The Scoop: Dating comes with unique challenges for everyone. But for men in particular, putting themselves out there can be particularly tough; they don’t want to risk seeming creepy or aggressive, but also want to come across confident and interesting to attract the women they meet. This isn’t always an easy task, so dating experts like Dan Bacon of “The Modern Man” are here to help men build up confidence and learn techniques to attract the women of their dreams.

Dating sometimes presents unique challenges for everyone, no matter who you are. Most of us have experienced awkward silent pauses on a date, sending a cringe-worthy message on a dating app, or even misreading cues and going in for a kiss when the other person intended to give a hug. 

For men who date women, however, there are some especially targeted difficulties that can come about. Society often tells men that they have to look or behave a certain way to establish “dominance” or to be a “real man” — and this can certainly be reflected in the interactions many women have with them in the dating world.

Within the past decade I’ve spent dating on and off, I can attest to some men really feeling the pressure to fit a stereotypical mold of what they think a man should be. Whether it be sending explicit messages right away on a dating app or making condescending comments or misogynistic jokes, plenty of men have gotten the wrong impression of how women want to be approached and treated in a dating situation. 

I know I’m not alone in the things I’ve experienced as someone who largely dates men; according to NPR, 60% of women aged 18-29 reported that they or a family member had been sexually harassed because of their gender, and 40% said the same in regards to receiving offensive or insensitive comments about their gender. 

Combating this kind of misdirected energy is difficult for women to do alone, so it’s always a good thing when other men step up to the plate and begin to challenge those archaic notions about how women want men to approach or treat them. Dan Bacon, a dating expert for men, may be just the right man for the job. With his honest, informed approach to helping men create fulfilling love and sex lives, Dan has plenty of sage advice to offer single guys who are ready to mingle.

His Own Past Fumbles Led Him to Build a Brand

For most people, mistakes or miscommunications in past relationships often turn into great lessons we can learn from. Those lessons can be used to improve our relationships in the future. Before he was ever a dating expert, Dan shared this experience himself. 

A previous girlfriend Dan had been with seemed to be out of his league, causing him to develop some feelings of insecurity in the relationship. After a night out with friends, his then-girlfriend called Dan to let him know that she had cheated on him and was dumping him.

“It really sent me into a downward spiral,” he said. “I was thinking, ‘What am I going to do?’ and I didn’t know how to get myself a girlfriend, who would actually want to be with me where I wouldn’t become insecure, and so forth. I just stayed away from dating for a year and a half. Eventually, it got to the point where I said, ‘OK, I’m going to figure this out, I’m gonna face up to this challenge’.”

And face up to it, he did. Over time, Dan started to put himself out there more and approach women during nights out at bars with a friend. “[At first] we were getting rejected because we didn’t know what we’re doing. But gradually, I started to figure out how can I actually be confident? How do I project confidence? How do I actually feel genuinely confident around women that I find attractive? And how do I make them find me attractive based on how we’re interacting?”

Once he got the hang of those interactions, he found immense success with women, and was able to attract them and maintain any manner of relationships with women that he chose.

“It was becoming very easy and very automatic. And that really started to build my confidence even more,” Dan said. “All the while, I was taking notes on what I was actually doing, what I changed, what was working, and what was not.” Those notes quickly turned into Dan’s first ebook — upon which he was able to build his entire dating brand. 

Dan’s Work Targets Common Pain Points for Single Men

It’s easy for anyone to feel less confident or even embarrassed when they try to open a dialogue with someone who makes it clear they aren’t interested. This can occur even if you’re just trying to make a new friend, but likely stings more deeply if you’re rejected while trying to flirt with someone you’ve spotted across the room. 

In the case of men experiencing rejection from women, Dan shared that one important factor many men fail to consider is that modern women don’t “need” a man to feel happiness or fulfillment in life. 

“Modern women have leveled up in terms of their confidence, their independence, and they’re much more sure of themselves and able to take care of themselves. They’re no longer necessarily that damsel in distress. As a result, a lot of guys look at women like that, and they feel [they’re] not able to provide her with anything,” Dan explained. “So they end up interacting with women in a way where they’re just sucking up. They’re seeing themselves as playing second fiddle to strong modern women, and they don’t know how to handle it.”

Rather than trying to convince a woman to be attracted to them or feel like they need them, Dan shares that the men he’s referring to should instead focus more on themselves, and what they know they have to offer. 

“Women still want a man to be a man. Regardless of how independent she is, she still wants a man who’s able to be a rock in her life and be that strong person, that man she can look up to and respect. The man she can feel protected by because he’s so emotionally strong, he’s so secure in himself. When guys are able to do that, when they’re able to be confident and masculine, not feel dominated by the strengths of modern women, and when they’re able to level up in tandem with modern women, they’re able to be stronger than they were before.”

As the saying goes, confidence is sexy — and Dan teaches all of his clients how to harness that into whatever kind of connections with women that they desire. 

“The Modern Man” Tackles Everything Single Men Should Know About Dating Women

Once Dan mastered the art of attracting women, he enjoyed what he called the “Playboy lifestyle” for quite some time. Now, as a married man, he can attribute much of his success in love to the tools he learned himself through trial and error — those he now shares with thousands of men.

Under The Modern Man brand, Dan has several incredible resources for men who want to level up their confidence and improve their dating game. Whether they’re looking for a sexy night in the sheets or a lifelong love, Dan’s advice will completely transform — and has completely transformed — the lives of single men. 

His first offering, “The Flow,” is an all-encompassing guide for men to create exactly the kind of connections they want with women. Based on the lessons and techniques Dan learned at the beginning of his own journey with confidence in dating, “The Flow” is a can’t-miss toolbox for men who are single and ready to mingle. 

Additionally, The Modern Man presents courses like “Make Her Love You For Life”, geared toward men who are in a struggling relationship or those who want to form a lasting one with someone new. These offerings have hours of video content, and can be used in audiobook or ebook forms as well.

If you’re wanting to get more insight before diving into an investment, no worries — Dan’s YouTube channel has countless videos on topics ranging from pursuing a woman without seeming needy to the psychology behind the attraction women experience. These can be accessed anytime you might need to brush up on your flirting skills. Go get ‘em, tiger.