The Scoop: Dating can feel like a lonely journey at times. Figuring out how to navigate the dating scene all on your own can be challenging. But thanks to dating coaches like Crista Beck, singles have access to support that can transform their dating lives for the better. For over 15 years, Crista Beck has been on a mission to help daters find healing so they can find healthy relationships that will last them a lifetime. 

Everyone dreams of finding true love one day. Having someone special to go home to every day is a feeling like no other. As precious as that sounds, finding love is not always a walk in the park. I remember when I was a little girl I envisioned my prince charming magically appearing at my doorstep trying to win over my heart –– literally!

But now that I’m in a relationship and know that’s far from the truth, I laugh at how naive I was in thinking about how love works. 

There are many singles in the world today who are waiting around for love to come to them. But that’s not how dating works and it’s about time we change our mindsets for the betterment of growing healthy relationships. Matchmaker and dating coach, Crista Beck challenges singles to think outside the box in how they find love. 

At the age of 21, Crista devoted herself to meditation and discovered that inner development and healing are necessary for people to advance in their love lives. To this day, Crista coaches singles from all over the world and strives to help them obtain personal growth, set realistic dating goals, and more.

Crista told us that singles put a lot of pressure on themselves that something magical will happen in their dating life but fail to realize the necessary work they need to put in.  

“Once you’re able to really empower yourself to look in a healthy way at what you’ve been handed, then you actually can be in a conscious position to be able to evolve and create a new story,” said Crista. 

A Step-By-Step Strategy for Finding Quality Partners

Just like the winning Kansas City Chiefs, you have to come up with a game plan when it comes to love. But with Crista by your side, you don’t have to do it alone. Crista’s services include coaching sessions for men and women and informative podcasts on all dating and love-related topics, among other assistance. 

Finding a quality partner starts with making sure you’re in a healthy space for a relationship. Crista advises her clients to begin by going through a step-by-step process to identify past relationship issues and fears, and discover the healthy steps they need to take to move forward.

Crista shared with us that she encourages her clients to get honest with themselves and recognize what they’ve stepped over in their past relationships. 

crista beck dating coach
Crista helps her clients make their romance dreams a reality.

“Before I started my dating coaching with Crista I was not over my ex and it was weighing heavy on me. I really needed help in how to change my thinking so I could accept the right kind of person into my life,” said Monica, Crista’s client in a testimonial

After the healing process, Crista walks clients through how they can better put themselves out there to find dates. This includes going out to more than just bars and clubs but community events, concerts, and even doctor appointments. The biggest takeaway that clients learn from Crista is that you can meet people anywhere. Crista encourages people to live their best lives by getting out of the house and going out to new places. 

Being Realistic Vs. Settling in Dating

People often get being realistic and settling confused, but there’s a big difference between the two. Crista told us that she often sees singles settle for relationships that don’t suit them due to unrealistic timelines they set for themselves. A lot of people struggle to overcome society’s expectations of marriage and starting a family, and end up in unhappy relationships that lead to divorce and single-parent households.

This barrier has caused a lot of daters to lose faith in the process and be discouraged at the end of the day. 

Realistic dating is being aware of how you’re moving forward in your journey. Are you actively working toward meeting new people? Are you expecting to get married next month and haven’t made your way out of the house all week?

crista helps clients date realistically
Singles should have a reasonable idea of what they’re looking for before they start dating.

These are the kinds of questions that Crista asks her clients to give them a perspective on how finding love works. You can’t expect to find love if you’re stuck in the house every Friday night binge-watching “Friends” for the fourth time. 

Crista helps singles reevaluate their priorities and overcome barriers. Another thing that Crista told us is that a lot of singles compare their love lives to what they see in movies and it creates unrealistic narratives of love.

As a film director, I love making movies and sharing stories within my work. But at the end of the day, I have to separate the stories I tell in my films from the reality I live in. Love may not find you like it would in a fairytale but that does not mean it won’t find you. 

“Put yourself in the captain’s seat of your love life,” said Crista. 

Crista Beck Gets Real About the Dating Process

Dating works best if you’re truly intentional. Crista shared with us that a lot of people in the dating scene aren’t present. At a time when advanced technology absorbs most of our attention, people are often glued to their phones and miss the handful of opportunities to meet new people.

Crista tells her clients the best way to encounter people is to go out without their phones and sit in a room with people and just talk. 

Another obstacle that Crista brought up is that a single’s upbringing can affect the way someone dates. Crista’s coaching sessions enable singles to address family issues and evaluate how they can stop generational patterns that ultimately hinder a relationship. 

crista helps clients be intentional
When you show up authentically and intentionally in romance, results follow.

“I think we have the opportunity as humans to be able to evolve our lineage and to really be able to take what our parents gave us or our original caregivers to take given us, and like really weed out the things that don’t work,” said Crista. 

Crista confronts real issues in dating that singles need to address. Through her coaching sessions and her books, Crista continues to make a difference in people’s love lives. Dating can feel overwhelming at times but with the help of dating experts like Crista, singles can learn how to be more vulnerable and realistic in their dating journeys and get better results from it!