The Scoop: DreamOneLove was founded in 2011 to help Western men connect with women from Ukraine. The site has fostered many happy relationships and marriages during the last decade-plus. The platform features video and text chatting and can help men send potential partners letters, flowers, and gifts. And the women on the platform must provide identification that ensures other users they are genuine about connecting.

Partners who hail from different countries often enjoy the many perks of international dating. Many have fun exploring each other’s culture, food, and history. In contrast to couples who have similar upbringings, they may be fascinated to hear about the other person’s unique background and experiences.

International couples can also take their partners for tours of their home countries. These factors foster a deeper connection and encourage more exploration of the relationship.

Thomas P. Seager, Ph.D., suggests that couples who don’t have enough new experiences together often tire of one another — or start fighting.

“Couples that seek and have novel experiences together don’t get bored. They don’t need the drama of a tragic romance novel to keep themselves interested. They travel together, or take lessons, or try new food or new music, or work together on a new project,” he wrote.

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DreamOneLove connects international singles for lasting relationships

DreamOneLove is an online dating platform that brings singles together for international romance. It encourages users to experience the many benefits of cross-cultural relationships in Europe and abroad.

The novelty of a new partner typically doesn’t wear off quickly with an international couple because of all of the unique experiences they can share. For instance, an international couple could cook traditional foods, giving their partner the chance to sample their favorite meal for the first time. They could also teach each other about local holidays or traditions.

Alex, a Spokesperson for DreamOneLove, described some of the rewards of these relationships.

“International dating has its benefits. You can meet many beautiful and interesting women online, and the differences in culture and behavior are great,” he said.

International couples should also be prepared to pay careful attention and respect to each other’s cultural values.

“It’s important to communicate, so both people understand each other. They need to teach and educate each other also so they can build a stronger relationship,” Alex adds.

Connecting Western Men and Slavic Women

DreamOneLove started as a small dating agency in one Ukrainian town in 2011. The team worked with other dating sites to organize meetups between local women and Western men.

“Men from the US and Great Britain came and met with ladies, and these dates were successful,” Alex said. “There were some weddings, and couples now live happily.”

Ray from the UK described how he used the site to meet his partner in 2017 in an online testimonial.

“I have found my love and future and it is now time to leave this site as Elena and myself now plan our beautiful future together,” Ray wrote.

Joseph, an American, signed up for DreamOneLove to see if he could really meet international women online. He said he found “the love of his life” on the platform and that using the site’s voice and video chat helped him connect with his partner.

“Being able to send her letters, flowers, and even gifts was too good to be true,” he noted in a video testimonial.

The couple dated for a year before they decided to meet up in Amsterdam. He and his now-wife had been married for almost three years as of when he recorded the video. He enthusiastically recommends the platform as a place to find real women, not fake profiles.

As the site grew more popular, DreamOneLove has expanded into other European regions, continuing its goal of connecting singles around the world. The company also partners with marriage agencies throughout Europe to match more women with men — primarily from the US, Canada, the UK, and Europe.

Providing Members With Safety and Security Assurances

Some men may worry about the legitimacy of international dating platforms. Perhaps they were burned before by a woman who turned out to be looking for something other than what she stated in her profile. Or maybe she scammed him out of money.

DreamOneLove created security checks for the women on the platform with those scenarios in mind. Women must provide their passports and a video stating they are interested in meeting and marrying Western men.

The rigorous registration process ensures that men can relax and use the service without worry.
“Men who join and use our site want to chat with women who are lonely and seeking their destiny. They want to chat with beautiful women and relax in their communications,” Alex told us.

Screenshot from DreamOneLove website
DreamOneLove offers a variety of secure and intimate options for users to make connections.

User protection is also evident in many of the platform’s features. For instance, users can voice and video chat to get a sense of the person behind the profile. They can also send digital correspondence back and forth, including YouTube videos, photos, and links that help the couple get to know each other.

The site’s team also has contact information for every woman on the site and can call her if there is any trouble.

“If we have complaints from men about the lady, we can remove her profile from the site with no right to recover,” said Alex.

The team also advises men not to transfer money or gifts to any woman they meet on the site. Instead, they can purchase gifts through the platform that the team presents to the women at their homes.

DreamOneLove: Broaden Your Dating Horizons

DreamOneLove has fostered many connections between singles from different countries over the last decade. But that doesn’t mean the company is done adding features to help international daters connect.

The company’s latest service is called “Date a Lady.” If a man connects with a woman on the platform, he can ask the team to facilitate the exchange of phone numbers between potential matches.

“We call the lady and ask her if she is ready or not to meet with that man in person. If she agrees, we exchange her phone number, and they can organize the meeting themselves,” Alex told us.

The team advises men to be vigilant and conduct video meetings or phone calls to prevent fraud.

“We will control fraud, but we hope this feature helps to create more dates and happy couples,” Alex adds.

Men interested in meeting international women may be skeptical about connecting with a woman who lives so far away. But if they have struggled to meet local women or want to expand their horizons, single men should consider exploring international dating sites. DreamOneLove offers simple communication options and thorough safety precautions, which makes users feel more at ease.

“Men who are shy and lonely are afraid to get acquainted with beautiful women. Our dating site is the right place to meet women online. It can make him feel confident that he is handsome and beautiful women are interested in him,” said Alex. “It is the place where he can feel himself as a human being and share his wishes and desires with someone who is interested in communicating with him.”