life.

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The MME Agency’s network of single men and women includes people across the globe from the ages of 26 to 68. The agency’s eclectic matchmaking process includes elements from psychology, astrology, and intuitive and personality techniques. Each client receives a personalized and attentive approach that considers their lifestyle, personality, and relationship goals.

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Simantov International

Simantov International serves the global Jewish community with global matchmaking that changes lives. Simantov International has a six-decade legacy that traces back to Strasbourg in the 1970s, where Denise Kahn, a Shadchanit, saw a need for a dedicated professional matchmaking service for Jewish singles. 

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Since then, the agency has grown to serve clients worldwide with offices in Tel Aviv, Paris, Panama City, Melbourne, and beyond. Simantov International is dedicated to matching extraordinary Jewish singles with others within their extensive global client base. The agency thinks of itself as a modern-day Jewish Matchmaker serving single Jewish people everywhere.

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Ambiance Matchmaking

Ambiance Matchmaking offers introductions for business executives and high-net-worth entrepreneurs. Ambiance’s clients include highly educated, cultured, and accomplished singles of many ages, backgrounds, and careers. The one thing that unites all Ambiance Matchmaking clients is their desire for a long-term, committed relationship.

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Ambiance Matchmaking was founded by Leslie Wardman and Taylor Wade in 2002. Both Leslie and Taylor are generational matchmakers and joined forces to offer a service that prioritized quality over quantity. Membership with Ambiance offers singles a journey to both love and self-discovery. The team is familiar with a variety of cities and countries and also offers Indian and Asian Matchmaking.

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Intersections Match

Intersections Match is a premier matchmaking firm headquartered in the US connecting accomplished South Asian singles (as well as all ethnicities open to meeting South Asians) in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The agency was founded by Jasbina Ahluwalia in 2007 to help accomplished and commitment-oriented South Asian singles who don’t resonate with all aspects of traditional Indian matchmaking find partners by pioneering a progressive approach blending the best of East and West to find “The One.”  Jasbina comes from a background in law and philosophy, and her unique combination of cultural and professional experience gives her the knowledge to guide her global leveraged team working within their respective zones of genius in curating one-to-one Introductions, as well as providing support through leveraging state-of-the-art science-based research from the West in serving their accomplished clients.

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According to Jasbina, life is a series of decisions she calls intersections. Intersections Match simplifies intersections of the heart for accomplished South Asian singles seeking committed partnerships and accustomed to investing in best of class service.

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Kelleher International

Kelleher International is one of the world’s original high-end matchmaking services and has been in the business of making love happen for over 30 years. Kelleher International combines bespoke matchmaking, one-on-one coaching, and exclusive social events to establish itself as the #1 ranked Global Matchmaking Service.

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Jill Kelleher is the founder of Kelleher International, and she leads the company as a co-CEO with her daughter, Amber Kelleher-Andrews. The mother-daughter duo leads a large and experienced team of matchmakers, coaches, and relationship experts who guide singles through the ups and downs of international matchmaking. Kelleher International has offices in three countries and a database that spans the globe.

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Matchmakers Make Long-Distance Love A Reality

International dating can be a transformative and wonderful experience for many singles, and international matchmaking agencies make it all the easier to reap the benefits of international dating. Just like any other kind of dating, international dating comes with its own set of concerns and challenges that can be difficult for daters to overcome without the proper support.

With the help of an international matchmaker, navigating international dating becomes so much simpler. Singles interested in exploring their romantic horizons no longer need to do the hard work of finding compatible people, verifying their identities, and setting up a time to meet – their dedicated matchmaker has it covered.