The Scoop: Singles over 35 may be wary of trying popular dating platforms because they typically target a younger audience. is a platform that primarily caters to never-married and divorced singles 35 and older. Users worldwide can seek partners outside of their home countries through And singles who are ready to settle down can turn to the platform to find like-minded members committed to finding love.

Dating in your 30s is much different from dating in your 20s. Not only is the dating pool smaller, but singles are typically more serious about relationships. Many are looking to settle down, marry, and have children.

At the same time, 30-somethings may be more guarded than their younger counterparts. And they often have more responsibilities at work and home with their families. Many of them don’t want to waste any energy on the wrong person.

“If you know what you’re looking for, you’ll waste less time on relationships that have no potential and optimize for healthy, aligned connections with that much more speed and ease,” said relationship coach Jordan Gray.

Singles must be open to finding someone new to date successfully in their 30s, especially if they have encountered heartbreak in the past. They also should realize they don’t have to settle for someone just because they want to move to the next stage in a romantic relationship.

The logo helps many singles in their 30s find lasting love. was founded nearly 20 years ago to help those singles find love and acceptance. Singles 35 and older use the platform to develop friendships and romantic partnerships with others around the globe.

“This is a place where people come in search of a friend or partner, a soul mate or future spouse,” said the team. “People from any part of the globe can join us and start communication with those they like.”

Singles in their 30s and beyond may feel they have tapped out their in-person dating pools and want to turn to online dating options. But many popular platforms are rife with younger people seeking hookups and casual dating that may be unappealing to older singles.

Users Come From All Walks of Life was founded in 2003, and it has helped many users find friends, romantic partners, and spouses. Many users don’t confine their searches to a single country because intercultural connections are one of the platform’s differentiators.

Anyone over 18 can sign up for, but most of the site’s users are over 35. Some users have never been married, while others are divorced, separated, or widowed. But users all share the goal of finding companionship

Women can sign up for free, but if men want to interact with the women on the site, they need to upgrade to a paid subscription. Some men never upgrade to a paid membership because they just want to browse profiles.

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Members can connect with singles around the world on the secure platform.

When users sign up, their profile only includes a first name or a nickname, so other users only know limited information until the person wants to reveal more. The team suggests users avoid provocative photos and nicknames and instead upload content that appeals to partnership and marriage-minded users.

Members can then search the platform using other parameters, including gender, age, height, and weight. If members aren’t interested in someone, they can hide their profile from that user.

They can also report unwanted interactions to the team, which can permanently block suspected spammers or scammers.

“Dating site providers want and need to know if there is a problem and do their best to solve it. Using a website messaging system is also recommended. Sober mind and caution are crucial factors for online communication,” the team told us.

Success Stories Show Cross-Cultural Connections

Tatiana and Paul are just one of the platform’s many success stories. When Tatiana first signed up for the platform, she thought she had found a connection, but he ended up ghosting her after three months of online correspondence.

Undeterred, she returned to the platform where she met Paul. He wrote her a long letter telling her how he would be in her city in a week and would like to meet up for a cup of coffee.

“As I had already had an experience with long correspondence, my decision was positive. I thought it was better to have a meeting as soon as possible, and in case we don’t have much in common, part and forget it. Anyway, it’d be better than long time expectation and complete disillusion as a result,” Tatiana wrote.

They connected on their first date, and the next day, Tatiana showed Paul around her city. Two months later, he invited her to Paris where he proposed.

Screenshot from website offers free memberships with a variety of included features and tools.

“I felt stunned and couldn’t believe that after all the disappointment that I had, I still feel so much happy! I want to say Thank You to all the team — your site really helps people to find each other!” she wrote.

Don and Liliya also met on the site. At first, he was nervous to connect with the beautiful Liliya, but soon after he took the leap, and they communicated daily.

At first, he was nervous to tell Liliya he loved her.

“Then one day he thought, ‘Yes my feelings are so deep that love must be the only word to describe his feelings,’ so he said to Liliya that he loved her, and Liliya responded by saying that she felt the same about him,” according to a post on the platform.

A few months later, the pair married. Their advice to other singles is that distance is of no concern in true love, and love will conquer everything else. Where Single Adults Meet Someone New

Singles over 30 may worry about using yet another dating site. Perhaps they have had bad experiences online in the past or worry that they’re too old to connect with the average dating site user. That is why many turn to, a platform that caters to their needs.

The team also recommends the website to singles who want to keep their search for love private from friends and family. It’s easier to keep one’s search for love a secret if they’re not on platforms that acquaintances nearby also use. And that is particularly useful if singles are seeking international love.

Even free users can benefit from using the platform. They can explore its options to search, chat, and send electronic letters.

“The only way to discover if someone might be a suitable partner is to give it a try and get to know someone over time,” the team told us. “Sure, it doesn’t happen in a couple of days. And it might mean getting to know only one person, or maybe even several people at a time.”