The Scoop: Singles who feel frustrated with the dating process may not know where to turn, but many professionals can offer support. Ignite Matchmaking is a great dating service that provides a personalized helping hand by vetting date prospects and matching clients according to specific criteria. Ignite’s team of accredited matchmakers helps singles find relationships that are built to last.

Trying to find a partner in the dating scene can be an overwhelming experience. Singles often struggle to find compatible matches to date, while dealing with the emotional strain that comes with being vulnerable with new people. Some online daters may feel like there’s no one out there for them or that there’s nowhere left to look. Over time, the entire process can be discouraging.

Starting to date can be even harder for those who have had a large gap in their dating history, whether from a previous marriage, long-term relationship, or even a period of voluntary singleness. The prospect of using dating apps or trying to date through mutual friends can feel almost impossible for these individuals. And after being out of the game for so long, they may not know the best way to get back in.

UK singles who are frustrated with the dating scene can be thrilled to find Ignite Dating. The organization is dedicated to creating a personalized, hands-on matchmaking experience for singles ready to find a long-term partner in a competitive dating scene. 

Photo of Michelle Begy
Michelle Begy and her matchmaking team are there to support their clients.

After years working in the dating industry, Ignite Dating Founder Michelle Begy realized that there was a gap in the dating market. “I noticed that educated and successful people were getting bored of labor-intensive online dating,” Michelle said. “They wanted to be more prescriptive in what they valued in a partner and database matching was just not working for them.”

While traditional online dating platforms can be valuable tools for finding other singles, they may provide more options than users can mentally handle. Some may offer little meaningful information for singles to make judgments. But dating doesn’t have to be that way. “Our dedicated matchmakers support our clients every step of the way in their dating journey,” Michelle said. “Contrary to popular belief, dating doesn’t have to be a numbers game. Our matchmakers work hard to really understand what somebody is looking for in a partner and provide hand-selected, ID-checked introductions using a unique blend of psychometric profiling, experience and intuition.”

With the help of the team at Ignite Dating, singles can find quality connections rooted in compatibility.

A Safe Way to Date

Going on the first few dates of a relationship is scary for a few reasons. Not only are you trying to make the best first impression, you’re also on guard as you attempt to judge whether your date is a safe person. The stakes are high to make sure that your partner is trustworthy. 

While you can never be entirely sure of a person’s character prior to getting to know them, having background information on someone you’re considering going into a new social pairing or acquaintance with is crucial. That’s why the team at Ignite Dating takes every possible precaution to make sure that their matches are safe and reliable on both sides. “I am totally committed to an ethical industry, so we ensure everybody we work with is ID and digital footprint checked,” Michelle said. “They are also interviewed face to face by a trained matchmaker so we can ensure they are who they say they are and that they’ll be a good fit for the person we are looking to match them with.”

The team at Ignite does extensive work to make sure each match is trustworthy.

As a trustworthy dating service, Ignite Dating goes above and beyond by first meeting in person with each new client. Even when someone appears safe online, behavioral red flags could alert a trained matchmaker to a possibly bad match. Ignite adds an extra check with the interview process to save their clients from meeting the wrong person.

The singles who work with Michelle’s team have the consistent support and counsel they need to meet the right partner and thrive in and out of a relationship. Victoria, a 37-year-old divorcée in London, wrote that she had an excellent experience with the support she received from Michelle and the rest of her team. “Michelle took time to really get to know me and she was therefore able to find me a great match,” Victoria said. “We are looking forward to a future together and I never dreamed it would be my first introduction. Even better was the continued support throughout the dating journey which I am still receiving now I am in a committed relationship.”

Find Personal Transformation

In addition to finding a romantic partner, singles can find many personal benefits in the dating process. Individuals gain confidence across different facets of their lives when they put themselves out there romantically. When they consider what they want in a romantic partner, they learn more about what they value. When they talk about themselves and listen to their partner do the same, they work on their social skills and means of expressing themselves.

With the help of the matchmaking team at Ignite Dating, singles can feel this process of personal development occur dramatically. The team works closely with clients to get to know who they are and what they are looking for in a partner.

“Many are surprised about what they learn about themselves along the way!” Michelle said. “Working with the experts often leads to people re-evaluating what they are looking for after careful consideration of what is important to them and after open and honest discussions with their dedicated matchmaker. This helps to narrow down the type of person they’ll click with and help them reach their goal of a fulfilling and committed long-term relationship.”

couple on hike
Singles often find long-term life partners with Ignite Dating.

The team at Ignite makes sure to help singles present the best versions of themselves in the dating process. “Each of our packages includes a professional photo shoot,” Michelle said. “We offer a shoot to ensure that we have a set of fresh, up to date images that aren’t shared online and that they can’t be Google reverse-image searched. Clients undertake Myers Briggs personality profiling, have the option of FIRO profiling and have access to our Master Executive Coach, Genevieve Gresset.” 

Singles get professional help with their photo shoots to make sure they look their best for potential matches — and for themselves. When you feel attractive, it’s much easier to know your worth and feel confident in dating. And with the use of personality profiling, matchmakers use these tools to gain insight on how to work and communicate with clients in a way that they feel safe and energized.

Lean on the Team at Ignite Dating

Dating can be a stressful and time-consuming process, but with the help of Ignite, it can be much less so. “It pays to work with an expert who can remove all the hard work from the process and who understands the area local to our clients,” Michelle said. “Our matchmakers are akin to a recruitment head-hunter, allowing clients to outsource all the hard work of finding somebody new. This approach is perfect for busy professionals who want to find love but don’t have the time to dedicate to searching for a new partner.” 

Thanks to its hands-on approach, Ignite Dating can make dating far less daunting.

Those who are struggling to find a relationship may not have the support they need in the dating process. Luckily, they aren’t out of options. 

“You’ll be surprised by just how much quicker your journey can be once you’ve put your faith and trust in the professionals,” Michelle told us. “We work hard to match you with someone you’ll really share a connection with. This saves a lot of the emotional effort of dates that were never going to be right for you and hours spent scrolling through dozens of the wrong options via online dating apps.”