The Scoop: Singles understand the importance of proximity when it comes to finding romance. That’s why the LOVOO dating app includes patented GPS technology to connect nearby singles throughout Europe. Its features make it easy to chat with singles nearby who share the same interests. LOVOO also offers live video streams to help singles go on interesting and fun dates even when it’s not safe to meet up in person.

A guy could be a real catch, but if he doesn’t live near compatible singles, he may still have trouble finding a date. And potential partners may also have trouble finding him.

That’s why many European singles use LOVOO, a dating app with patented GPS technology that helps users find people near them who are attractive and interesting.

Relationships often depend on proximity, and daters may not want to take chances when they match with singles who live far away. Not all daters have the resources to maintain serious relationships with someone who lives a continent away.

The LOVOO logo

LOVOO uses GPS technology to help daters find nearby partners.

Other dating apps may encourage singles to search far and wide or find dates in the nearest major city. But LOVOO helps members find singles who live nearby based on physical location, not zip code or city.

“LOVOO has since grown to be the most downloaded dating app in German-speaking countries and is also very popular in Spain, France, and Italy,” said Sebastian Matkey, Senior PR and Content Marketing Manager for LOVOO.

The app isn’t just popular in major hubs, either. Members in rural towns throughout Europe use LOVOO because it helps them quickly find singles they can connect with who are also looking for love.

The app makes it easy for users to find someone who enjoys the same passions, such as art and entertainment, that they do. And LOVOO’s advanced features, including chat and livestreaming, mean singles can safely get to know one another before they decide to meet in person.

The Team Understands Modern Online Dating

LOVOO has an international team of young professionals who understand what it takes to succeed in the modern dating world. Recently, the company named 29-year-old Anna Maria Wanninger as its new managing director.

Her leadership team includes Darshan Sheth as COO and Claudio Di Vincenzo as CFO. Together, they oversee 170 employees who hail from more than 25 countries and are working in two offices, located in Dresden and Berlin, Germany.

Of course, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the team said it has been working hard from home to continue improving the app.

Recently, App Growth Awards nominated LOVOO in three categories, including “Growth Team Of The Year” and “Best Snap Campaign,” for its upcoming accolades.

Graphic of LOVOO app user

Singles throughout Europe trust the award-winning LOVOO app.

The feature that makes LOVOO so popular with users dates back to 2011, the year LOVOO launched. The team set out to develop a mobile app that allows users to meet others based on physical location. So they innovated a patented GPS-based technology that helps singles see others who are close by and interested in the same things they are.

“It’s a fun place that makes it easy to get in contact with new, like-minded people nearby,” Sebastian said. “Every day, people send us emails and write to us on our social media channels with their personal success stories.”

According to Sebastian, most LOVOO users are between the ages of 25 and 35, interested in serious relationships, and finding the right partner. Many are fans of the outdoors as well as popular entertainment, including music, concerts and television shows, he said.

A Fun, Safe App with Unique Location Features

Signing up for LOVOO is easy, and new users can connect through their Facebook, email, or Google accounts, as well as with their Apple ID. Users should also ensure their device has GPS functionality to receive the full benefits of LOVOO’s features.

“Then, you can use our radar feature, which allows you to easily and safely see singles in your area in real time,” Sebastian said.

Another popular feature during the stay-at-home orders required during the COVID-19 pandemic is the app’s livestreaming capability. LOVOO introduced the live video feature in May 2018 to add an entertaining online aspect to traditional dating. It’s available to all users, including those on both free and premium plans.

Photo of LOVOO Senior PR and Content Marketing Manager Sebastian Matkey

Sebastian Matkey, LOVOO Senior PR and Content Marketing Manager, talked about how the app works.

Along with the one-on-one video chats and livestreaming options, the app offers a variety of other tools to help singles approach each other and connect. Users can enjoy Icebreakers, which allows them to contact other singles in fun, creative ways — even if they aren’t listed as a match.

They can also try CherryPicks, which shows a limited number of users every day who could be potential matches based on a series of questions users answer when they sign up.

Perhaps most importantly, users can feel safe during their time on LOVOO. The app has a UrSafe connection, which uses profile verification and moderation to ensure that users don’t encounter any problems during their time online.

“It makes us very proud but also makes us work even harder to ensure that everyone has a positive and safe experience,” Sebastian said. “Our goal is to expand our strong market position and to continue growing.”

LOVOO: Success Stories Show a Strong Community

Since the app was founded, the team has heard plenty of success stories from singles who have found love through LOVOO.

For example, two childhood friends serendipitously reconnected through the app after years of being out of contact. At the time, the team said the friends were both playing the app’s new next | date feature, a speed-dating game that helps singles find others who share similar interests.

Another couple that connected through LOVOO had what may be the worst first date ever. He accidentally spilled his coffee all over her. She wore new shoes and got painful blisters. He slipped and fell. She ran into a door. However, despite the awkward first date, the team said their chemistry was undeniable. Their story had a happy ending as the couple is still together three years later.

In 2020, the app saw plenty of growth because of its popular online gaming that allows people to connect online before they meet in person. Sebastian said users have played more than 1.8 million next | date games since March 1, 2020. And more than 420,000 matches emerged from those games.

More than 2 million German users have used the app’s live video feature during the same time frame.

“The whole COVID-19 situation will stick with us for quite some time, and so we will work on features that allow people to have safer dating experiences,” Sebastian said.