The Scoop: Sara Davison is a Divorce and Breakup Coach and internationally recognized speaker and media guest who specializes in helping people heal through uncoupling, divorce, and separation. Her coaching practice offers free online materials, group support communities, and one-on-one coaching. Sara talked to us about her experience navigating her separation and how she helps her clients find empowerment and build confidence. 

The end of anything can be a difficult experience that requires some adjustments. When the thing ending is a relationship, the adjustment can feel like it’s all too much. It often feels like everything about life changes, from friendships to where you live to your daily routine. Separations and divorces are huge life transitions that most people don’t have the proper preparation for.

Breakups are notoriously difficult, and even more so when the relationship that’s ending involves family and children. Divorce is heartbreaking, but it’s also the beginning of a new chapter. It gives both parties leaving the relationship the opportunity to reconnect with themselves and grow in surprising and exciting ways.

Sara Davison knows about the heartbreak of separation, but she also knows that a wonderful life waits on the other side. Sara is The Divorce Coach, author, and podcaster who uses an empathetic and holistic coaching style to help people heal after breakups, separations, and divorces.

“After my own divorce, I couldn’t find any tools to help me,” Sara said. “So I created my own and tried and tested them on myself. I wrote my first book, and everything followed after that.”

Sara’s Journey Through Divorce

Sara’s journey to becoming a Divorce Coach began with an unexpected separation from her husband. “I found out my husband of two and half years, who I had a son with, no longer wanted to be married to me,” Sara said. “He had met someone else who he was madly in love with, and then I found out soon after she was pregnant. It was really hard.”

Sara and her ex-husband not only lived together and had a child together but also worked together. Sara said the separation hit her like a freight train. She said she spent plenty of time crying on the bathroom floor, unable to imagine how she could go on. 

“I spent so much time crying, wondering how this could have happened to me, and then I realized something,” she said. “I decided that I had a choice. I could carry on in my misery and let it define me, or I could step up and change how I was feeling.”

When Sara went to look for support resources, she couldn’t find exactly what she was looking for. She said there were plenty of resources for people struggling with broken hearts, but she needed help that spoke to the specifics of her situation. 

“Yes, I had a broken heart, but I was also dealing with affair betrayal, losing my best friend, losing the father of my child, losing my business partner,” Sara said. “It was a shock to the system.” 

"uncoupling" by sara davison
“Uncoupling” is a great resource for people going through breakups.

Sara created her own resources to help newly single people like her. Soon, her work blossomed into books, podcasts, media appearances, and a robust coaching service.

Today, Sara has 26 years of coaching experience and has written two books, “The Split: From Breakup to Breakthrough in 30 Days or Less,” and “Uncoupling: How to Survive and Thrive After Breakup & Divorce.” She’s a regular media commentator on breakup and divorce on TV in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Support During Separation

Sara’s services focus on the emotional and mental wellness of her clients as they navigate separation and divorce. “We get really specific about divorce, but obviously, we’re not here to give legal or financial advice. We’re focused on the emotional rollercoaster and overcoming those practical challenges,” she said.

Sara takes her clients on a journey of personal development. She said she helps them find the empowerment needed to rediscover who they are and what they want from life. Sara said, “When going through a breakup, you need a boost in confidence, self-esteem, self-reliance. Newly single, sometimes you need help building the courage to create the future you want.”

sara davison divorce coach headshot
Sara has over two decades of Divorce and Breakup Coaching experience.

Newly divorced people often need help with the emotional labor required to handle the practical things. In the midst of a tumultuous separation, dealing with logistics can get overwhelming and distracting. Sara said this includes all kinds of transitions, from downsizing or buying a new home to getting a makeover or improving your fitness.

“What we do is we teach people that they can choose how they feel and how they react,” Sara said. “We can control how we respond when someone does something that’s upset or hurt us. We can dial down our emotions and take the power back.”

Sara said many clients go through a journey of rediscovering who they are and what they want from their lives. “Once they have that emotional control, they can reinvent themselves, rediscover themselves, and start shining their light more brightly again. They can move on, be happier, more successful, and more confident than ever.”

Finding Yourself After a Breakup

Sara offers options for every budget and every level of support for newly separated people. If you want to get a feel for Sara’s coaching and support style, she said her Instagram profile and Heartbreak to Happiness podcast are great places to start.

The Breakup Survival Guide is Sara’s free guide for anyone experiencing separation. The handbook shares coping strategies to help people get through a breakup, and Sara offers tips for letting go of an ex as well as advice for managing conflict and controlling one’s own behavior. 

The Heartbreak to Happiness Support Group Community is a great option for women looking for access to an accredited coach, plus the support of a community of women also going through divorce. The support group is completely online and offers unlimited sessions every week. Clients can find session times and topics easily, including sessions about building confidence and healing from toxic relationships.

sara davison divorce coach headshot
Sara helps her clients build their confidence and rediscover themselves.

In her over two decades of coaching, Sara has built a strong team of Accredited Breakup & Divorce Coaches in her practice. With the one-on-one coaching option, clients receive hour-long sessions with accredited coaches who can get into the specifics of their divorces and the emotions they’re experiencing. Her team also offers Breakup, Divorce and domestic abuse coaching support for employees in businesses and they are working with HR departments of businesses to help support their staff. 

Uncoupling of any kind isn’t easy, but Sara said there is something amazing waiting for people on the other side. “When you take action and change the little things, you can be so happy and successful, and you can do it however you want– whether on your own or with another person. It’s not just gloom and doom, there is hope and so many things you can do to make it better.”