The Scoop: Equally Yoked Singles connects Christians of diverse backgrounds and denominations for partnerships built on faith. Founded by Edward Pileggi, the CEO and founder of the Seventh-day Adventist dating site, The Single Adventist, Equally Yoked Singles has been matching Christian singles since 2020. The site offers users multiple memberships, including a free option, and allows users to upload as many pieces of media as they want. Edward talked to us about the site’s story and features and gave tips for how Christian singles can center their religious values at every step of dating.

Everybody has a unique set of preferences while dating. Conscious or not, we’re all guided by our personal values, experiences, and backgrounds when we date and form new romantic relationships. This means that every single person needs something a little different from their online dating experiences, especially if they want to find someone they’ll be compatible with.

Christian singles are often looking for romantic partners who share their religious values, and in the modern dating scene, this isn’t always the easiest task. Christian dating sites have been around for about as long as online dating has, and Christian singles now have an abundance of options for digital romance. With all the options out there, Christian singles need to choose a site that fits their specific dating needs.

Equally Yoked Singles is a dating site that connects Christians of many denominations for committed, God-honoring partnerships. The site was founded in 2020 by Edward Pileggi to help Christians find local dates who were also looking for a different dating experience. Equally Yoked Singles is a newer addition to the world of online Christian dating and offers users an accessible and robust experience.

“We launched the site three years ago, and it’s been growing pretty fast since,” Edward said. “I was inspired by the success of my other dating site, which is specifically for Seventh-day Adventists, and once I found something that really worked for people in a small market, I wanted to see if it also worked in a bigger market. So far, that’s the case.”

A Dating Site Rooted In Faith

Edward graduated from a Christian university in 2003 with a computer science degree. He founded a dating site for Seventh-day Adventists that swiftly became popular among single Adventists. While Seventh-day Adventists represent a smaller online dating market, Edward said he wanted to bring the success users found on The Single Adventist to Christians of all denominations.

“I saw everything going really well in the smaller niche and wanted to bring that to a larger audience,” Edward said. “I wanted to prove that the platform did have a competitive advantage compared to other Christian dating sites, which had been around and established for a while.”

equally yoked singles site
Equally Yoked Singles is a dating site for singles of many Christian backgrounds and beliefs.

Equally Yoked Singles stands apart from other Christian dating sites that claim to offer free services yet require users to buy memberships to access even the most basic app features, like liking and messaging. “Most sites aren’t free, even though they’re advertised to be free,” Edward told us. “We’re also not free, but I think one of our competitive advantages is our price point is much lower than the competition.”

Edward said that paid memberships to Equally Yoked Singles are 30-50% below competitors’ rates, and the free site membership features allow users to send likes, make matches, and start chats. “I think it’s a lower barrier to entry for people who might not have the finances,” he said. “We also have a similar thing to something like Tinder or Bumble, where if there’s a mutual like, messaging is free.”

Equally Yoked Singles aims to be a platform accessible to Christian singles regardless of their financial situation. “We wanted to make it reachable to people who didn’t want to commit financially but still wanted to participate,” Edward explained. “You can be a free user and still make a connection.”

Discover Singles From Diverse Denominations 

Equally Yoked Singles features include profile browsing, private messaging, and newsfeeds similar to Instagram or Facebook, where users can post updates, photos, and videos. “That’s another edge we have,” Edward said. “There’s no limit on the amount of media users can put on their profiles, so you can really get a feel of who someone is from the collection on their profile.”

Along with photos and videos, users can write a short bio for their profile to introduce themselves and express their dating goals. Users can add their names, locations, ages, and basic personal information to their profile, which includes gender, height, education level, willingness to relocate, denomination, and other lifestyle markers. 

equally yoked singles features
Daters can find interesting Christian singles in their areas on Equally Yoked Singles.

Equally Yoked Singles welcomes users of all Christian backgrounds, from Catholics to Baptists to non-denominational believers. Users can include their denomination or religious background in their profile and also filter profiles by denomination while browsing. Singles can also set location and age filters while making matches.

Other advanced filters include church attendance, marital status, and desire for children. Equally Yoked Singles’ features are tailored to the needs of single Christians looking for a real connection, and profile options reflect the broad diversity of beliefs, identities, and lifestyles within Christianity. 

On the newsfeed, singles can post updates and browse other users’ posts. It is a great place to meet singles whose profiles may not be suggested on the homepage. Edward told us the newsfeed feature encourages users to get involved in the app’s social networking features, which makes for better matches.

“You can post anything on our newsfeed, and when users do that, we notice people feel more comfortable and like the posts are an icebreaker,” Edward said. “Some people may not feel confident enough to send a private message, but they feel comfortable commenting on a post, and then a connection is made.”

Equally Yoked Singles Matches Faith-Focused Singles

Edward said many Equally Yoked Singles users are looking for connections with people within their denomination. Christians are united by a shared set of beliefs, but individual practices and values can differ greatly from denomination to denomination, and many singles are looking for partners who can relate to their unique backgrounds.

“It’s mostly by denomination,” he said. “Let’s say someone who’s Catholic comes to the site. They’re probably going to put Catholic and maybe one or two other denominations they would also feel comfortable dating. As a general statement, it’s really no more than a handful of denominations that people are looking for.”

equally yoked singles logo
Find a partnership centered on faith on Equally Yoked Singles.

Equally Yoked Singles gives Christians an online dating experience they can trust. The site gives users a verse of the day, which pulls a quote from the Bible to inspire singles through their dating journeys. Dating can be time-consuming, and Edward encouraged single Christians to continue to put their faith first.

“From the beginning, it’s always important to keep God as the primary focus of the relationship,” he said. “Not just going, ‘Hey, we’re both Christians,’ and then leaving it at that. Try to make a conscious effort to put God in the relationship. That could be praying together, maybe reading Scripture, even seeking counselling from a pastor. It’s important to always keep God in the focus.”