The Scoop: The vegan community is expanding and vegan singles are on the hunt to find their plant-based lover. Vegan singles tend to prefer to date people who share the same diet and lifestyle as they do. The app VegPal is a fun and safe space where vegan dating and friendships can blossom. The app is composed of like-minded individuals who take pride in being vegan. VegPal helps members build real connections through engagement while learning how to live a cruelty-free lifestyle.

With the world evolving, it’s no surprise to see that online dating apps and sites are growing in number. Now singles from all over the world can turn to a dating app for help in the love department. And with the variety of niche dating apps tailored to singles’ needs and wants, no one has to settle for one way of online dating. 

Vegan singles often want to befriend and date other singles who follow a plant-based diet. Dating someone who shares the same lifestyle as you makes it easier to develop and maintain a healthy relationship. The app VegPal is on a mission to create a fun space for vegans to find one another and has been successful in helping hundreds of vegan singles connect. 

Screenshot of VegPal's logo.
VegPal was founded by vegan activist, Dahlia Eisenberg.

Dahlia Eisenberg, CEO, and founder of VegPal is a vegan who knows how it feels to want to meet other veggie lovers. VegPal is about building healthy relationships both online and offline. Whether you’ve been a vegan for years or are just transitioning, VegPal is the perfect app to get back into the dating scene. 

“I know how it feels to be the only vegan in a room, or at a dinner table. Those moments can be hard if you don’t have a partner, a friend, or a community that understands and shares your lifestyle,” said Dahlia. 

Dahlia told us that most of the time new vegans often don’t know any other vegans who can help and support them on their journey. VegPal serves singles looking for love. But it’s also a safe space where new vegans can learn a tip or two on how to properly transition to a plant-based lifestyle. 

A Safe Space For Individuals With Plant-Based Lifestyles

VegPal was launched in August 2021 and has grown into a fan favorite. VegPal users represent people of all genders and who come from different backgrounds. Dahlia told us that most of the users are in the United States, but there are also thousands of vegans from all over the world on the platform as well. Instead of having to sift through what feels like a million profiles, Vegpal expedites the experiences for vegan single to find someone who shares the same values.

Making friends can be just as intimidating as dating. Thanks to VegPal, vegans are able to use the app for finding friendships as well. Sometimes people who are in a relationship are hesitant to use relationship apps because they feel that it’s all about finding a romantic partner, but VegPal is different. Dahlia said that around 40% of members on VegPal say they are not looking for relationships and use VegPal strictly to meet friends. 

The dating side and community side of VegPal are completely split. It’s the same app, but requires separate registration. “If you’re not interested in social or you’re not interested in dating, you can turn it off and you won’t be viewable to anyone else on that side,” Dahlia said. “So it’s totally, totally open to people who are in relationships, not looking for a relationship, whatever the case may be.”

Making new friends is always tricky, but when no one you meet has the same diet as you, the experience can be doubly difficult. “Vegpal has been essential as I moved to a new city and didn’t have any vegans to talk to. This was just what I needed to find other vegans in my area. I’ve already met three new vegan friends!” said Lauren, a VegPal member in a testimonial

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VegPal has a strong community that supports one another.

Dahlia said that VegPal is a private community. All members who join can look forward to having privacy on the app and feel protected against scammers and catfish profiles. The team manually checks all profiles and provides customer service chats for members to use if they have any questions or suggestions on how to improve the community experience. 

VegPal is run by a small team dedicated to maintaining a safe environment where vegan people can mingle. “It’s our passion that fuels us and keeps us pushing forward because we know we are creating something that so many people truly need,” said Dahlia. 

Expanding the Vegan Community One Text at a Time

Due to the pandemic, many singles stopped going out to meet new people. This has affected the love lives of a lot of singles and their ability to socialize. VegPal makes it easier for vegan singles to date and connect with people regardless of where they are. VegPal is planning to expand the platform by adding some exciting new features to support the needs of the vegan community.

“It’s so important to be able to find friends and a community who share your vegan lifestyle. If you are the only vegan you know, chances are you’re going to experience some level of loneliness and isolation,” said Dahlia. 

Online dating or even making friends online through messaging can feel tedious to some. They may prefer to meet people in a group or get to know them in-person.

Vegans can now use the app to let others know about events in their area and online. Vegan restaurants, community groups, or individuals can post on VegPal’s event board.

“If you have nothing to do one night, rather than having to go and set up that one-on-one coffee date with someone in your connections list, you can check out the events that are going on from VegPal and see that a group is baking brownies together on a Zoom call,” Dahlia said. “Then you get to just kind of meet people online from the comfort of your own home. And within a matter of an hour, you just met 20 more people, and you’ve had fun in the process.”

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VegPal helps singles find vegan friends and lovers.

There are many reasons why people decide to go vegan. According to the Vegan Society, one of the top reasons to go vegan is to have a healthier lifestyle. Improving your diet and learning about the importance of nutrition is important for many singles, and they want to be around a strong community that can support them. 

Dahlia told us that being vegan is more than just the food you eat, it’s a set of core values that you develop and hold dear to your heart. Hence, when vegan singles look for a partner, they’re not just looking for someone they can go to dinner with, but someone who shares their values. 

“Veganism is the cornerstone of the animal rights movement — without vegans, there is no animal rights movement. In order to have a movement that can effectively advocate for animal rights, vegans need to feel empowered, supported, and connected to a vegan community,” said Dahlia. 

VegPal Revolutionizes Social Media for Vegan Singles

VegPal is heading in the right direction in helping vegan singles find their community locally and around the world. Many couples and friends thank the VegPal team for helping them build authentic relationships. 

“VegPal is already strengthening the vegan movement, and I’m looking forward to it continuing to do so in the future,” said Dahlia. 

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Happy couple Danny and Morgan are thrilled to have found one another on Vegpal.

Dahlia told us that some of her favorite testimonials are from relationships that have developed because of the app. For instance, the couple Danny and Morgan matched with each other on VegPal and have developed a beautiful relationship. Danny and Morgan didn’t expect to fall in love with each other so fast. But with their shared interests and the help of VegPal’s cool features, the couple’s relationship quickly blossomed. Danny and Morgan are now living with each other and encouraging other singles to try VegPal. 

“Everything came so fast.. by the end of week one, we both thought that maybe I should come out there to Nevada to visit..” Danny said in a VegPal testimonial. “I wasn’t this used to being this attracted and this in touch with someone… I felt like it was a dream.”

We can expect more from the VegPal team in the near future. The team is on a mission to create a better experience for every vegan lover. The vegan population is growing exponentially every year. With the help of Vegpal app, the don’t have to worry about doing it alone. 

“We are only just getting started, and have some exciting features that we are excited to roll out later this year! Vegpal is currently free to use, but planning on adding premium subscriptions in the future. If you are vegan or transitioning to vegan, join Vegpal and meet your tribe!” exclaimed Dahlia.