The Short Version: Mental health has always been a sensitive topic for some people but times have changed and people are now more open to talking about their mental health –– even on a first date. The sex-positive dating app Pure conducted a recent study that showed singles favor dating people who go to therapy. After surveying 1,000 American singles, Pure collected research that changes singles’ perception of therapy and why it’s so hot!  

There once was a time when people felt ashamed for seeking help for their mental health. It wasn’t the norm and made people feel like something was wrong with them. But for many people, that’s no longer  the case. Mental health has grown to be a popular discussion topic that many no longer shy away from. Healthier people equate to healthier results –– especially in relationships. 

The Pure dating app recently conducted a study on 1,000 American singles on their feelings toward bringing up the topic of mental health on a first date. And the results were shocking. Pure discovered that people are now more open to talking about their mental health and some are finding it even a turn-on when the conversation of therapy is brought up. Who knew having a therapist would be so attractive? 

The Pure team discovered that the best way to support their users after the survey was by sharing what they learned in their Pure Journal –– hoping it would carry out their overall mission of helping singles with dating.

Dating can be pretty tricky at times, so Pure serves as a supportive resource for many singles in more ways than one. Most of the time users come on the platform to escape their daily routine, boredom, and predictability. 

“Pure is all about honest dating without shame. It’s a place where you can let yourself loose and play it real, whoever you choose to be, as long as you respect other people’s boundaries,” said the Pure team. 

92% of American Singles Advocate for Therapy

It’s becoming a sexy trend to get your mental health in check, and I’m here for it! People of all genders, ethnicities, sexualities, and ages were included in the survey. Out of 1,000 American singles who participated in the survey, 92% said they preferred to date people who have been to therapy. 

Many people said they believe that therapy has a great impact on their dating life. Based on Pure’s research, 1 in 4 respondents said they believe people are less likely to ghost them or demonstrate strange behavior online if they’ve been to therapy. 

PURE therapy dating stats
50% of Pure users thought it was attractive to bring up therapy on a first date.

And according to MyWellingBeing, therapy offers daters an advantage. I have to agree. My friends frequently complain about how the dating scene is so much more complicated nowadays, but their best dates are with people who are emotionally intelligent as a result of going to therapy. 

Pure also discovered that 53% of respondents said they look for profiles that mention they have been to therapy. This was an interesting discovery considering that people once were intimidated to even share they were seeking mental health treatment. 

“Therapy helps people define themselves and feel more at ease to talk openly, establish boundaries, and respect their partners’ space,” said Olga Petrunina, CEO of Pure. 

Avoid Small Talk and Get to the Nitty-Gritty 

First dates and introductions can be so nerve-wracking at times. People often stress over what to say and how to start small talk. But Pure’s research shows that small talk doesn’t have to be your only way to get to know someone. Believe it or not, talking about your mental health is a great conversation starter.

Some 70% of people surveyed said they felt comfortable discussing their mental health on a first date, and 50% of participants said they find bringing up therapy on the first date very attractive. That encourages people to get straight to the point in getting to know one another from the beginning. 

PURE stats about first date mental health discussions
Most Pure users were comfortable discussing mental health on a first date.

“If the first date doesn’t feel like the right time, that’s perfectly fine — but you’re likely worrying about nothing. The therapy talk should be one of the last things giving you pre-date jitters, given that 70% of participants of the survey are now perfectly comfortable discussing mental well-being with a new date,” said the Pure team. 

First-date conversations usually consist of surface-level questions, but Pure advises users to challenge themselves and spark deeper conversations. Pure was created so people could have a space where they can be their authentic selves and as a result, members are always encouraged to do so.  

Pure Research Brings Awareness to the Benefits of Therapy

Therapy isn’t just something you should go to once you’re in a relationship. Pure’s research proves that there are benefits to getting a therapist even during the dating process. With mental health considered the new language of love, daters are growing more at ease communicating with one another and expressing their needs. 

But one key takeaway the Pure team wants members to understand is that although therapy is becoming the new norm, therapy sessions don’t always translate to better dating etiquette. The true key to fostering healthy relationships is strong communication. 

PURE dating etiquette poll
Pure’s polling uncovered the attitudes of its users towards therapy, mental health, and dating.

“I never tire of repeating that communication is the key to a good relationship and sex,” said Olga. “Therapy improves these soft skills and helps people navigate the world of dating. It gets even more critical when it comes to unusual practices, where trust and safety play a part. People need to be mindful of their actions and consequences, and therapy helps to build a strong understanding of those.”

Since it launched in 2013, Pure has expanded its services far beyond dating. Pure’s research on mental health and dating sheds light on important topics that benefit dating overall and produce better results. To join the Pure community, you can download the app on the Apple App Store, Google Play, or Huawei ID.