The Scoop: It’s 2022 and we are living in an era where people are becoming more expressive of their sexuality and interest. It’s not uncommon for people to jump into open relationships and casually date from time to time. Not all singles are looking for a committed relationship nor are they even interested in the idea of marriage — and that’s OK. There are plenty of dating apps and sites available to connect people on a strictly platonic basis. The dating site is a chill way for people to connect with other cannabis lovers. Smoke and Poke’s members get the opportunity to express their sexual desires and love for weed with no judgment and no strings attached, .

Everyone needs a safe space where they can be themselves and find other like-minded people. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, people are open to trying new ways to meet and connect with others. Online dating sites and apps are ways to meet people, and singles often have to filter between who’s ready to be in a relationship and who isn’t. 

For some singles, it’s not about finding Mr. Right but Mr. Right now. Although this may seem worrisome, there are plenty of dating apps and sites that allow members to express what they’re looking for to avoid any confusion. The elevated dating site Smoke and Poke, whose stated mission is to connect people who enjoy smoking marijuana before having sex, continues to pave the way for cannabis lovers to socialize in a chill environment. 

Smoke and Poke logo
Smoke and Poke was created to connect cannabis lovers.

Over the years, Smoke and Poke has opened its platform to all cannabis lovers. Whether you’re a die-hard smoker or a casual smoker, Smoke and Poke is the space for you. With less stress put on dating, members can meet other weed heads and not have to worry over jumping into a relationship right away. 

“We started Smoke and Poke to create a safe space online where cannabis lovers can meet each other, whether that’s a new friend or a new romantic interest,” said Adam Haft, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing of Smoke and Poke. “Marijuana is practically legal in the USA now, and lovers of the plant need a place where they can form a community online and hook up.”

All members must be 18 years or older to obtain membership to Smoke and Poke. Singles first have to complete an online application, where they’ll select a subscription. Once verified by the team, members must complete their dating profile to have access to the website where they can interact with other members. Smoke and Poke is operated this way to avoid potential scammers and ensure that profiles on the site are created by real people. 

A Safe Space With Cool & Elevated Features

Member safety is a priority on the Smoke and Poke site. No one likes to be on a site where you’re constantly harassed by scammers and misled by disingenuous people. That is why Smoke and Poke has a 24/7 profile review team actively looking through the site daily to ensure that users are safe and that they continue to abide by the community guidelines

The Smoke and Poke team said it takes pride in taking action in maintaining a safe community for their members. Members can find comfort knowing that the site is secured by Let’s Encrypt which allows them access to private profile options and secure transactions. 

Screenshot of model from website.
Smoke and Poke encourages members to be comfortable in their skin.

If needed, members can report a complaint regarding the site or other members by emailing customer support. Smoke and Poke’s customer support team is active 24/7, which means it takes immediate action when members reach out. 

Smoke and Poke also offers members some security features to protect themselves. The team designed a Safe Mode feature to help members filter out profiles that contain explicit content. 

Members can also make their profiles discreet so their photos can only be seen by other members they have approved, and with the ‘who viewed me’ feature, members can see who was on their profile. 

Other cool features that help people connect and feel secure on the app are live streaming, video chats, and search features that narrow down what people are looking for. Video is a great way to avoid being catfished or bamboozled by other members. In fact, some members of the site only interact with other members who have an intro video on their profile. 

Increasing Couples’ Sex Drives With Marijuana

According to different scientific studies and surveys, people who smoke marijuana before having sex have a much more enjoyable experience. Marijuana has proven to increase people’s sex drive and improve orgasm for both males and females. 

The Smoke and Poke platform encourages singles to explore their sexuality while embracing their love for marijuana. It also educates members about the benefits of smoking marijuana through insightful blogs.

Screenshot of couple from website.
Studies show that smoking marijuana before sex increases a better experience.

In the blog, “Weed And Sex: How Does Marijuana Affect Sex Drive,” Doctor of Psychology, Melissa Miller, states that using cannabis before having sex can give couples more sexual encounters because there is less tension put on their bodies and mind. People under the influence are less likely to experience fear and anxiety. 

“A little amount of marijuana for sex can also assist to boost your capacity to tell your desires to your partner,” said Melissa.

Outside of experiencing new emotions and gaining a better sense of touch when they smoke, couples also connect on a deeper level. Sharing the same interest as your partner is a great way to bond. Whether members are on the app to date or gain a new friend, bonding over the love of marijuana is always a fun thing to do.

“I did get laid using I also made a connection with a few hot girls in my area that have the hookup for some serious nugs so not only did I find FWB, but I also found another weed hookup!” said Ryan Malone in a review.

Smoke And Poke: Creating Happy Endings for 4/20 Lovers

Everyone envisions their happy endings differently. Some may imagine it as ending up with the love of their life while others may imagine it to be snuggled up next to a cutie with a blunt in hand. All I know is that whatever that happy ending may look like, everyone deserves to find it. The Smoke and Poke team does a great job ensuring that members get exactly that. 

The team is so confident that every user can find what they’re looking for on the site that they have a three-month guarantee. This policy assures members that if they don’t get laid within three months, they’ll receive an extra three months at no charge. 

Screenshot of couple smoking from website.
4/20 lovers now have a fun way to find and date each other online.

“I love this site because they allow you to quickly identify who smokes weed. Not all users are heavy smokers, but those that really enjoy smoking have a marijuana leaf on their profile. There’s something to be said for saving time and money in today’s world,” said Ryan Malone in a review.  

Smoke and Poke allows members to be expressive, share explicit content, and learn new ways marijuana can improve your relationship. And it is constantly showing people why an all-inclusive community is worthwhile. 4/20 may just be a day for some, but for the Smoke and Poke members, it’s a chance to create more happy memories with the people you love with the help of marijuana. 

To stay up to date on the latest gear and see what the team is up to, people can follow Smoke and Poke on all its social media platforms, including Twitter and Instagram.