In today’s whirlwind state of modern romance where “sliding into DMs” is the new “asking out,” there’s something reassuringly steadfast about the charm of time-honored traditions. Even in the era of digital courtship, many hearts still yearn for the sentimental allure of classic romance and the iconic white-picket-fence lifestyle — a nod to a more genteel, bygone era that’s very much alive in our collective aspirations.

A study of 3,000 singles aimed to uncover how many people envision a traditional “white picket fence” existence in matrimony. Our findings paint a picturesque map of America’s most beloved towns where old-fashioned dreams flourish amidst modern life.

Our team has created an infographic showing where singles dream of living out their white-picket lifestyle in the United States:

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Couples Seek the American Dream in the Suburbs

Delving deeper, we explored marital home life preferences. We asked Americans where they pictured their post-nuptial bliss, and a slight majority of 51% expressed a desire to nest in suburban neighborhoods. They cherished the thought of a relaxed community where kids can play and neighbors might borrow a cup of sugar — yet close enough to the urban hustle for work and weekend escapades. A pastoral life amidst the countryside beckoned to 25%, with visions of starlit skies and open spaces.

Meanwhile, 16% of respondents craved the pulse of city life, eager to be at the epicenter of action and convenience. A tranquil coastal existence, with the sound of waves as a daily soundtrack, was the choice for 8% of Americans in the survey.

The survey also waded into the waters of compromise — what lengths would one go to for the sake of a shared dream home? It seems almost half of the respondents (48%) would cast their own wishes aside to embrace their partner’s white picket fence — or perhaps high-rise — ambitions. Yet, 37% stood ready to find middle ground, negotiating a shared space that could offer a slice of both their dreams. On the other end, 15% were unwavering, unwilling to compromise on the setting for their domestic fairy tale, a stance that might well spark some heated debates.

When it comes to selecting a partner, 81% weighed in heavily on shared lifestyle visions, hinting that a harmonious home life was as crucial as love itself in the long term. As for the perfect timeline, the consensus identified the age of 28 as the ideal milestone for settling down. Moreover, an emphatic 74% of respondents harbor intentions of having children once the vows have been exchanged.