The Scoop: Many singles believe a level of physical attraction is important to successful dating. But the concept of superficial beauty, which has become a priority in the modern online dating world, is starting to shift. Ugly Schmucks is a dating platform that focuses on a dater’s genuine personality above physical appearance and makes genuine connections easier. Singles can form stronger bonds through Ugly Schmucks by recognizing that appearance only tells part of the story about true attractiveness.

The swipe culture of quick dating decisions based solely on looks disheartens many modern singles. After all, few people can post pictures that make them look like supermodels.

Physical beauty has become the priority, and endless articles and dating coaches tout tricks that make people look twice at your photo. But for those who consider themselves not that attractive, it can take a substantial amount of mindfulness and understanding to navigate the modern online dating scene.

Many dating apps are designed to grab the attention of singles with physical beauty. But Ugly Schmucks is a platform for those who prefer more meaningful connections.

Research published in the Scandinavian Journal of Psychology in 2020 found that most people either overestimated or underestimated their attractiveness when compared with how other people rated them.

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Singles enjoy using Ugly Schmucks to avoid the superficial dating scene.

And people who consider themselves demisexual, which means they are only sexually attracted to someone after establishing an emotional bond, have difficulty figuring out who has a personality worth exploring.

Ugly Schmucks offers a respite from traditional online dating platforms and provides members with a place where their true selves can shine through.

Joe, the website developer who started Ugly Schmucks, said there’s nothing shameful about knowing you’re more than your looks.

“When you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin because you feel outcast from traditional dating sites, you may be an Ugly Schmuck,” he said.

Inner Beauty is Important For Dating Success

Modern singles report plenty of dating app fatigue, especially when trying to make connections with people primarily based on photos. That’s because even the most handsome smile doesn’t mean a person is interesting or loving.

When the match is based on something so superficial, it can be challenging to know what to say or if you have anything in common. Good looks may help someone have a sexual connection, but even that doesn’t present a guarantee for pleasure.

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Ugly Schmucks connects users based on common interests without adding pressure.

For demisexuals, who need to create an emotional bond before being attracted to someone, physical beauty may be practically irrelevant.

“The people in the Ugly Schmucks community expect to go beyond the profile photo and dig deeper into the person behind the face,” Joe said. “The expectation is genuine personality over outer appearance.”

Online dating is difficult for people who know they’re less attractive — for many reasons. One member of the Ugly Schmucks community said photos often act as a gatekeeper for many dating apps.

“I got onto some apps and am stunned that the profiles just don’t seem to matter anymore,” the user wrote in a testimonial. “The ones where people write long answers on their profiles are more interesting, and I’ve found a bunch of interesting people who I don’t find physically stunning, or even not my type at all, and I want to meet up with them and have a conversation.”

An App That Goes Beyond Profile Photos

Profile photos on dating apps are notoriously inaccurate. One frequent complaint is that singles can upload a photo that’s more than a decade old, shows them at a flattering angle, or in lighting that doesn’t project how they truly look.

And yet, that’s often all someone has to go on to determine if the person will resonate with them enough to enjoy an afternoon out together.

“People who want deep, meaningful relationships will have a difficult time finding companions based on profile photos alone,” Joe told us. “In this environment, only the super attractive people get noticed.”

Screenshot of Ugly Schmucks community
The Ugly Schmucks community offers users advice and support for daters.

Many people who rely on online dating to make connections may feel they must trick others into believing they are more attractive. In the end, their self-esteem may suffer when the other person finds out that they aren’t as beautiful as they projected in their profile.

It’s also harder to display a winning personality when users aren’t confident.

“We live in a superficial world, and online dating just magnifies it,” said Anya, another member of the Ugly Schmucks community. “If you don’t have a picture, you won’t get looked at. Even if you do have one, but it doesn’t meet society’s beauty standards, you still wouldn’t get the time of day. It’s sad, but it’s the world we are living in.”

Signing up for Ugly Schmucks is free and fast. Users select their gender and the gender they are looking for in a date. Once they enter an email, username, and password, they can start creating a profile that shows who they are on the inside.

Ugly Schmucks Offers Tips for Letting Your Personality Shine

The Ugly Schmucks user profile fields don’t skimp on space. Instead, singles can share as much detail as necessary on everything they want a potential partner to know about them.

“In our experience, the best dating profile is highly personalized,” Joe said. “Through paragraph form fields, users can express who they are and let their personality shine.”

While photos carry less weight on Ugly Schmucks than they do on other dating sites, it is still a good idea to spend some time refining your dating profile with as much information as possible, according to tips from experts. The first thing Joe recommends is to complete the profile so that nothing is left out. Part of the problem with the more traditional dating apps is that many people don’t write anything.

Once users draft their profile description, they should double-check their work. No one wants to have any spelling or grammar mistakes, which may reflect they are not mindful or attentive to detail. Some singles use a free online editing platform, such as Grammarly, to ensure everything is correct.

Even if someone lacks self-confidence in their physical appearance, they should be authentic and honest in their profile write-up. Never embellish qualities or characteristics, as the truth will come out eventually. Those who have trouble describing themselves can ask their friends about what makes them a great catch.

Another good tip is for daters to write their profile when they’re in a good mood. They should wait for a day when the weather is lovely, and things are going their way. Singles may find it easier to present a positive attitude in their personal description when they’re feeling great.

Users can still upload photos to Ugly Schmucks, and it’s a good idea to put some care into choosing the best one. Don’t add one with a hat and sunglasses. Instead, look into the camera and smile so potential matches can see that you’re confident in who you are. And remember, people who judge others based on their looks aren’t likely to be on Ugly Schmucks anyway.