The Scoop: Singles nowadays can easily find their perfect match online with a click of a button or a swipe on their phones. Online dating has advanced to offer many convenient ways to chat with date prospects. But until the first in-person meetup, singles can feel nervous over questions they wish they had answers to. Fortunately, the dating app Filteroff was created to help anxious singles online date without all the jitters. On Filteroff, singles can make promising connections in just a 90-second video date where filters don’t exist. 

Catfish is a dish best served fried with a side of golden fries — but not online. Unfortunately, I’m afraid catfishing happens far too often online, and for some, it’s a risk not worth taking. You never know who is on the other side of the screen when you online date. Your date can be who they say they are – or turn out to be the complete opposite from the person you chatted with. 

Despite its challenges, Zach Schleien still has faith in online dating. He launched Filteroff, a dating app that promotes video meetups, because he recognized that online dating had the potential to help singles  find their perfect match. 

Founder and Ceo of Filteroff.
Zach Schleien, founder and CEO of Filteroff.

Zach created Filteroff to improve online dating and provide a space for singles to be their authentic selves. 

At the early age of 18, Zach recognized the importance of video dating. Zach blogged about his dating experiences and ran a subreddit for dating app reviews. When he was actively dating, he decided to ask his potential matches to video chat before meeting in person. He told us it felt more authentic this way and made him feel more comfortable about meeting his date in a real-world setting.

Filteroff has taken Zach’s online dating strategy and run with it. The app revolves around planning video chat dates. “It’s about getting to know the person and not the profile,” he said. 

Filteroff launched in February 2020, and less than a month later, the world needed video dating more than ever before.

During the 2020 pandemic, singles were limited in how they could connect and date. Zach didn’t want COVID-19 to stop people from meeting and connecting. In fact, he said it inspired him even more. “Filteroff was intended to help people who had this feeling of disconnect during the pandemic, but it also allowed for this new way of dating to be really authentic,” he said. 

Hosting Over 7,000 Virtual Speed Dating Events So Far

Filteroff proudly recognizes the importance of community, an ideal underscored by its motto, “You’re in good company.” The team ensures that communities can thrive on Filteroff. The app has an array of events and new features so users can take delight knowing there is always a way to get connected and meet new people. 

Filteroff has hosted over 7,000 virtual speed dating events in just under two years. Virtual speed dating is a great way for different communities to come together, get to know one another, and connect romantically. 

Filteroff’s newest feature, Happy Hour,  sparks new ways for modern singles to meet. Happy Hour allows singles to participate in group chats that consist of rooms of up to six people. Singles have the chance to hop around from room to room and interact with one another on their own terms. The Happy Hour experience reduces the intimidation factor of being put in the spotlight on a one-on-one date. 

Virtual speed dating events.
Filteroff offers an array of events members can choose from.

The video dates are done roughly within the span of five minutes. The pressure to have it all figured out doesn’t exist with these virtual speed dating events. You encounter a new person, have a conversation, and decide later if you want to meet again for an official first date. It’s that easy! 

The best part is that Filteroff allows community organizers to host events at no charge. Community organizers can determine what kind of event they want to host and at what cost, if any. “Filteroff has been the best way for our community members to connect,” said Carlos, a Filteroff member.

Communities that join Filteroff have seen their event participation numbers take off. One example of that is the app’s Jewish community Meet Jew, which now consists of 80,000 members, according to Zach. Some of those members shared that they are now married after meeting their partner on Filteroff. 

Members don’t have to be with a specific community to join an event. In just seconds, users can find the next virtual event they want to attend. Thanks to the app’s open-to-all policy, new users can take advantage of any hosted event.

No Filters Just The Real You 

Just about everyone uses a filter when meeting new people these days. Filters are so commonly used that sometimes we forget the real version of ourselves. And honestly, I’m no different. I often catch myself hopping on Snapchat and instantly navigating to filters before posting. Trying to find the perfect lighting for my now altered appearance. It’s become a bad habit that inhibits genuine connections in modern society.

Video chatting offers a new solution that we didn’t even know we needed. Text messages can get lost in translation. And without face-to-face conversations, it’s easy to make assumptions about your date. Every connection on Filteroff starts with a video chat that allows you to present your authentic self. What you see is what you get. Filteroff is a trusted app that singles can use to comfortably meet people.

A Filteroff member named Victoria said it best in a testimonial. “Just because we both swiped right doesn’t mean we’re a match. Just because he can text, doesn’t mean he can hold a conversation. Filteroff is a first impression I can trust.”

Swiping for matches on mainstream apps can become a time-consuming process. Users can swipe for hours, days, or weeks before they find a mutual match. Filteroff users have the opportunity to accelerate their search by video chatting. Zach told us the whole point of video dating is to remove the filters and to encourage users not to hide anymore.

“I like Filteroff because it’s different from the typical swiping apps. You actually get a sense of the person you’re talking to and it’s a much more personal way to meet people,” said Carlos, a member of Filteroff. 

Filteroff: The Dating Upgrade for Modern Singles

People clamor over newly released technology, trendsetting clothing, and innovative features added to old favorites. As the world changes, online dating has evolved to offer more options, and people naturally adjust with new dating tactics. Leading the way with new technology is Filteroff, which embraces the idea of using video dating to change the way singles meet one another. 

As someone who has experienced a lot of unnecessary first dates, Zach said he wanted to create an online dating experience that allows users to maximize their time. Filteroff provides a low-pressure environment for getting to know someone new in a Happy Hour group chat. “I understand one-on-one dating with a complete stranger can be a little intimidating,” Zach said. “We noticed these group chats kind of calm your nerves.” 

Filteroff's download options.
Filteroff is available to download on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Zach and the Filteroff team have declared 2022 to be the year for expansion. Overall, the goal is to leverage app technology to help singles from all around the world find romantic partners virtually. Zach said he’s excited to watch communities grow and make meaningful real-life experiences happen. In the coming years, Zach hopes to host in-person events similar to the virtual events on Filteroff. 

“Our bread and butter is virtual, and now we’re rolling out IRL once things get safe again,” Zach said. “We really see ourselves facilitating the ability to connect virtually or in person and helping communities grow as well.”