The Scoop: The Single Adventist is a dating site designed to connect single Seventh-day Adventists for lifelong, Christ-centered relationships. The site was founded by Edward Pileggi in 2009 and keeps a user base of thousands of singles of all ages, ethnicities, nationalities, and political beliefs, reflecting the diversity of the Seventh-day Adventist church. Keeping true to Adventist values, The Single Adventist observes the Sabbath by removing advertising on the platform on Saturdays. 

Seventh-day Adventists make up 0.5% of the United States population, according to a Religious Landscape Study conducted by Pew Research Center in 2014,. Members of the evangelical Christian denomination are among the most racially and ethnically diverse of any religious group in the United States – 37% are white, 32% are Black, 15% are Hispanic, and 8% are Asian.

The same Pew study showed that Seventh-day Adventists are also quite diverse in their social and political views, with members holding a broad spectrum of ideological opinions. Seventh-day Adventists are a diverse group united by their belief in the Bible and Jesus. Many single Adventists look for a romantic partner who shares their religious values and lifestyles.

The Single Adventist is a dating app made for and by Seventh-day Adventists. The site is the leading choice for online dating for Seventh-day Adventists and connects Adventist singles for relationships focused on faith. Edward Pileggi is the founder of The Single Adventist, and he talked to us about the site and what makes it different from other Christian dating sites.

“There were a few dating websites in the space about 10 years ago,” Edward said. “But they weren’t owned and operated by people who were within the faith, so they didn’t really have a clear understanding of what their users wanted and needed. I came in with the background of growing up in a similar faith and knowing what people were really looking for from a dating site.”

A Dating Site Made for Adventists

Edward’s motivation for establishing The Single Adventist considered the needs of individual Adventists and the health of the overall church. When church members find partners who share their religious values, their partnership strengthens the whole church community on a local and global scale. 

Edward graduated with a degree in Computer Science from an Adventist university in 2003, and while there were dating sites that attempted to cater to Seventh-day Adventists, the sites weren’t designed by a church member, and Edward said it was obvious. “I came in and tailored the product to the needs of the folks who were using it, and that’s how The Single Adventist came to be,” he told us.

The Single Adventist is available for singles living in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. “We have a little bit over 100,000 users, and most of our users are in the United States and Canada, although we do have users in other places,” Edward said.

the single adventist logo and couple
Founder Edward Pileggi created a dating site that met the specific needs of dating Seventh-day Adventists.

The site stands out among most dating sites for a few reasons. “One way we’re a little different is the type of content we allow on the site is, in general, a bit more conservative,” Edward said. “When it comes to photo moderation, we don’t allow anything too revealing or sexually appealing. We know that’s something really important to our users.”

The Single Adventist moderates some aspects of user profiles to ensure the site feels like a safe and appropriate place for Adventist singles. “We have some procedures in place to help moderate the profile photos and also the content on people’s profiles,” Edward said.

Edward said the platform also has its own way of observing the Sabbath, which Seventh-day Adventists observe on Saturdays. “The Sabbath is typically observed from Friday at sundown to Saturday at sundown,” Edward said. “So one thing we do is we don’t show ads during the Sabbath hours, and that seems to resonate well with the community.”

The Single Adventist Matches God-Honoring Singles 

Edward said The Single Adventist’s user base reflects the diversity of the church, so single Adventists of many backgrounds and practices can find someone who’s familiar with their beliefs and lifestyle. The platform’s users are all united in their search for a partner who they can grow in faith with.

“There’s a wide spectrum. We have some people that are very strict and don’t drink coffee or eat any animal products,” Edward said. “And then we have other users that drink and smoke, and they still consider themselves Seventh-day Adventists. We allow users who aren’t Seventh-day Adventists on the site, and there’s a spot in profiles where you can specify your denomination.”

Singles can get started on the platform for free, and signing up is as simple as entering your name and email and creating a password. Edward said most users on The Single Adventist are looking for someone who lives close to them. 

“I think in general, everybody is looking for someone locally,” he said. “Long-distance is an option, but not a primary want. We have an option on profiles where you can specify if you’re willing to relocate or do long-distance. The last time I checked, about 50% of our users are willing to relocate or do long-distance, and 50% aren’t.”

the single adventist dating site
Singles on The Single Adventists are looking for a long-term, committed partnership.

The Single Adventist is set apart from other Christian dating apps by its social media features. “We have a newsfeed similar to Facebook and Instagram,” Edward said. “Aside from being able to search and see who’s online, you can scroll through people’s posts, photos, updates, and then comment and like and engage. Everybody can participate, and you can reach out to people who interest you.”

The Single Adventist is strengthening individual and community connections among members of the Seventh-day Adventist church. The platform’s social media features make it easier for users to expand their social networks and gain a well-rounded understanding of who other users are and what they’re interested in. 

“One other thing that separates us from other sites is that users can add as much media as they want to their profiles,” Edward said. “Most people on our website have 50-100 pieces of media, and it’s great because it shows more about who they are when they consistently upload pictures and videos.”

Special Features Connect Adventists Across the World

Edward encouraged Seventh-day Adventists and other Christian singles to navigate online dating safely. “I think you always want to keep God as a part of it,” he said. “Pray about it, and don’t rush it, obviously. When you meet someone, just take it to God in prayer, and, if possible, pray with that person as well– make prayer a part of your communication.”

While The Single Adventist makes every effort to confirm the authenticity of the profiles on the platform and ensure the safety of each user, Edward said singles should always use basic online safety guidelines, regardless of what dating site they choose. “Online dating is challenging because you never really know who you’re talking to,” he said.

the single adventist testimonials
Testimonials give high praise for The Single Adventist.

Edward continued, “People come here with their best intentions, but always take things slow. Once you feel comfortable, go on a video call with them to make sure the person is who they say they are, because catfishing is a thing, unfortunately. And, of course, never send anyone money, especially if you’ve never met them.”

User reviews offer high praises for The Single Adventist. A testimonial written by a user named Rachel said, “I found a wonderful man the first night I signed up. We are now planning to meet in person next week. Thank you for all you guys do.”

The Single Adventist was designed to connect single Adventists with partners who will support and nurture them in a committed partnership rooted in faith. “As long as you keep God centered in your relationships, you’ll find someone who has the same values as you,” Edward said. “You can read Scripture, pray, and go to church and events together.”