Podcasts have enjoyed a surge in popularity over the past decade, specifically during the years when many people’s lives were transformed by the COVID-19 pandemic. There are podcasts in every genre, including comedy, politics, education, music, true crime – the list goes on. If there’s a topic that’s of interest to you, there’s probably a podcast about it.

Podcasts offer listeners the opportunity to hear different perspectives and learn more about the topics they’re interested in. When it comes to dating, singles can always benefit from listening to new outlooks and gaining more knowledge about the dating scene. These dating podcasts not only keep singles tuned into the world of dating but offer a place to change their viewpoints and romance habits.

U Up?

U Up? is hosted by Betches co-founder Jordana Abraham and comedian Jared Freid. The duo takes on the crazy world of dating in all its forms, from online dating to awkward hookups. The podcast is produced by Betches, a multimedia brand developed and run for women, by women. Betches contributors cover stories in news, entertainment, relationships, and lifestyle with a focus on the trends that young women care about.

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Jordana and Jared cover all things relationships, including the rise and fall of the honeymoon phase, the dreaded situationship, and how to overcome rejection. U Up? also features guest hosts who offer their unique perspectives on relationship topics. The pair keep a lighthearted tone that keeps dating how it should be – fun!

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Do the Work

Do the Work is a podcast by Sabrina Zohar that helps anxious singles navigate the dating world with more confidence. Anxiety can hinder individuals in many aspects of their lives, and dating and relationships are major areas of contention for many people who struggle with anxiety. Going beyond the issue of nerves on the first date, Sabrina dives into how anxiety can affect intimate relationships and how individuals can take action to forge healthier connections.

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Episode topics include anxious attachment, texting in dating, and healing from breakups. Sabrina caters her information and advice to daters who struggle with secure attachment and gives them the tools they need to identify shortcomings in the way they form attachments. Do the Work encourages listeners to do exactly that – work on improving themselves to date better.  

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Date Yourself Instead

Date Yourself Instead is a podcast that inspires listeners to become the best version of themselves. Hosted by influencer and TikTok personality Lyss Boss, Date Yourself Instead focuses on self-discovery while touching on business, beauty, and wellness topics. Lyss offers an honest and authentic voice for singles who want to work on themselves before they take the leap into dating.

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Lyss releases episodes of Date Yourself Instead every Monday, and past episodes have covered topics including going no-contact, dealing with toxic men, and handling loneliness. Lyss’ outlook resonates with many young women who are trying to find their way in a dating scene that’s full of troublesome online dating habits, unconventional relationship dynamics, and staggering expectations.

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This is Dating

This is Dating is a podcast like no other, brought to listeners by the producers behind Where Should We Begin with Esther Perel. This is Dating brings listeners along on recorded first dates with four different singles. Listeners get to experience a variety of first dates as if they were there, from the awkward first hello to the cringe icebreakers so many daters are all too accustomed to.

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Hosts Hiwote, Jesse, Eleanor, and Logan all come from diverse educational and professional backgrounds and offer a spectrum of dating perspectives. They guide their guest daters through the dating process, and each first date episode is followed by a debrief episode, where the hosts and dater dig into the experience of the date and the feelings it brought up. First dates can be a nerve-wracking experience for many singles, and This is Dating can help them feel not so alone in the process.

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Kinda Dating

Kinda Dating is a lighthearted podcast that isn’t afraid to get deep. Hosted by dating expert and comedian Natasha Chandel, the podcast tackles all the relationship issues modern daters face. Natasha brings a unique perspective as an Indian-Canadian-American who identifies as a “reformed commitment-phobe.” She started Kinda Dating to offer millennial and Gen Z singles the kind of dating advice she wished she had when she was young.

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Kinda Dating regularly features guest hosts who help Natasha explore dating topics, including dating dealbreakers, relationship myths, and even attachment theory. Previous guests have included matchmakers, dating coaches, and even a “Love Is Blind” cast member. Natasha and her team don’t shy away from difficult topics and get into the nitty-gritty of dating and relationship topics. 

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Dateable is all about disregarding the dating rules and discovering a self-actualized dating journey. Hosts Yue Xu and Julie Krafchick talk with real singles about anything and everything they experience in an always-changing modern dating landscape. Episode topics include everything from date fails to sex parties, and Yue and Julie don’t shy away from the uncomfortable topics that listeners want to explore.

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Listeners can find episodes about dating, relationships, sex, and more. Past episodes have covered dating later in life, how to handle finances in romantic relationships, and how virtual reality technology may change the dating scene forever. Julie and Yue host Dateable with a friendly and intimate tone that mimics the feel of being out to lunch with your best friends. 

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Deeper Dating

Deeper Dating is hosted by renowned Relationship, Intimacy, and Dating Expert Ken Page. The podcast is chock-full of wisdom and research that helps people lead fulfilled and self-actualized romantic lives. Deeper Dating was designed for people looking for a new approach to dating advice that centers on emotional intimacy and evidence-based tools for improving relationships.

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A lot of dating advice focuses on what singles are doing wrong. Ken takes a different approach with Deeper Dating, instead offering listeners habits and techniques they can add to their lives to become wiser and kinder daters. Deeper Dating is an invaluable toolkit for singles and daters who want to increase intimacy in several aspects of their lives.

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The Heart

Kaitlin Prest is the founder and host of The Heart, a queer feminist podcast that explores any and every element of modern life and relationships. Going beyond simply romantic relationships, The Heart investigates human relationships of every and any type, from the bond sisters share to the universally complicated process of realizing that parents are just people, too. 

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Each episode of The Heart features a personal documentary story told and documented by Kaitlin, her team, and her friends. Episodes are artful, nuanced, and personal, and weave stories in imaginative and inventive ways within the podcast genre. The Heart is a compilation of touching stories from real people that explore identity, gender, sexuality, and more. 

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Modern Love

Modern Love is a staple of the dating podcast scene. Hosted by Anna Martin, each weekly episode offers a new story and conversation about all the ways love manifests. Modern Love is known for its touching, authentic, and intimate stories told by the people who experienced them. The podcast is an acknowledgment that love – and life – are complicated and that each of us has an important story to tell.

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With a new episode every Wednesday, the podcast has covered a diverse collection of stories of people from nearly every walk of life. From stories about navigating age-gap relationships, the demands of parenthood, and missed connections, Modern Love offers listeners the opportunity to immerse themselves in the lives of others and learn about themselves in the process.

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Where Should We Begin?

Esther Perel is a psychotherapist, New York Times bestselling author, and the host of Where Should We Begin?, a podcast that dives into the most intimate parts of being human and in a relationship. Each episode includes a real couple who share the most raw and profound details of their stories with Esther, who aims to help them understand each other and their situation with more clarity.

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Past episodes covered sex, children, in-laws, marriage, and illness, among other topics. By focusing on real people and real stories, Where Should We Begin? uncovers the nuances of modern relationships while showing listeners that they aren’t alone in their experiences. As Esther offers her guests advice and insight, her listeners can apply the same ideas to their own relationships with themselves and others.

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Dating Podcasts Offer Unique Perspectives

Like so many other parts of life, our experiences in dating are deeply informed by the ways we think about ourselves and our romantic prospects. And often, the voice in your head isn’t your best advocate. Podcasts give daters a new and fresh perspective that can change not only the way they view relationships, but also themselves.

These dating podcasts offer daters an easy and accessible resource for support and advice. Sometimes, all it takes to improve the experience of being in a relationship– or being single – is a viewpoint you’ve never heard before.