Tuesday, July 07, 2020
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We dive into the core of the dating industry – apps and sites from big to small, established to up-and-coming.

The Uhive Social Media App Gives Singles Greater Freedom
Taptanium’s Wellness Apps Help Couples Relax & Bond
I Love Your Accent™: For Singles Seeking International Romance
EldersDating.com Steers Mature Daters Toward Romance
These Top Dating Sites Make Mature Dating Easier
Online Dating Getting Expensive? These Sites Help Singles Save
My Body Gallery™ Celebrates Women of All Shapes & Sizes
FreeLesbianDatingSites.org Curates a List of Sites for Single Women
12 Dating Apps That Cater to Hookup-Oriented Singles
GenitalHerpesDatingSites Gives Hope to Singles With STDs

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The latest tools and technology you should know about – for both industry professionals and consumers.

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From dating coaches to matchmakers to CEOs, we profile the dating industry's most relevant influencers.