Sometimes, arguments within a romantic relationship can feel like a zero-sum game. Couples can get caught up in the idea of “winning” or “losing” an argument and forget they share the common interest of being in a relationship with one another.

It’s easy for couples to forget they’re on the same team, especially during a rough patch. But if couples are on the same team, who’s the coach? 

Relationship coaches help couples discover and achieve their relationship goals and give them techniques to achieve them. Couples seek coaching for various reasons, and there are no wrong ones.

california relationship coaches

Coaches can be invaluable resources to guide couples toward a brighter and more fulfilling future for their relationship.

These California coaches have experience coaching couples and work with clients from diverse backgrounds and identities. That gives couples with different experiences the opportunity to connect with a coach who sees and understands them and their desires.

Lauren Korshak

Lauren Korshak is a therapist, author, and coach, as well as the founder of Lovewell. Lovewell is a healing and wellness center that offers a comprehensive range of services focused on improving clients’ love lives. Lauren empowers her clients to find their authentic voice within a relationship and then claim it. She specializes in helping individuals and couples learn to improve their relationships.

lauren korshak

Lauren’s coaching style is informed by her diverse professional background in psychotherapy, matchmaking, and corporate meditation. Lauren values acceptance, compassion, and authenticity in her relationship with clients. She aims to give clients useful tools and new habits they can implement in their lives to form more fruitful connections.

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Steven Reigns

Steven Reigns is a relationship and dating coach based in Los Angeles. He works with men and women who want to step up their online dating game and finally find the romantic connection they’ve been looking for. He takes a solution-oriented approach that gives clients useful tools and techniques they can begin implementing in their daily lives right away.

steven reigns

Steven understands that dating, especially online dating, can have its frustrating moments. During these frustrating moments, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and maybe even throw in the towel. Stevne listens intently to each client to identify their goals. They work together to find solutions that feel right to the client. Steven personalizes every step of his approach depending on what clients need.

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David Huynh

David Huynh helps busy professionals create the best versions of themselves and their relationships. David is a marriage and relationship coach who teaches his clients how to approach connection to create meaningful and fulfilling relationships. Dating can come with many challenges, and when the rough patches aren’t processed, singles easily become overwhelmed and may even give up on dating.

david huynh

David shows his clients that while relationships aren’t simple, they don’t have to be so difficult. David helps his clients identify their negative communication habits and replace them with positive ones. He teaches each partner how to be intentional about how they show love to and support each other, giving them the tools to achieve the connection they’ve been looking for.

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Ann West

Ann West is an experienced relationship coach with over 20 years of experience helping couples. Ann’s unique approach combines spiritual and psychological coaching techniques and concentrates on creating a deep and precious emotional bond between couples. She shows her clients their blind spots and helps them create a plan for growth and transformation.

ann west

Ann teaches her clients that relationships require emotional and physical nourishment to thrive. She teaches her clients the importance of close, empathetic connection and shows them how to integrate humor and a sense of closeness into their day-to-day lives.

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Mike Kollin

Mike Kollin is a dating and relationship coach specializing in helping men develop and find emotionally fulfilling love, communication, and consciousness. Struggles with dating often point to deeper issues, whether it’s insecurity, holding on to negative past experiences, or resistance to emotional vulnerability. Mike helps his clients get to the root of their relational issues and experience the full joy of what true companionship offers.

mike kollin

Mike offers coaching for dating and married men alike. If his clients want to better understand women and improve their dating game, Mike teaches them the dating basics and helps them fully grasp their romantic goals. He helps his coupled clients develop better communication skills and connect more deeply with their partners. Mike’s comprehensive coaching style offers techniques men can use to get results.

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Jessica Engle

Jessica Engle is a psychotherapist, drama therapist, and dating coach who helps introverts find and perfect their dating game. Jessica specializes in helping clients who have been single for a long time or have been in a series of very short-term relationships. When singles struggle with anxiety and insecurity, dating can feel like a stressful task rather than an enjoyable and playful experience.

jessica engle

Jessica helps her clients feel confident, comfortable, and secure in the dating process. As an introverted and highly sensitive person, Jessica understands the unique experiences and fears many of her clients have. She shows her clients that dating can be an exciting, joyous, and fun process — and they deserve to experience it.

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Jeremi McManus

Jeremi McManus is a relationship coach, couples therapist, and Marriage and Family therapist specializing in helping couples improve communication, repair trust, and navigate parental challenges. Jeremi has over 20 years of experience helping couples grow their connection, and his approach considers how frustrating and exhausting interpersonal troubles can be.

jeremi mcmanus

Jeremi takes a gentle and goal-oriented approach when coaching clients. He creates a custom plan for each couple that attends to their specific relationship concerns, whether that’s reducing the frequency of fights or preparing for marriage. Jeremi has worked with over 300 couples, 90% of whom reported significant relationship improvement.

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  • Linkedin: Jeremi McManus, MFT

Anna Osborn

Anna Osborn is a relationship coach and therapist who helps individuals and couples overcome negative patterns, heal their relationships, and create a healthier future. She helps couples and individuals with a wide range of relationship troubles. Anna helps clients decide whether coaching or counseling is the right fit for them and guides them compassionately toward their goals.

anna obsorn

Anna’s coaching style hinges on action and momentum. She wants to see each of her clients achieve the thriving and vibrant relationship they want with their partner. With Anna’s guidance, clients explore and resolve their relationship woes by attending to communication patterns and environmental obstacles. Anna gives couples the tools they need to build a strong foundation for their relationship.

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Jennifer Blankl

Jennifer Blankl has been a Certified Relationship and Marriage Coach since 2014, but she’s been in the business of building relationships for a while. Jennifer moved around a lot throughout her childhood, constantly making new friends in new places. It didn’t take long for her to realize that you can’t wait around for connection — you have to go find it. 

jennifer blankl

Jennifer views relationships as the most important things we do in our lives, and that approach can be felt in every element of her coaching. She coaches individuals and couples to help them have better relationships with themselves and each other. Jennifer helps clients with the full spectrum of relationship challenges and guides them to understand the power of intimate connection.

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Hayden Dover

Hayden Dover is a life and relationship coach and Somatic Sexologist with over 15 years of experience. Hayden has worked as a therapist and life coach, meaning he has a variety of experiences helping individuals and couples improve their lives and relationships. Hayden helps his clients develop self-awareness and find a deep sense of joy in their lives.

hayden dover

Hayden became a life coach after overcoming his own personal struggles with feeling disconnected from his values. He helps his clients identify their values and realign themselves accordingly. Hayden’s coaching style is strongly influenced by his background in somatic coaching. With Hyaden’s help, clients learn how to strengthen their mind-body connection and transform their outlook on life.

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Finding Love in the Golden State

If you’re looking for a coach, take your time and weigh all your options. Choosing a coach you jive with and who really understands your relationship, concerns, and goals is important. More than that, it’s crucial you find a coach who you feel really sees you and your partner.

Relationships touch the most intimate and vulnerable parts of us, and sharing those things with people we don’t feel comfortable around can be difficult. You and your partner make up one of the most important teams you’ll ever be a part of, so make sure your coach is up to the task.