The Scoop: Get rewarded for meeting new people and forming connections on Rooit, an anonymous social media platform connecting users for friendships, romance, and more. On Rooit, users can join communities called channels, where they can enjoy private chat rooms with people who share similar interests. Rooit combines the features of social media apps, dating sites, and chatrooms to give users a truly unique mobile experience.

With thousands of dating apps available globally, singles can find it hard to decide the best option for them, which is super important if they want to have success in online dating. Singles should find an app that has a user base looking for the same things as they are, whether it be hookups or long-term relationships.

Many online daters go with a niche dating app that caters to their specific interests, identities, or lifestyles. But some singles look for a more versatile experience where they can meet a wide variety of new people, whether for friendship or romance. Rooit is a story-based dating app that provides users who want a versatile experience with the kind of multifaceted platform they’re looking for.

Rooit is a free messaging and dating app with chatbot-moderated themed chatrooms. Users can join communities and chat anonymously, making for a one-of-a-kind experience. Rooit gives users the freedom and flexibility to express themselves authentically while also forming genuine connections. Users who stay active on the app are rewarded with Rooit coins they can use for a variety of prizes inside the app.

Carol is the Chief Marketing Officer for Rooit, and she told us about the app and how users can enjoy friendships, community, and romantic relationships on the platform. “On our app, it’s like posting a story to Instagram,” Carol said. “Everything is authentic and user-generated.”

Share Stories & Meet New People

In a world driven by artificial digital connections, Rooit is trying to put authenticity back into online messaging and dating. Carol said offering anonymity to users allows them to be more genuine on the platform. “When you first come to the platform, you’ll realize everything is anonymous,” she said. “This way, you can feel safer and more comfortable confessing your feelings.”

Rooit will feel natural to young users familiar with other social media apps. After creating a profile, users can browse all kinds of user-created channels, from regional groups to special interest channels. Some channels are closed communities that users need passwords to access, which they can get by chatting with users already in the channel.

Rooit story match feature
Post stories anonymously and meet like-minded people on Rooit.

Users can also post stories on Rooit similar to the stories posted on Instagram. The difference on Rooit is that users post with complete anonymity, so there’s no pressure to be anything other than authentic. You can browse, like, and comment on trending stories from other users. Rooit has a little bit of everything, so there are sure to be Rooit members posting content you’re interested in.

Browsing stories is a great way to find people you want to chat with, as well as chat rooms that may be interesting to you. Carol said users share a variety of content on their stories, from selfies and food pics to lighthearted jokes and deep thoughts. Rooit’s trending tab is regularly updated, so users can always find something fresh.

Earn Coins By Chatting With Friends

Carol said Rooit was designed with Gen Z users in mind. “We think a lot of Gen Z, and just the younger generation in general, sometimes struggle to keep a deep conversation with someone,” she told us. “Rooit encourages them by rewarding them for being active.”

Rooit gives users who are active in chats and on the app Rooit coins, which they can use within the app’s own digital economy. The Chat2Earn feature reinforces Rooit’s commitment to forming real relationships and being a mobile app that people can truly enjoy. Users can use coins to redeem vouchers, as well as customize their own unique, original avatar.

Rooit icebreaker bots keep the conversation going
Rooit chatbots keep the conversation going with icebreakers.

“If users earn points, they can use them for vouchers or discounts, and sometimes we do special gifts and promos,” Carol said. “We don’t want to make it too complicated, but we also want to keep younger users engaged.”

While Rooit has thousands of channels, it’s easy for users to find the ones they’re interested in. “We have NSFW channels, channels for students, LGBTQ+ channels, and even country-specific channels,” Carol said. “You can find a channel suitable for you. If you’re looking for a person to give you advice or listen to you, you can go to the advice channel and post.”

Rooit is good at understanding what users want to see more of when they open the app. As users interact with more stories, chatrooms, and other users, Rooit will become better at recommending related channels. 

Rooit Has Fun And Inclusive Communities 

Rooit takes user safety seriously. The app uses wallet connectivity for user verification and takes a decentralized approach to maintaining the platform. Rooit’s security measures and verification procedures ensure users enjoy anonymity while staying protected against fraud or data breaches.

Rooit has hundreds of positive reviews on Google Play. The app has been downloaded over 100,000 times and reviews praise the app’s community-oriented and anonymous nature, plus its friendly userbase.

Rooit user testimonials
Users love how easy it is to meet people using Rooit.

Wyatt wrote in a review: “This app allows you to find new people to talk to that you share interest with and allows you to earn rewards while doing so! Also you can find users with the same interest such as crypto, fishing, or whatever your passionate about! Definitely an app you want to add to your mobile device!”

Another user, Deepak, said: “Rooit is the best app I have ever found on playstore. I really loved this app a lot. It has became my favorite app and I use it for more than 6-7 hours per day. It has so many exciting features.”

People looking for a different and new experience from their social media and dating apps should give Rooit a try. Rooit’s versatile features, focus on anonymity, and a space where singles can meet someone new every day gives users a social networking experience like no other.