The Scoop: Sugar relationships are often misunderstood, and as a result, singles find it more difficult to find the kind of relationship they’re looking for. Thanks to online dating services such as, sugar dating has become more popular and accessible than ever before. was created in 2002 and is recognized as one of the first sugar daddy dating sites that allowed sugar relationships to form online.

Online dating is one of the most popular ways for singles to meet nowadays. According to Deseret News, statistics show that around 40% of United States couples met online. This isn’t a surprise considering that online dating has developed into an inclusive resource for people to find any kind of relationship that best suits them — such as sugar dating! is one of the few online dating sites in the industry that provide upscale dating services for sugar relationships. was launched in 2002 and has been on a mission ever since to connect quality men with quality women. But what is sugar dating? Sugar dating is typically referred to as an arrangement between a wealthy man and an attractive younger woman. 

Steven Pasternack, founder and CEO, told us that sugar relationships are more than what people think. It’s a relationship where a more successful man takes on a role as a mentor to a beautiful young lady and exposes her to a better lifestyle. Back in the day, people had to secretly make these kinds of arrangements but not anymore. 

“A lot of times, these men and women won’t meet each other because of the circles of friends or their daily work routines that they’re involved with. is an opportunity for them to meet people that they normally wouldn’t,” said Steven.           

Providing Sophisticated and Comprehensive Dating Services is known for providing singles with an online dating experience like no other. Users create profiles that are unique to them and get access to community message boards.’s goal is to cater to people who like the finer things in life. For some people, dating someone with a certain financial status or appearance is not a desire but a necessity –– and that’s OK! 

Have you ever heard someone tell you that you may have to lower your standards when it comes to dating? Yeah, we’ve all been there, but on, users are encouraged to remain firm on their dating expectations. Someone out there will check all of the boxes. logo users find plenty of success on the site.

“Second best is not an option, and we understand the needs of single people when delivering an unrivaled matchmaking service that is admired by many, but equaled by none,” said the team. 

Steven said that the site’s success is only measured by its users’ success. Success on looks different for everyone because users all have different reasons for joining. Some women join to find a financially stable partner while others are looking to be invited out for a going away weekend adventure. Whatever their motivation, makes it easy for sugar babies to find a sugar daddy who is willing to fulfill their needs and vice versa. 

An Easier Way to Meet Attractive Women Around the World challenges the status quo by embracing a younger generation of sugar daddies ready to find their sugar babies. Oftentimes when you think of sugar daddies, the image that comes to mind is that of an older wealthy man over the age of 60. But is on a mission to shake things up.

When creating Steven said one of his goals was to help busy professional men have a fair chance at dating. Instead of having to settle for bar or club dates, Steven wanted to provide men with a more convenient way to find attractive sugar babies. Men can browse through the site and find thousands of profiles of women. is about quality relationships
Men and women can find mutually beneficial relationships on

With so many profiles, offers a cool search feature that helps members narrow down their search. They can search users by their location, age, and how long they’ve been on the site. To help expedite the process a little more, suggests matches along the way that users find most useful. 

“I just finished an amazing eight-month relationship with a woman I met here and have a deep ongoing friendship with another. Being on has also led to some wonderful times with girls who already knew me before seeing me here,” said Tony, a user in a testimonial Live the Kind of Lifestyle You Want Safely 

Online dating is fun and all but it’s important that you remain safe at all times. takes certain precautions to ensure that users are dating safely. The site has tips available for newcomers or anyone who needs a refresher on what safe online dating looks like and advice on what to do and what not do on a first meet-up. 

“We try to create a very safe environment for everybody. We look for any complaints and anybody that demonstrates suspicious or inappropriate behavior,” Steven told us. features makes sugar arrangements simple and fun.

Before joining all members must undergo a screening process. This screening process helps ensure that the site isn’t filled with scammers or catfish users but with quality people who are genuine in looking for a sugar relationship. Steven also said that the team relies heavily on customer feedback. 

Whether you’re looking for a casual fling or a long-term arrangement, you can find comfort in knowing that your search on is a safe one. We can expect more in the future from Steven said the team is always working toward making the site a better platform for sugar relationships to flourish. 

“We are the first dating site of its kind, which provides a sophisticated, and comprehensive dating service for its clients. We have experienced staff and a knowledge of the dating market that will always keep us one step ahead of any competition,” said the team.