The Scoop: SpeedDater is one of the U.K.’s most popular speed dating companies, and for good reason. The speed dating company offers a diverse range of activity-based speed dating events, including a wide selection of events for LGBTQ+ singles. Lissy Cleminson is a member of the SpeedDater team. She talked to us about the company, its history, and what makes it stand out from the rest. SpeedDater uses a post-event online platform that makes connecting with new flames easier than ever.

When you really think about it, speed dating is like online dating’s more in-depth sibling. Let’s break it down. If you’re an online dater,  you’re probably spending time swiping through profiles, taking a quick glance at the person’s appearance, age, and profile blurb, and then deciding which way to swipe.

Speed dating gives you the same opportunity to come into contact with other singles but in a more in-depth way. Instead of only seeing a few pictures and buzzy personality descriptors, you get to meet the person and engage face-to-face.

Speed dating gives you the chance to be in that person’s presence and gauge the chemistry you have without being tied down to an entire first date. SpeedDater is one of the U.K.’s largest and most popular speed dating services, offering events in London, Manchester, Glasgow, and beyond.

Lissy Cleminson, a member of the SpeedDater team, talked to us about singles events, dating advice, and why she thinks singles should give speed dating a try. “We’ve been around for over 20 years and operate all over the U.K. and Scotland,” Lissy said. “Since we’re one of the most established speed dating companies within the U.K., we have a large database.”

Two Decades in the Speed Dating Business

Lissy said SpeedDater’s veteran status makes it stand out from other speed dating companies. The company was founded in 2002 and was one of the first singles events sites to launch in the U.K. SpeedDater has held over 10,000 events and introduced over 300,000 singles.

Decades of experience come with many perks, like regular events with various exciting themes that are hosted across the country. SpeedDater has perfected its model, and singles reap the benefits.

“We operate slightly differently from other speed dating companies,” Lissy told us. “Our events include activities, whether wine tasting or something else. We also offer the widest variety of LGBTQ+ events, and we’re not just offering those events in Brighton. They’re happening in cities all over.”

SpeedDater is one of U.K.’s most established speed dating services.

SpeedDater incorporates activities into speed dating events to help break the ice and give singles a built-in shared experience that goes beyond dating itself. Sharing an experience is a great way to bond with a person, get their opinions and outlooks on different situations, and even begin to establish a little bit of humor.

“A lot of people really appreciate the extra formats that we deliver,” Lissy said. “We do wine tastings at our London events. We do four wines, and it’s really fun. I actually had an email yesterday from one of our daters saying this was his favorite format, because people actually enjoy wine tasting.”

Lissy said SpeedDater had to find activities that were right for the speed dating format and garnered widespread interest from singles. “We also do pop-up events. We’ve done mini golf, which is super fun. I think we get different types of daters because our events are so engaging and different.”

SpeedDater’s Events Combine Food, Drinks, & Great Conversations

SpeedDater organizes its events by age range, orientation, and location. Singles can browse different events using filters to find the kind of speed dating experience they’ll find most interesting and comfortable. SpeedDater prides itself on cultivating a chill and relaxed environment for its events, which starts with choosing the right venue.

Most SpeedDater events are held in local restaurants and bars. “We have a really big hold in those big cities,” Lissy said. “Take Manchester for example. We’ve been there so long, so people trust us because they know the name. This goes for singles and vendors.”

speed dater events
SpeedDater offers events for all kinds of daters.

The SpeedDater team has carefully selected each speed dating venue. “It’s really important with speed dating that we choose a venue that’s aesthetically beautiful, but it also has to be safe. You want daters to feel safe and also familiar. So we choose well-known brands when we can, so it doesn’t feel like a brand new experience.”

SpeedDater keeps an updated list of events that singles can search through using filters for age, location, and sexual orientation. The service usually has several events going on around the country every week, so singles interested in trying their hand at speed dating don’t need to wait long to find an event near them.

In the next month, SpeedDater will hold an event for graduate professionals in London, lesbian speed dating in Manchester, and gay speed dating in Glasgow.

IRL Connections Made Simple

Lissy said SpeedDater works hard to ensure that its events appeal to different kinds of singles. The company holds events for gay and lesbian singles, as well as events geared toward single professionals and graduate students. 

By offering specialized events, SpeedDater makes it simple for singles to meet people they can really jive with. Lissy said dating in person offers daters an experience many of them have been searching for, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic.

SpeedDater brings singles one-of-a-kind dating encounters.

“My biggest thing with speed dating is that you’re meeting people in person,” Lissy said. “Nowadays, with apps, you don’t really know who you’re meeting until you meet them. And after COVID, we’ve seen there’s been a big boom for speed dating because people are desperate to meet in person. People are looking for that connection.”

Lissy said singles interested in speed dating should ensure they’re ready and open for the experience. She also encouraged singles to find speed dating companies that will live up to their expectations and deliver high-quality events every time.

“Our daters love our events, and it’s because we’re different, and we offer something exciting,” Lissy said. “We’re well-known and well-established, and singles feel and know they can trust us.”