When you go to someone for advice, you probably choose a person whose outlook you value. It’s even better when this person has similar or shared experiences and can give you a real-life perspective. This is especially the case when it comes to dating. Single people need dating guidance from people who understand what they’re going through and what they’re looking for.

Gay men who have decided it’s time to seek the help of a dating coach should find a coach who truly understands their perspective. The dating experiences of gay men are unique and diverse, and a coach who deals with predominantly heterosexual clients won’t be equipped to help gay clients reach their goals.

This list features the best dating coaches out there for gay, bisexual, and queer men. Each coach comes from a distinct personal and professional perspective, so singles with varying needs and goals can find someone they jive with.

The advice a person receives about their intimate romantic relationships is some of the most important advice they’ll ever receive, so it’s essential to find a trusted and experienced coach.

Jarryd Boyd

Jarryd Boyd is a certified life and relationship coach serving clients in New York City. Jarryd’s goal as a coach is to help people develop strong and meaningful relationships with themselves and their communities. Community can mean many different things, and Jarryd helps his clients strengthen the relationships that are most important to them, whether with family, friends, colleagues, or in dating.

jarryd boyd

When Jarryd isn’t helping clients achieve their dating goals through his coaching practice, A Touch of Bold, he’s serving as the Senior Director of Global Communications at Hinge. Jarryd understands the world of dating and has an in-depth knowledge of the ins and outs of online dating. He takes a coaching approach rooted in encouragement, insights, and honesty. He guides his clients out of their comfort zones and boldly toward their futures.

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James Laidler

James Laidler founded Pointerway to help queer men step into lives they’ve designed. Pointerway is a coaching service for gay men that specializes in coming out, sex, and intimacy. Before he was a coach, James was a British Academy Award-winning journalist and formerly anchored and produced international news for the BBC.

james laidler

James founded Pointerway in 2019 after a journey of self-discovery that began when he started focusing more on living his life with confidence and authenticity. James partners with world-class LGBTQ+ experts to give gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer men hands-on, practical experiences and bountiful opportunities to challenge assumptions and broaden horizons.

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Amari Ice

Amari Ice is a gay love coach, hypnotherapist, and matchmaker. Through his eclectic and personalized approach, Amari helps couples and individuals master their romantic magic, develop their dating skills, acknowledge and address destructive patterns, and step into their innate romantic magnetism. Amari’s expertise extends to personality psychology, interpersonal communication, and romantic branding, so clients can find help with a variety of dating concerns.

amari ice

Amari’s dating coaching approach is based on what he has identified as the three foundations necessary to be prepared for love. The first foundation is a relationship goal, the second is adequate dating skills, and the third is a goals-aligned dating plan. Amari guides his clients through the steps necessary to build a sturdy foundation and then provides support as they navigate through romance.

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Anthony Canapi

Anthony Canapi is the founder of Best Man Matchmaking, a personalized matchmaking service for gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer men in California. Anthony’s a Certified Professional Matchmaker and Dating Coach, and made his first match when he was only 16 years old. Since then, Anthony has connected more than 1,500 singles and planned over 500 dates for gay and heterosexual men.

anthony canapi

Coaching is fully integrated into Best Man Matchmaking’s bespoke services. Anthony and his co-owner and matchmaker, Daniel Cooley, get to know each of their clients personally. Best Man Matchmaking is focused on setting men up for lifelong committed partnerships. Anthony and Daniel’s matchmaking service includes an intimate dinner with the client, during which Anthony can observe the client in a natural environment while learning about their background, professional accolades, and what they’re looking for in a partner.

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  • Facebook: Anthony Canapii – Professional Matchmaker for Gay Men
  • Instagram: @matchmakeranthonycanapi

Zach Bulls

Zach Bulls is a certified core energy coach who has spent over 2,000 hours coaching gay men one-on-one. Zach is passionate about living an authentic life and hopes to bring that passion to his clients through his dating coaching. After a challenging journey that included substance abuse, addiction, and an HIV/AIDS diagnosis, Zach discovered his innate value and stepped into self-actualization.

zach bulls

Zach and his partner, Andrew Sartory, are the founders of Gay Man Thriving Academy. The Gay Man Thriving Academy aims to create a space where men are encouraged to invest in themselves, clear the emotional blocks that have previously limited them, and live the life they truly desire. Zach helps his clients improve their relationships, communities, and overall life satisfaction through coaching and workshops.

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Lamont White

Lamont White owns Better Way to Meet, a professional matchmaking, dating coaching, and couples counseling service for gay men. Lamont has been a matchmaker and coach since 2014 and is a nationally recognized relationship expert. He has an undergraduate degree in psychology and a graduate degree in Professional Community Counseling, and uses the culmination of his personal and professional experiences to help his clients.

lamont white

Lamont helps his clients maintain healthy relationships that are fulfilling and transformative. Lamont meets his clients where they are in their romantic journeys and gives them the skills they need to achieve their dating and relationship goals. Lamont’s offerings include speed dating, VIP matchmaking, and coaching sessions, so gay men with a variety of needs will find Lamont’s services useful.

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Jaye Sassieni

Jaye Sassieni is the Director of London’s Urban Connections Gay Speed Dating, which organizes speed dating for gay single men who are 40 years old and older. Online dating doesn’t work for everyone, but finding comparable dating avenues is hard. Jaye brings gay men in London another option, where they can meet up to 40 other single men in one night, all while enjoying drinks, eats, and a welcoming atmosphere.

jaye sassieni

Urban Connections was founded in 2006 and guarantees that singles will find matches at events. If not, they can go to another speed dating event for free. The events have a relaxed and friendly atmosphere that’s inviting to singles of all colors, backgrounds, and professions. Urban Connections events are great opportunities to meet many interesting single men all at once.

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Rick Clemons

Rick Clemons is a certified coach who gives gay and bisexual men the “straight” forward guidance they need while dating. Rick’s goal as a coach is to help his clients get out of their ruts and start living lives they love. He helps his clients explore their desires and goals for their futures and then make a game plan to achieve those things. Many of Rick’s clients are tired of the games of the modern dating scene and are looking for something that goes deeper.

rich clemons

Rich specializes in helping gay men over 40 and guiding them through the process of coming out. Coming out is a challenging step for many gay men, and Rick provides the support his clients need so they can come out with dignity, respect, and empowerment. Rick is also the host of 40 Plus: Gay Men. Gay Talk., a podcast that touches on everything from sex and relationships to career challenges and body image.

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David Cruz

David Cruz started his comprehensive dating blog for gay men, Finding Cupid, after observing how jaded so many gay men were in the dating scene. David has given gay singles advice on nearly every topic under the sun, from tips for late-bloomers to gentle wake-up calls for singles who refuse to try online dating. David takes an empathetic but no-nonsense approach that’s perfect for singles who are ready to see actual changes in their romantic prospects.

david cruz

David helps his clients figure out their dating goals. A person looking for a long-term partnership will date differently than someone who wants someone to go out with on the weekends. David’s clients learn how to date intentionally and make choices that serve their ultimate goal. David is well-versed in the world of gay online dating, so singles overwhelmed or intimidated by Grinder and other apps can find support.

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René Luisman

René Luisman is a Certified Trainer and Coach who helps gay men come out, be out, and live proudly. René was 30 years old when he found himself in an unsatisfying career and an even more unsatisfying personal and emotional life. He realized that many of his fears stemmed from his low self-image and internalized negative views regarding being gay. René had long been out but was still struggling to accept and embrace himself.

rene luisman

René found his true voice when he stopped trying to be what he thought he ‘should’ be. As a coach and trainer, he helps his clients do the same thing. He helps his clients unravel their past habits and invest in themselves before stepping into dating. René creates a safe environment but challenges his clients to explore uncomfortable, complicated, and challenging topics. 

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Coaches Help Gay Men Find Joy In Dating

Dating can be tiring, it can be vulnerable, it can be embarrassing. But it can also be amazing. Singles can struggle through dating, but coaches help their clients realize it doesn’t have to be this way. There is so much joy, excitement, and fun to be found in dating. When gay singles step into their most genuine selves, navigating romance becomes way easier.

Dating coaches help gay men with dating and emotional personal development. When people address the things that are holding them back in dating, it’s common for all of their relationships to improve. It’s about more than dating – it’s about stepping into the freedom of authenticity.