The Scoop: Finding love has its challenges, and if you live in the public eye, affluence and celebrity can bring on a new set of obstacles. Dating apps may not be a suitable place for affluent members to meet the right match, but a discreet matchmaking service can be. Berkeley International, a global elite dating agency, works with clients to identify their ideal type and introduces them to eligible professionals all while keeping confidentiality and discretion at the forefront. We spoke with Mairead Molloy, the Global Director of Berkeley International, about the agency’s exclusive introduction process, one-on-one approach, and tips on meeting the perfect match.

Finding the right life partner is like solving a puzzle. It requires a lot of different puzzle pieces to align and fall in place for it to be complete. These pieces can be unique traits, quirks, commitments, and lifestyles. That’s why, before forming a relationship, people look to find someone with similar life goals who can fit into their life. 

Dating apps can be a difficult place to find just the right match because you have to swim through a sea of people with various backgrounds and desires. You can swipe forever and not meet like-minded individuals who share similar passions and lifestyles as you. But imagine if you could have the key to your dating puzzle. Thankfully, Berkeley International is in the business of finding singles their life partners.

“If you’re dealing with people that have your back, it makes the journey much more pleasurable because you’ve got someone to talk to and hold your hand. And that’s the difference: the people make the business,” said Mairead Molloy, the Global Director of Berkeley International.

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Elite singles around the world trust Berkeley International to find them quality partners.

Mairead Molloy knows a thing or two about matchmaking. For 20 years, Mairead has run Berkeley International, an elite dating and exclusive introduction agency. With 13 global offices, the agency works with discerning and affluent singles to create the perfect couples. Its team takes a personal approach by getting to know its clients before arranging exclusive introductions with other eligible professionals.

Since Berkeley International targets higher-end clientele and offers expert-based services, its services aren’t for everyone, making it easier for its audience to find relationships with like-minded individuals. Berkeley International’s requirements also throw off any fraudsters. 

“The fees we charge segregate a certain genre of the community. And so our fees in the UK start from 15,000£, and they can go up to 250,000£ depending on the service you want,” said Mairead. 

Taking the Hard Work Out of Finding a Love Match

Dating is difficult and comes with risks. As a licensed relationship psychologist, Mairead understands that singles may not always feel up to the task, as they have to navigate insecurities and other blockers, such as family responsibilities and life commitments.

“A lot of times, there’s always something that’s off. And it affects your ability to meet someone. So I try to help people sort through those problems and talk it through so they can feel free mentally,” said Mairead.

Mairead leverages her background in relationship psychology to help singles get to the root of their problems. Rather than discussing future worries, she likes to help singles focus on the now and the reality of their situations. At Berkeley International, Mairead and her teammates also take a similar approach. The team helps remove obstacles to give clients peace of mind when entering the dating world. 

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Berkeley International matches elite singles based on their ideal preferences.

“Our matchmaking approach depends on the person. But it’s about staying offline, knowing who you’re getting, and not being ghosted, gaslit, stood up, catfished — all these buzzwords that people use now so that you can have a safe environment to meet people who are like you,” said Mairead.

Berkeley International sets itself apart from other matchmaking services by investing time in understanding its clients and their desires. Its services are not one-size-fits-all. Singles can opt for a one-to-one niche service to meet detailed needs or something more relaxed for ordinary meetups. 

The dating agency collaborates with clients to define their ideal person and uses its expertise to bring the right people together through its introduction service. Berkeley International boasts a 75% global success rate. 

#1 Tip: Be Your Natural and Authentic Self 

Berkeley International provides singles with unique experiences tailored to their specific needs. The 12-woman team does the hard work behind the scenes to achieve mutual compatibility and the best results for its clients. 

The Berkeley International team of advisors also consults singles to help them decide whether they are ready for dating. Mairead also has advice for singles when it comes to meeting a match. 

“Keep your wish list small and just be yourself. Also, know what you want, but don’t go over the top of the wish list, and then you’ll be fine,” said Mairead.

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Berkeley International offers a discreet matchmaking service that produce results.

Singles should want to make a lasting impression but shouldn’t get stuck in overacting. Mairead told us most people see through an act. That’s why it’s important for singles to present their authentic selves. “Be your own natural, authentic self, and you’ll probably meet a far better person because after a while, the cracks show, and then people see the real you,” said Mairead.

Since Berkeley International is a global agency, it meets with clients from all over the world, which can sometimes lead to long-distance matches. Mairead said some clients are comfortable with a global experience, but it’s up to the client where they want to meet people. 

“It all comes down to your life and how free you are to get out. Do you have children, and how old are you? And all those things go into it. But I can safely say anybody would move for the right person,” said Mairead.

A Global Matchmaking Team Aims to Grow

Berkeley International has 13 offices across Europe, the U.S., Asia, and Australia. Although most of its clientele resides in Europe, the team also has a prominent New York and California base. Inquiring customers can contact Berkeley International for a country-specific, European, or global membership, after which the team will set them up with a tailor-made membership.

Since its clients seek confidentiality and discretion, Berkeley International doesn’t use any online database of photos and biographies for members. Instead, its 12-woman team works together to find local compatibility between clients in Europe or globally.  

While Berkeley International continues to enjoy its matchmaking success, Mairead said the team plans to expand to reach new singles. After all, the dating agency is built on the foundation of team members collaborating with clients and each other to build lasting relationships.

“I’m looking for about 15 people to come and work for us at the moment, and anybody that would like to open an office or be involved in any way, shape, or form. I’d love for them to contact me and bring them on board,” said Mairead.