The Scoop: Dating with eczema can be frustrating, uncomfortable, and downright embarrassing for many singles. Luckily, Canadian brand Satya Organics provides its customers with relief from skin irritation. With Satya, customers can enjoy formulas made with organic, natural ingredients that help soothe skin with eczema or a variety of other issues.

Getting out onto the dating scene can be exhilarating for singles. The excitement of meeting new people, flirting once again, and even falling in love is one of life’s most joyful experiences. Taking control of your romantic life can make you feel empowered, confident, and rejuvenated. It opens up a whole new source of fun that can be hard to find elsewhere in adult life.

Dating comes with its own difficulties. It requires time to find the right person to pursue a relationship with. Going on a bunch of first dates costs a certain amount of money. And as anyone who struggles with self-esteem knows, the vulnerability and disappointments in dating require a great deal of confidence. To handle the ups and downs of romance, you need to be resilient.

Photo of Satya products
Satya offers a natural solution to eczema, dry skin, and general skin irritation.

Finding the self-confidence you need to date is hard for anyone, but it’s particularly difficult for singles who deal with skin conditions like eczema. Skin irregularities and blemishes lead many people to be insecure and feel physically uncomfortable on dates. Worse yet, many skin conditions are amplified by stress, making the likelihood of a flare-up higher in stressful situations, like going on a date. 

Luckily, singles with eczema can find help managing their condition with Satya Organics. Patrice Mousseau founded this indigenous-woman-owned skincare company for a very personal reason: to help fight her daughter Esme’s eczema. “I wanted something effective, non-toxic, and fragrance-free, backed by scientifically supported research,” Patrice shared on the company site. “But to my disappointment, I couldn’t find a single product that could safely heal her skin. Seeing my daughter in pain was the absolute worst feeling in the world.” 

So Patrice decided to do something about it. After extensive medical and academic research and experimentation, she developed a simple, five-ingredient balm to help her daughter’s eczema. Her skin cleared up in only two days, and that inspired Patrice to share Satya products with the world.

Now, those with eczema, other skin conditions, or simple irritation can use Satya’s eczema relief and multiuse relief products to soothe their skin with quality organic ingredients. Whether you’re scratching before a date or have chapped lips from laughing all night, Satya has your back.

Always Organic Ingredients

When Patrice created Satya, her priority was healing her daughter’s eczema without exposing her to harsh chemicals and steroids. She didn’t want to make her daughter reliant on complicated and expensive products; she wanted to find simple, science-backed ingredients that would heal the body naturally. That’s why Satya uses just five ingredients that are USDA-certified organic, cruelty-free, 100% steroid-free, and proven effective in relieving all types of skin stress. 

Patrice developed a formula that uses organic calendula petals, organic cold-pressed sweet almond oil, organic beeswax, organic cold-pressed jojoba, and organic colloidal oatmeal. The mixture quickly soothes all skin types. She’s proud of the positive change her products have created in the lives of her customers. Skin conditions like eczema can be difficult to endure, so Patrice is thrilled to know that her business is bringing relief and comfort to so many.

ingredient graphic
The Satya team uses just five simple ingredients in their life-changing formula.

“My biggest priority in the business was always the integrity of what we were trying to do,” Patrice said. “We’re trying to help people, and we’re trying to do it at the highest quality possible. I would never want to have to question for myself and for my daughter that the business could be done differently.”

Patrice shows customers that ingredients, like those in Satya products, are gentle, found in nature, and can be completely effective at treating skin conditions. Now balm users don’t have to choose between good ingredients and effective skin care. 

Eczema Relief and Multiuse Solutions

Patrice initially intended for Satya products to be for eczema treatment, and many customers continue to choose Satya for relief from the condition. Singles who suffer from eczema will find that Satya works wonders for them, leaving them feeling comfortable and secure on every date. 

But the company has also expanded into multiuse products for relief from a variety of common issues, from bug bites to chapped lips to chafing thighs. Satya customers often keep a product with them that they can find relief on the go so in any situation that comes their way.

Patrice recommends that singles consider keeping one of Satya’s Multi-Use Easy Glide Sticks with them on dates so they can feel their best no matter what comes up. You can even use it to moisturize and heal before a date. The balm can go on under makeup, and it’s fragrance-free, so you don’t need to worry about it interfering with other products or scents. 

woman using Satya balm
The Satya Multi-Use Stick is a great product to keep with you on dates.

“The sticks work great as travel products — I carry them with me everywhere,” Patrice said. “You can just slip it in your pocket or your purse, even in a teeny tiny purse. And if you’re on a date, it works great as a lip chap.” If your lips get dry from talking or from nerves, the glide stick can save your chance of getting a great goodnight kiss.

For something a bit sexier, consider running a bath for your partner with Satya’s Calendula Flower Oat Bath. While the bath mix is made to nourish dry, sensitive, and itchy skin, it will leave anyone feeling luxurious and ready to unwind. Some bath mixes are irritating to people with sensitive skin, but with the Calendula Flower Oat Bath, that’s one thing you won’t need to worry about.

Get Your Confidence Back with Satya

Skin problems are a literal pain. They leave you physically and often emotionally uncomfortable all the time. Without a cure, they prevent many people from putting themselves out there and living life to the fullest. 

When I was in high school, I had acne that just never seemed to go away. I was constantly thinking about it. It was incredibly difficult to feel attractive when all I could see looking in the mirror was my red, irritated, and blemished skin.

After I finally started an effective acne treatment program, my life changed. I was more confident in every aspect of my life, especially dating. Finding the treatment that worked for me set me up to be confident in dating as an adult. 

View of romantic interracial couple hold hands, walk in rural setting, look positively at each other, bicycle near hence in background.
With Satya, you can finally get your confidence back.

Many Satya users find that getting effective, affordable eczema treatment brings them the confidence that acne treatment once brought me. They’re able to go on dates without constantly obsessing over their skin the entire time. They can get to know the other person without worrying that their eczema is flaring up. They can trust that their skin won’t hold them back from the relationships they want and deserve.

As a small woman-owned business, Satya is leading the way in centering customers in their mission. Patrice has always developed the company with her daughter in mind, so she understands how debilitating eczema and skin problems can be for the people who love her products. She knows how good treatment and eczema relief can literally change lives. She understands the importance of creating products that are good for all without causing harm to the environment, to other people, or to her customers.

“You can run a business to help people and make sure that it’s not just about profit,” Patrice told us. “Your company can have a purpose. A lot of these big multinationals are starting to focus on increasing diversity and supporting the environment, but as small businesses, especially as women, we’ve been doing it from the get-go.”