The Scoop: Successful singles often struggle to decide the best way to find a relationship. Unlike dating apps that work through an algorithm, matchmaking services offer them the benefit of a personalized touch. Rori Sassoon, founder of Platinum Poire, believes that matchmakers like herself are the best option for singles looking to form a long-term relationship.

Many singles feel that online dating isn’t an easy way to find love. After a few weeks or months on the apps with no long-term relationship on the horizon, some singles are ready to throw in the towel, believing that they’ve done everything in their power to find that special someone. Even singles who have a lot to offer — great looks, substantial wealth, or a blooming social network — can struggle to meet the right person.

Luckily, swiping for dates through a free dating platform is not the only option, or necessarily even the best option for certain busy singles with serious relationship goals. 

Instead of relying solely on dating apps, singles should consider using a matchmaking service. Rori Sassoon, matchmaker and founder of elite service Platinum Poire, said she believes that matchmaking is the way to go for successful singles looking to settle down. 

“A matchmaker gets to know the real you,” Rori said. “In online dating, it is very easy to misrepresent yourself in the hopes of alluring as many candidates as possible. Matchmaking is best suited for those who are busy, disinterested in the online realm, and want to find a genuine, trustworthy person.”

As a matchmaker for elites in the New York City area (including a few Real Housewives), Rori understands how best to find the relatio