The Scoop: Stereotypes abound about the women who work in nightlife, but they aren’t always true. We spoke with the women who work for Bad Girl Productions – a stripping agency focused on bachelor parties – about their relationship experiences as strippers. While every stripper is different, many maintain long-term, committed relationships outside of work.

When most people think of strippers, they imagine glammed up, flirty, and hyper-sexual women constantly surrounded by men. That’s understandable, and it can be true for some women on the job. A major part of the job of a stripper is to maintain a sexed-up persona while at work. It allows patrons to slip into the fantasy – and for the strippers to make the most money. 

But for many strippers, the person they are on the job is not the person they are in real life. While they may pretend to be promiscuous while at work, many are in exclusive relationships at home or prefer a quieter personal life. Some still prefer to maintain a spontaneous, party lifestyle in their personal lives, but by no means is that the only option. Just like people working in any other industry, strippers have a wide variety of lifestyles when off the clock.

The women who work at Bad Girl Productions spoke to us about their dating lives and their unique perspectives as strippers in the industry.

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