The Scoop: Singles who feel frustrated with the dating process may not know where to turn, but many professionals can offer support. Ignite Matchmaking is a great dating service that provides a personalized helping hand by vetting date prospects and matching clients according to specific criteria. Ignite’s team of accredited matchmakers helps singles find relationships that are built to last.

Trying to find a partner in the dating scene can be an overwhelming experience. Singles often struggle to find compatible matches to date, while dealing with the emotional strain that comes with being vulnerable with new people. Some online daters may feel like there’s no one out there for them or that there’s nowhere left to look. Over time, the entire process can be discouraging.

Starting to date can be even harder for those who have had a large gap in their dating history, whether from a previous marriage, long-term relationship, or even a period of voluntary singleness. The prospect of using dating apps or trying to date through mutual friends can feel almost impossible for these individuals. And after being out of the game for so long, they may not know the best way to get back in.

UK singles who are frustrated with the dating scene can be thrilled to find Ignite Dating. The organization is dedicated to creating a personalized, hands-on matchmaking experience for singles ready to find a long-term partner in a competitive dating scene.