The Scoop: Men have their unique challenges in the dating department. In a 2021 survey, 13% of the men who responded said they think dating is harder now than it was a decade ago. But thanks to Tripp Advice men have access to resources that can make all the difference in their dating journeys. Tripp Advice was created to help guys overcome their shyness and feel confident enough to land a date with their dream girl. Through one-on-one or group sessions, Tripp Advice provides a safe space for men to grow and learn how to become overall better daters. 

Dating can be so nerve-wracking! And it doesn’t make it any better if you’re an introvert who hates the idea of first introductions. But don’t fret because even the most confident bachelor experiences butterflies in the stomach every once and a while. Tripp Kramer, Dating Coach & Founder of Tripp Advice, shared with us how men can transform their dating lives and get the attention of the woman of their dreams. 

Tripp Advice is an exclusive men’s dating coaching program where shy and unconfident guys learn how to obtain extraordinary dating lives. Tripp Advice has evolved since it launched in 2009 and is now considered one of the top dating coaching programs for men. But where did it all start? 

During his early 20s, Tripp shared how he once was the guy who was always friend-zoned and never taken seriously to date. It wasn’t until he took the initiative to figure out what women liked and how to put his fears and anxiety aside. Through trial and error, Tripp gained the confidence he needed to win the ladies over.

From that point on, Tripp took it upon himself to help other men like him who face difficulty coming out of their shells to date. 

“I want to help guys and give advice on how they can develop the kind of success in their dating lives that they used to fantasize about,” Tripp told us. “I want to make it simple for men to learn how to meet and attract women.” 

From Friend Zone to First Pick

The 2005 comedy movie “Just Friends” is a lot of people’s reality nowadays. Being friend-zoned is more common than you think. A lot of guys struggle to express their feelings toward a woman and end up settling for the friend category. Tripp Advice’s mission is to help daters gain the confidence to express their interest and take charge of their relationships. As someone who once was friend-zoned, Tripp learned the best way to overcome that is by putting yourself out there. 

“I was forced to get over my shyness and anxiety by going out about five to six nights a week talking to women, learning how to flirt and just putting myself out there as much as possible. And I started to do that and I got a lot better at just socializing, meeting women, getting over my shyness, becoming more confident in my own skin, and comfortable with the opposite sex,” said Tripp. 

Tripp has been in situations similar to many of his clients and can offer an experienced perspective.

Tripp always encourages men to be comfortable with rejection. A lot of times people stay friend-zoned because they’re afraid of rejection. But thanks to Tripp Advice, men learn that rejection is a step in the right direction. Tripp told us that when you do things that are challenging you start to build self-esteem. And I couldn’t have agreed with him more. 

Dating is about taking a risk and the best results come when you’re willing to shoot your shot. Tripp Advice has used this approach to help thousands of men earn first-pick titles. 

“You won’t be able to see that success unless you actually put yourself out there and then do the right things,” said Tripp. 

Using the T.E.D. Method to Get More Dates

Tripp Advice uses a special formula to help men win over the ladies –– the T.E.D method. T.E.D. stands for tension, entertainment, and dominance. Tripp said this is the perfect formula to use for attraction. Based on his personal experiences and from past clients, Tripp and his team studied women and discovered that a successful dating life encompassed T.E.D. tactics. 

For starters, creating sexual tension on a date certainly spices things up a bit. Tripp Advice offers insightful information on how sexual tension is a good indicator of attraction. Clients have used Tripp’s advice and gone from virgins to sexually liberated beings in a matter of months. 

tripp advice ted method
Tripp teaches his clients how to get the most out of dating with his unique method.

Tripp Advice also focuses on entertainment, which is a big part of dating. Are you having fun with this person? That’s one of the first questions people ask themselves while on a date. Tripp Advice enlightens men on how they can create a fun environment for their date. This coincides with dominance –– taking charge and showing initiative when planning and/or paying for dates. 

“I went from not seeing or dating anyone to being in a relationship with a high-quality woman. I recommend the program, especially to someone who is coming out of a divorce and has no idea how to date in the modern environment,” said Alexander, a Tripp Advice client in a testimonial

Tripp Advice: Dating Advice for Shy Guys

One of the biggest misconceptions that Tripp said people have is thinking that women are interested in only three things: looks, money, and status. While some women do care about these things, Tripp discovered that women are mainly attracted to how a man carries himself — which includes his grooming and ability to hold a conversation, among other things. 

Accountability is the biggest part of why this whole process works. The Tripp Advice team checks in on clients and makes sure they are always actively working toward going out to find dates. Tripp Advice offers one-on-one coaching sessions and monthly boot camps with a group of men who learn how to talk to and approach a woman. And to reach a larger crowd, Tripp Advice also offers virtual sessions as well.  

tripp kramer advice
Tripp helps men step out of their dating comfort zones with confidence.

“In our coaching sessions, we don’t just teach them a bunch of information. We’re really holding their hand through the whole process,” Tripp told us. 

Shy guys are often overlooked and for the longest have been viewed as unapproachable. Tripp Advice is one of the first platforms that offer reasonably priced services for men to overcome their shyness and take charge of their dating lives. Tripp Advice helps clients every step of the way — from setting up online dating profiles to providing dating preps — and makes the perfect resource for any man who’s trying to win over a woman’s heart.

“Having that skill to know I can do this any night I go out is life-changing. If you’re not getting the girls you really want, Tripp will help you get there,” said Jack, a Tripp Advice client in a testimonial.